Did you know? We are the only liveaboard company who gives free places for small groups.

So if you’re diving with a few friends, then get as few as FIVE of you together and ONE goes FREE in the Red Sea and in the Maldives it’s SIX pay and ONE goes FREE!

0416 group photo asmaa.jpg

All our liveaboards offer discounts for groups – just have a browse around at the different boats and see what’s on offer. There’s quite a saving to be had!

Small is beautiful but we go right the way up with discounts for large groups.

On many Emperor Red Sea liveaboards
5 pay full price - 1 goes free

On Emperor Maldives liveaboards it’s as few as
6 pay + 1 goes free 


 » Click here for Group offers on Emperor Red Sea
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Watch! Maldives manta video...

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Manta video from guest on Emperor Atoll

Watch this great video by Dan Petrescu from his trip on Emperor Atoll on the Sharktastic route recently ... which is also mantatastic!

As you will see!

Emperor Atoll video


>> Discover more about diving the Maldives and Emperor Atoll here

NEW! Southern Sharks itinerary

Love sharks?

Looking for some shark action? We know the best time to have the best chance to see those sharks in action!

Explore the majestic southern Red Sea during the warm summer months of May to August with our much anticipated Southern Sharks itinerary offering flexibility and focus for ‘action’ dives from Port Ghalib/Marsa Alam.

These months are best-known for the variety of sharks visiting some of the remote offshore reefs. But be prepared to change diving plans at the last minute because we go where the action is.

Our guides select the best possible action sites to visit based on their immense local knowledge and on insider-data on recent activity including a variety of Red Sea sharks, dolphins and anything else that chooses to join the party.

Some of the sites we might visit are below, however please remember that the focus of this trip is not about where we go but about what we want to see...sharks! And as always it’s subject to weather conditions.

  • St Johns
  • Rocky
  • Daedalus
  • Elphinstone

As you may be visiting some of the remote offshore Red Sea reef systems many of these may have deep drop offs and be exposed to strong currents so be prepared to spend some time waiting ‘in the blue’ or in the shallows looking for those unmistakable shapes and shadows.

There are no guarantees in life but one thing is for sure, this itinerary will give you the best chance of close encounters of the ‘sharky’ kind.

How much and when?
23 June, 3, 17 & 24 August
Emperor Asmaa
from Marsa Ghalib/Port Ghalib
£560 / €699

Need to know...
You need a minimum number of 30 dives for this trip and should be comfortable with drift dives. Currents can be strong. All your diving is made from zodiacs to give precise entry and exits points. Experienced divers can dive in a buddy pair unguided.

Our friendly and incredibly knowledgeable team awaits you – email today!

Dive the Thistlegorm - and more - from El Gouna

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Wreck Fest from El Gouna - Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller and, of course, Abu Nuhas available from our El Gouna Dive Centre.

For summer 2016, you can get your heavy metal fix from our centre in El Gouna. With regular trips scheduled to the four wrecks of Abu Nuhas, the iconic Rosalie Moller and the world class underwater museum SS Thistlegorm, El Gouna is the diving place for wreck-heads and reef-lovers alike.

Aboard our well known safari boat, Pegasus, we offer variety galore to our guests like never before. Weekly scheduled trips to some of the best wrecks in the Red Sea as well as daily trips to the lesser dived reefs North of Hurghada mean a diving holiday full of the kind of diving you want.

Ghiannis D_NEW_8765 (Small).jpg


Abu Nuhas – 4 wrecks in one place; highlights are the Giannis D a 100 mt long cargo ship between 10-28 mt de

pth and the Carnatic, a nearly 150 year old steam powered P&O wreck at 18-27 mts.

Rosalie Moller – With the decks at 35 mt, the Rosie is an advanced dive but well worth it if you can. She is still very much intact, covered in life and standing upright this 108mt long vessel gives some iconic wreck diving views.

Thistlegorm waepon_Patrick Verhey (Small).JPG

SS Thistlegorm – The old lady herself. Previously only accessible by liveaboard or from Sharm El Sheikh, let us take you across the gulf to dive on this phenomenal piece of history at a time when very few others will be diving on her. With her best features in the 20-30 mt depth range, nitrox gives you a decent length of dive to visit the AA gun, props, tanks, locomotives and huge anchor. A second dive into the holds to see the trucks, rifles and motorcycles that never made it to the allies in WWII is simply magnificent.

*trips subject to weather, minimum numbers and extra charge. See our website, email us or ask your team in resort for details.

Visit El Gouna dive centre here or email reservations@emperordivers.com

Trip report by Ana and Sergio
Manta, hammerheads and a whole lot more!
Manta3  by Sergio.JPG
It’s Friday in Hurghada and that means Superior is waiting for something. Like every Friday a new group of divers arrives to Superior to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea. This week it’s time for Simply the Best:
The Brothers Islands, Daedalus & Elphinstone are on the agenda with some others famous places too.
From Hurghada to Brothers is quite a distance and on our way we stopped first at Abu Ramada aka the aquarium. We can corroborate this is a well deserved name, this beautiful coral garden is the home for thousands of fishes, moray eels and numerous creatures. A relaxing dive here to make sure everything is working and we moved for the second dive… And such a dive, the Salem Express, one of the biggest tragedies in the world and also one of the most famous wrecks. For the night dive lovers, we stopped at middle reef to not disappoint them. 
We woke up on Sunday at Big Brother with unbelievable conditions. Flat ocean, no wind and which is more unusual NO CURRENT! After a light breakfast we jumped into the water to explore the south plateau, always beautiful, completely covered with its fantastic and healthy soft coral. Millions of anthias “dress” the walls, hundreds of cornet fishes follow us hiding beside our tanks using the divers to catch some prey. The first group was the lucky one and a couple of thresher sharks made their dive. 
For the second dive it’s time for a wreck. The remains of Aida, one of the two wrecks which rest in these waters. We enjoyed the wreck itself and also an amazing cloud of fusiliers with the company of a couple of rainbow runners hunting them. After lunch some of our guests visited the lighthouse and for the third dive another wreck: Numidia, this time Brothers look like Brothers again and the current is strong. Is this bad news? Absolutely not, strong current means FISHES! The action around Numidia is just spectacular, dozens of tunas hunting, snappers, surgeon fishes and a barracuda big enough to scare any shark away hovering peacefully over the wreck, like if the current was not even there… And the best for the end, just a few minutes before to send the buoys up a lonely white tip reef shark came from the depth to say hello… Bye bye Big Brother, we’ll see you again!
Monday morning and the weather is even better if possible. Let’s dive Little Brother. For the two first dives we went to the north point to visit the famous cleaning station, a lot of fishes were there waiting for us, tunas, barracudas, surgeon fishes, fusiliers and for some of our guests, the luckiest ones, HAMMERHEAD! And to say goodbye to Brother Islands we paid a visit to the wonderful Gorgonian forest on the east side of Little Brother where we saw also a group of schooling banner fishes “dancing” for us, some black snappers and of course our friends, the cornet fishes. And to put the ace on top of the cake a thresher shark not too deep delighted the first group joining them for a while and vanishing then in the depths.
We spent the next day diving Daedalus reef. Famous for the chance to see hammerheads, Daedalus never disappoints, we were not lucky with the hammys this time but a big manta ray showed up on each and every dive! Unbelievable! And beside the manta which was, of course, the main attraction of the day, we enjoyed also the west side with the famous Anemone city and the massive coral close to the south plateau, if you don’t see this coral by yourself you would not believe how big it is.
After Daedalus we headed to Elphinstone reef, one of the most famous reefs in the Red Sea. Elphinstone is like a colour explosion, the orange of the millions of anthias blends with the blue of the fusiliers and the pelagic trigger fishes. Stunning coral, bait balls of sardines… It’s easy to understand why this place is famous. After Elphinstone, Marsa Shouna, this shutter bay hides one of the richest reefs in the area, and a sea grass field always willing to surprise our Superior people. Sea grass field?? It sounds bored… Well, if you think this the two huge green turtles feeding in the grass, the trunk fishes and the huge trigger fishes which live in Shouna probably would change your mind in just one dive. Ras Torombi is a lovely coral garden with lovely creatures as lemon coral gobies, crocodile fishes and even a hawksbill turtle resting peacefully on a coral. So, we had to stop here for another fantastic dive.
Last day of the trip and we are back around Hurghada. Giftun island offered us an exciting drift dive enjoying one of the best gorgonian forest in the Red Sea. Gota Abu Ramada welcome us again to enjoy its beautiful coral garden and the last but not the least el Mina, the minesweeper boat sunk here during the six days war between Egypt and Israel makes another wonderful dive barely some meters from Hurghada’s harbour. 
We want to say thank you so much to our dear guests this week for making our life super easy. It was wonderful have you on board and share the Red Sea and its wonders with you!
Huge thanks to our fantastic Captain Ahmed Omran, taking us during long nights to the dive sites and mooring always in the best spots. Thanks Capi. Thanks also to our magnificent and hard-working Crew; safe, professional, efficient and always smiling. Thank you guys, this would be impossible without you.
Take care. Safe trip back home. We hope see you soon again. Hugs from the depths of the Red Sea!
Sergio & Ana

Our thanks to Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown of Frogfish Photography for a happy call out for the wreck of the Kudhimaa, just off the island of Machafushi in the Maldives.

Read all about it here.

And you can be there with Emperor Maldives

0416 Khudima wreck Machafushi.jpg





Diving the best sites that the Red Sea has to offer, coupled with hands on experience of life on board, it doesn’t come better than this for those who have always wanted to sample that ‘dream job’. We’re looking for enthusiastic PADI and/or SSI Divemasters/Instructors who want to learn what it’s all about and who will enjoy learning what it takes to be a liveaboard guide.

This is a volunteer unpaid position but you will gain a wealth of knowledge from our experienced staff, who look forward to welcoming you as part of the team and showing you every aspect of the dive operation on board. We’re looking for enthusiastic, customer-focused individuals who are passionate about diving and learning new skills. You must be able to speak and write English as a minimum but additional languages are an advantage. 

Emperor Divers will cover all the diving, Nitrox tanks, food, Marine Park taxes and transfers to/from the boat to Hurghada or Marsa Alam, depending on where the boat returns to, and a visa extension for four weeks after you arrive.  Where possible you will sleep in a shared cabin but where we have a full charter you may need to sleep in the saloon or, if you prefer, under the stars. You will need to arrange and pay for your own flights and preferably have your own equipment, although you can rent this from us at a discounted price if needed.

Interested? Please email your CV with current photo to human.resources@emperordivers.com quoting reference IP001.


0316 Elite new collage.jpg

Custom-designed to a superior standard, Elite just got even better with a major facelift.

Improvements to her dive deck, dive platform and sun deck means there is considerably more room now to allow you to relax in comfort in between dives. Kitting up and entering/exiting the water has also been made easier thanks to the extra space.

A new contemporary spiral staircase now connects the three boat levels of the dive deck, sun deck and fly deck for seamless access.

Taking 24 guests in 11 twin-berth cabins on a choice of decks, Elite has a fabulous double master suite. All cabins are ensuite with air conditioning and there is limited free WiFi (for internet browsing and connecting with communication applications when in signal).

You can choose from a number of itineraries on Eite including South & St Johns, Simply the Best and Daedalus and Elphinstone with prices for 7 nights from £546.00 / €699.00.

» See her floorplans and up-to-date photos here



Here's how in dive guide years...

Chris 14, Mario 15, Issey 15, Alex 8, Daria 7, Arif 14, Iboo 8, Rus 7, Maseeh 5, Rauf 6

Meet a few of our fabulously knowledgeable dive guides


Chris Tricky

0316 Chris Tricky 2 crop.jpgThe Maldives' diving encyclopaedia; literally.
Chris has been diving here for 14 years.
Has an enviable fan base who respect him for ensuring every dive is special.
Maldives career started in 2002 on the famous safari boat, Keema, before joining Monsoon and then Constellation Fleet/Emperor in 2014.
Has a loyal band of constantly growing followers who quite literally follow him from boat to boat.
Known as a pioneer of the North of Maldives where he ran Monsoon, which was the first and only liveaboard for a long time.



Mario (Yoosuf Nixam)

0316 Mario dive guide Maldives crop.jpg

Emperor's key Maldivian guide.
Born and bred here, Mario has worked in dive centres and liveaboards for 15 years.
Knows better than anyone about currents and where's best for marine life sightings.
He's a giver, helping to train our guiding team and always keen to share his knowledge and experience.
Also a qualified water sports instructor taking great pride in entertaining clients above and below the waves.
Makes sure every guest yearns to return for more fun and adventure.
A true Maldivian; proud of his nation's natural gems.



Alex Bryant

0316 Alex Bryant.jpgKnown in the team as 'Boss'.
Been diving the Maldives since going with his Maldivian class mates from school in 1995.
Well known for his common sense and can-do approach.
These days getting wet less often (that's what having kids does).
But all that knowledge goes into making sure Emperor guests get the best from their trips.
Favourite dive site is Fushi Kandu in Laamu Atoll. Dive it on the South Central and Southern Sharks itineraries.
Most memorable diving moment; being in Maareehaa Kandu, Gaafu Alifu (Huvadhoo) on the Southern Sharks itinerary when a silky shark and two great hammerheads circled him and his group for 10 minutes. Scary and exciting rolled into one.

Book with the company that has the best insight to those Maldives dive sites.

And we have the largest liveaboard choice.

So much more here: www.emperormaldives.com



New 14-night 'Best of Maldives' on Serenity

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NEW 14-night 'Best of Maldives' on Emperor Serenity
12-26 November, 2016

Come and enjoy this longer 14-night Best of Maldives holiday - the best way to experience the magic of the Maldives covering iconic dive sites such as Male Atolls, Lhaviyani Atoll, Noonu, Raa and Baa Atolls, Rasdhoo Atoll and Ari Atolls. Combining top quality diving with the promise of 'bucket list' marine sightings and the superb hotel-style of Emperor Serenity, this is destined to be a Maldives triumph.

Emperor Serenity, Maldives


Sailing from Male, Emperor Serenity brings a class of her own with contemporary styling and plenty of space where fine accommodation and service is standard. This 40 metre boat easily accommodates 26 guests in 13 well-appointed ensuite cabins all with air-con.

7-night trips can also be arranged on the same itinerary if the 14 night voyage is too long by using domestic flights to and from Male giving guests the choice of joining the outbound or return legs.

Included is full board, free Nitrox, around 37 dives (14-night trip), local transfers, a visit to a deserted island for a BBQ under the stars and the chance to dive with manta, whale sharks, sharks, turtles and myriad marine life as well as a City tour with local guide.

All diving is done from Emperor Serenity's large dhoni tender, giving more living space on board and getting guests to the perfect dive spot every time. Four dive guides provide a premium service. Non-divers are very welcome and get free snorkelling equipment + $50 voucher to spend on board.

14 nights = £3288/€4270 per person sharing a standard twin berth cabin

7 nights = £1644/€2135 per person sharing a standard twin berth cabin

These prices do not include international or domestic flights.

Emperor Divers Maldives consistently offers value, variety, quality, service, professionalism, easy booking, handy local knowledge, flexibility and fast response to guest requests as well as popular purpose-built liveaboards.

For more on Emperor Serenity, visit www.emperormaldives.com or email info@emperordivers.com.