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Emperor Elite

She's custom-designed and welcomes up to 24 guests in 11 twin-berth ensuite cabins with air conditioning and flat screen TV with media player. There's plenty of space and limited free WiFi, sundecks, dive deck, air-conditioned salons and dining room with good food and free wine with dinner. Two large RIBs and FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Simply the Best

·         South & St Johns

·         Reefs & Wrecks

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone


» Discover Emperor Superior

Emperor Superior

Nine twin-berth ensuite cabins comfortably welcoming 25 guests. Spacious dining and salon areas and limited free WiFi. Outstanding menus, sundecks, dive deck, FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Fury & St Johns

·         Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Reefs & Wrecks


» Discover Emperor Asmaa

Emperor Asmaa

Completely refurbished in January 2015, she's designed with the diver in mind and welcomes 20 guests in 10 twin-berth ensuite cabins. There's a large dive deck and sun deck. FREE Nitrox. Transfers included.


·         Fury & St Johns

·         Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone

·         Reefs & Wrecks


Max your diving! Look out for 21+ DIVES or MAX
21+ DIVES shows you the trips that have previously achieved 21 or more dives in 7 days. On our MAX itineraries we aim to offer up to 28 dives in the summer and most trips do 25/26 but in the winter, realistically only 24 are possible.

Single Travellers Guarantee
We guarantee same sex cabin share on our boats. If we can't 'room' you with someone of the same sex and a cabin is free then we will give you a cabin to yourself with no single supplement.

Diving in a group?
We have some good group discounts available on all our liveaboards.


"Super Super nice Emperor Elite" via TripAdvisor

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Our thanks to Dom for this candid feedback on a recent trip with Emperor Elite ...

Dom O
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“Super Super nice Emperor Elite liveaboard experience”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 28 October 2015

This was my first liveaboard experience and I chose Emperor Elite with my dive buddy. I have dived with Emperor for about 5-6 trips before but only been based in Port Ghalib itself. This time on a liveaboard was different. The boat was great and even though I was with my dive buddy we didn't spend 24 x 7 with each other. It was great diving and above all very safe. The dive guides we had were Sergio and Ana who spent a lot of time focusing on the important things which are safety and enjoyment in that order. Also, I had a whole set of equipment failures, all unrelated to Emperor, but they helped me and worked through resolution and/or the hire of rental equipment which was all maintained. The food on the boat was good, the only downside I'd say is that I felt the cost of the beer on the boat a was a bit high, but you can also bring your own stuff to the boat. This didn't detract at all. We saw Tiger, Oceanic White Tip and White Tip Reef sharks, did 4 dives a day (with the exception of the first and last day). It was all super super impressive. I would undoubtedly choose to return.

>> Discover more about Emperor Elite and her routes here

Elite collage St Johns (Small).jpg

Make the most of our Autumn Sale - ends this Friday

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Autumn Sale


You've got until 6 November to make some super savings on your Red Sea and Maldives diving.

Great value on day diving and liveaboards in the Red Sea and liveaboards in the Maldives.

Red Sea diving from £26 / €35 per day
Red Sea liveaboards from £444 / €599
Maldives liveaboards from £1014 / €1369

» Click here! Hurry as it closes on Tuesday 6 November.

Emperor Serenity - top-notch Maldives

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When it's excellence above and below the water, then look to join us on Emperor Serenity in the Maldives next year.

She proved immensely popular at the recent NEC Dive Show and was rather a show stopper. From as little as £1273/1719 Euros you can be enjoying her top-notch charms next year. She'll be sailing the popular routes of Best of the Maldives and Manta Madness.

Here's a peek at what she has to offer...

Emperor Serenity, Maldives
Emperor Serenity, Maldives

» Discover more here and make 2016 your best diving year yet!

Return to the Planet of the Sharks!

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Report from Emperor Elite by dive guides/astronauts Ana and Sergio

October 23rd 2015. 22 intrepid and brave astronauts, coming from the most remote places of the galaxy, joined in the greatest adventure of the century aboard the spatial cruiser, Elite, departed from Port Ghalib to explore the wonders of the Planet of the Sharks…    

Pilar and Hawksbil  turtle by Sergio.JPG

On the way our Mother Ship stopped at Ras Torombi asteroid to check the skills of the astronauts and materials for the mission. After successful tests nobody can stop this intrepid group in their adventure.   

Day 2 in the mission: We wake up at Little Brother with the space conditions completely quiet. Aboard our shuttles. the zodiacs, we head North to visit the cleaning station and the inhabitants of the planet welcome us with a shark’s festival. A group of grey reef sharks swim around and a thresher shark passes by to say hello, not bad for the first foray. For the second dive we visit the beautiful Gorgonians’ forest in the east side of the Little Brother and to finish the dive we had a special guest; an oceanic white tip shark AKA Longimanus who showed up to pose for our cosmic photographers! To finish the day in Little Brother we needed to move the spatial cruiser to the north due the cosmic wind. We jumped into the depths from Elite and explore again the cleaning station and the west face of the reef where some of us spotted a shy hammerhead in the distance. To say goodbye to Little Brother we had a last minute surprise. When we were about to jump into the shuttles, an oceanic white tip shark just came to say goodbye our astronauts. Time to move to Big Brother!

Day 3 in the mission: In our visit to Big Brother we paid a visit to the two space cruisers which rest in peace in the Big Brother’s asteroids belt: Numidia and Aida. The dwellers of this galaxy, the fusiliers, the barracudas, the surgeon fishes, the rainbow runners and all kind of creatures you can imagine are always willing to show up and pose for our cosmic photographers. Of course, we didn’t forget to explore the south plateau of Big Brother and our exploring foray couldn’t be more successful. We saw a couple of Thresher sharks, which stay with us for a while circling over the sacred hill of the Big Brother plateau! Lamentably our air reserves started being low and we needed to go back to Elite to refill our astronaut equipments.

Oceanic white tip shark by David Barrio.jpg

Days 4 & 5 in the mission: Daedalus is the biggest region of the planet of the sharks and we spent two days exploring thoroughly. This is the region of the hammerheads and they don’t keep us waiting long to show up. In the first exploring mission we enjoyed the company of a big family (at least 20) of these friendly beings. Five more missions here to see the giant coral, Nemo City, where these tiny and nice inhabitants always smile when the astronauts come around and the south plateau, which has also many things to offer to the explorers and where we made the last exploring mission in Daedalus.

Last day in the mission: To finish our adventure we head to Elphinstone asteroid. Is not easy diving in this region of the planet of the sharks but always worth it. For the first foray we head north, the cosmic current pushes us close. We speed back to Elite and on the way we can see tons of anthias and fusiliers, a bait ball of sardines and many different species of the galaxy. The second foray is over the south plateau of the asteroid where we spotted a turtle feeding on the galactic corals and to finish our visit, a curious group of oceanic white tip sharks come to us to check who we are. The mission is about to finish and on the way back to our headquarter Elite stopped at Marsa Shouna. A quiet galactic oasis where we can enjoy the hospitality of some huge dark spotted rays over 2m long in the seagrass field and explore the reef of the fishes where millions of different species lives in peace!

A perfect end for the biggest space adventure ever told.

We want to say thank you so much to our intrepid astronauts from different planets all over the galaxy. Italy, USA, Denmark, UK, Germany and a big group from the planet Ultima Frontera, which belongs to the galaxy Spain. It was wonderful have you on board of Elite this stellar week and visit with you the planet of the sharks.

Huge thanks to our fantastic commander Mahmoud. Taking us during long nights to the remote places of the solar system and mooring the spatial cruiser Elite always in the best spots. Thanks Capi! Thanks also to our magnificent and hard-working Crew: safe, professional, efficient and always smiling. Thank you guys, this would be impossible without you. Special thanks to Adel and David Barrio for contributing with their fantastic photos to our Facebook page.

Take care. Safe trip back home. We hope see you soon again. Hugs from the depths of the Red Sea!

Sergio & Ana

See more photos from the trip here.

"Great time with Emperor Divers El Gouna"

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Thanks to Paul Maloney for this insightful review via TripAdvisor

Glyn Ceiriog, United Kingdom
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 22 October 2015 NEW

Three Corners pool boat.jpg

During my stay at El Gouna I did my PADI Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air diver courses. The Emperor/Blue Brothers team are a friendly helpful bunch.

I had 8 fabulous dives spread out over 4 days whilst doing my PADI courses. The weather and marine life were fantastic. Days on the boat (Abydos) were great, good food, plenty of refreshments available and an organised friendly and helpful crew (always appreciated the tank coming off after my dives, thanks guys)

Thanks to Terry and Gareth my instructors for coaching me through the courses. The dive office is right on the marina next door to 3 Corners Ocean View hotel so ideal if you're staying there for your holiday.

I would highly recommend them for your diving weather experienced or thinking about diving for the 1st time.

Discover Emperor El Gouna right here.


Via TripAdvisor

Cape Town

“BEST Diving Experience EVER!!!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed 16 October 2015  

Went on the Emperor Superior liveaboard on the Simply The Best excursion for the first time. Been diving more than 16 years and I must say that you have not been diving until you do something like this. Went with my dad after we wanted to go the about 10 years back and its probably been the best experience of my life!

The boat is great with good size rooms, organised and clean. The crew is very helpful and friendly. The chefs cook amazing food everytime and the dive guides, Sonia and Amr made the diving even better. Could not have asked for better and the value for money is excellent. Cant wait to be back again next year. Thanks Emperor!!!

Discover Emperor Superior here


0914 Superior.jpg

Autumn Sale now OPEN - not just for the dive show

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Autumn Sale

Join us at the Dive Show and find out what warming Autumn Sale offers we've got lined up for you.

And it's not just the Red Sea but the Maldives too!

Red Sea diving from £26 / €35 per day
Red Sea liveaboards from £444 / €599
Maldives liveaboards from £1014 / €1369

Can't make the Dive Show? Then visit here instead!

Hurry as it closes on Friday 6 November.

Win FREE diving for two! NEC Dive Show 2015

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Visit us at Stand 602 and you could be the winner of TWO 5-day dive packs to the wonderful Red Sea diving with us!


Worth up to £425, this is a great chance to dive in warm, clear Red Sea waters. Choose from El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Hamata or Sharm El Sheikh.


Just come and see us at Stand 602 and enter for FREE.

NEC Dive Show 2015

24/25 October, Birmingham
Stand 602

Hope you can join us! We've got the team lined up and ready to give you the latest on the Red Sea and the Maldives.

Luke Atkinson.jpg

Luke Atkinson is giving a Seminar on the diving in Sharm El Sheikh, and other Red Sea diving delights and liveaboards!

Rather catchily titled, "Spectacular Sharm El Sheikh – why it's time to (re)discover its diving charm – and other Red Sea places!"

Catch him from 14.55 to 15.25 on both the Saturday and Sunday in Ocean Theatre 1.

Luke has an entertaining 30 minutes for you complete with photos, anecdotes and interesting information to inspire you!