MV Emperor Atoll

Emperor Atoll is proving a winner and you can join her first sailing on 25 October 2014 exploring The Best of the Maldives for just £987.70/€1190.00.

This popular liveaboard and her crew give a personalised welcome to small groups of no more than 12 guests – here's three 'At A Glance' reasons why she works so well...

At a Glance

·         Perfect as a 'liveaboard taster'; try life onboard before moving onto larger liveaboards without compromising on dive sites or sightings

·         The itineraries have no long crossings and, with only one deck, she is more stable with less 'roll'

·         With no more than 12 guests on-board, diving centres and small groups are able to charter the boat exclusively for themselves

MV Emperor Atoll

The Best of the Maldives is where you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a week of wonderful liveaboard diving across Male and Ari atolls.

You can also choose to sail on our liveaboard MV Emperor Voyager - modern, spacious and built for ease of diving, rest and relaxation.

Come and dive The Best of the Maldives on the new Emperor Atoll or Emperor Voyager. Book today!

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Friendly batfish at Shark Reef 2.JPGYou can sede a full album of photos from this trip at our Facebook page here.

Emperor Superior was back to the glorious north this week, sharing our dives between wrecks and reefs. Non-Spanish speakers were rather in the minority as nineteen Spanish guests from Ultima Frontera were on board, mixing well with the other six guests of Swiss, British, Thai and Australian.

Andy and Wanwisa from Australia and Thailand are spending their 4th week in a row on our Emperor liveaboards. They will start doing the briefings soon and preparing Thai meals for us :-)

Full moon currents made diving on the Thistlegorm interesting but we did not miss a dive. Close to the wreck all was well, we just had to hold on to the mooring ropes rather tightly for our safety stop.

Long-time Red Sea return guests agree with us that the soft corals on reefs and wrecks have been improving over the years, getting lusher, denser and, generally, looking healthier. The Carnatic, the Dunraven, and the Giannis D are great examples. Even on the Thistlegorm soft corals are constantly growing in all those areas.

On the Carnatic we accompanied a hawksbill turtle for ages, while she was munching relentlessly on half the soft corals growing on the bow. Jackson and Thomas Reefs at Tiran Straits were again at their very best, with just enough current to open up the soft corals and to enhance the fish activity. They are definitely two of the Red Sea’s best dives!

Our complete favorite this week, though, was our dive from Anemone City over to Yolanda, via Shark Reef. A gentle current puffed up the soft corals all around. The anemone city is truly huge, with many anemone fish and three-spot dascyllus juveniles. A real treat! Anthias and fusiliers were plentiful on the way to Shark Reef, with large schools of jacks passing by. As we crossed over to Shark Reef we spotted the large school of snappers. They stayed with us and permitted us to approach them closely. To be able to sit inside a huge school of large fish, completely surrounded by them, is an unforgettable experience! On we went to sit amongst a large and very friendly batfish school, swimming back and forth amongst us. So beautiful! Then we drifted on gently to enjoy the Yolanda pinnacles, smothered in copious soft corals of all colours and densely blanketed in anthias. We moved along Yolanda for a while, but then turned back to visit the inside of Yolanda, as the current allowed it. This was absolutely the best part of the dive, as a wall of dense anthias reached from above the coral at eight metres all the way to the surface, hardly moving away as we passed amongst them, enveloping us completely … breathtaking! We sat there for ages, taking it all in. Two crocodile fish were next, and we ended up amongst a large school of big-eye emperors and cornet fish. Ras Mohamed at its very utterly best. We surfaced with humongous smiles!

Thank you ever so much to our fun, enthusiastic and kind guests, who graciously shared the Northern Red Sea with us this trip. Lots of smiles and lively chattering kept our spirits high. Of course, a large thank you also goes to our beloved Captain Ahmed Omran and his spectacular Crew who are always helpful, cheerful and professional. It is a joy working with you.

Dear Fish and Coral Friends, the Superior Team wishes you a safe journey and hopes to welcome you back on board soon!

Fat sea hugs



Emperor Maldives introduces second new liveaboard

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Emperor Atoll moored.jpg

Building on the success of liveaboard Emperor Voyager in the Maldives, Emperor Divers Maldives has added a second liveaboard, Emperor Atoll, to its portfolio.

MV Emperor Atoll is a popular liveaboard sailing from Male and caters to small groups of no more than 12 guests in 6 twin-berth cabins. Dive routes are designed show divers the ‘big stuff ‘and include ‘The Best of the Maldives’, ‘Sharktastic’ and ‘Pelagic Magic’. A dedicated professional Cruise Director aims to give guests the very best dive holiday experience.

Prices for a 7 night liveaboard on Emperor Atoll start from just £988 and includes 6 days’ diving, 3 meals a day, afternoon snacks, 1 BBQ dinner on uninhabited island, unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee, total of 17 dives (including 1 night dive), guide, tanks and weights, free Nitrox and return airport transfers. Flights are not included.

Says Mike Braun, General Manager of Emperor Divers, “We’ve been very pleased with the response to Emperor Voyager and now Emperor Atoll allows those guests who like a smaller boat with an option. Emperor Atoll offer superb value for money and the routes we have chosen ensure divers are in the best spots at the best times to see whale shark, shark and manta.”

The Maldives is one of the most appealing dive destinations in the world with its relaxed atmosphere, year-round warm water and sightings of great pelagics.

More information on Emperor Divers’ resorts is available at or email


Hammerhead 5.JPG

Superior does the ‘Simply the Best’ itinerary - Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone from Hurghada - a few times a year and every time we get to go, we love it!!

Gota Abu Ramada East is always a good way to start a trip. Also called the Aquarium, rightly so, it is a shallow, stunning hard coral garden, covered in schooling fish, truly a treat.

The Salem Express was next, and after a night dive on Middle Reef we left for the Brothers. A bit of a rough ride but the magnificent diving compensated handsomely for it!

We started out at the Big Brother and being the only boat was a good omen for what was to come. Grey reef sharks and mating dogtooth tuna were plentiful on all the dives. The cherry on the cake was a gorgeous hammerhead cruising along by the Numidia.

On the Little Brother grey reef sharks were also well represented on all dives. In the Southeast we enjoyed free-swimming morays, Napoleons, the resident, tightly packed, school of crescent-tail bigeyes, and the less tightly packed but numerous schooling bannerfish, such a lovely sight. The Northwest point had two hammerheads in store for us, as well as a very large thresher shark coming back several times and bottlenose dolphins passing by. We stayed at the point all dive, ascending gradually along it and basking in the schools of orange anthias on the shallow ridge, which were riding the current by making rotational waves. Diving simply rocks!

Having heard all about the profuse hammerhead sightings at Daedalus during the past weeks, our expectations were running high as we departed in its direction. We were not to be disappointed :-) On the first dive we had them all around us, curiously checking us out, coming straight at as, eyeing us closely, absolutely awesome! We also had a manta at the safety stop, circling us for what seemed like ages. On the second dive, the hammerheads were at siesta time but we detected a very large manta in the blue and soon after a smaller one dropped by for a visit. Such graceful creatures! On the third dive the stronger current boosted the fish action; many large dogtooth tuna and great barracuda, schooling big-eye jacks, giant jacks, many surgeonfish and black snappers. A hammerhead again came straight at us, moving very slowly, so we could take ample time to enjoy its beauty. What a fantastic performance!

Elphinstone’s North plateau had the perfect current, moderately sweeping over it from the North-west, bringing in tons of fusiliers, surgeonfish and black snappers, while blanketing the reef with a three metre high and very dense layer of anthias, above which rose an equally thick and high layer of silversides and juvenile fusiliers … when we thought it could simply not get any better than this, two grey reef sharks and a hammerhead swam along the plateau, while another hammerhead crossed right over it amongst us, on both dives. Add fifty metres visibility to this recipe and bright sunlight reflecting on the myriads of little fish and dense soft corals of all colours all over and you just have to feel completely blessed to be able to dive here. Elphinstone is just one more very good reason to be back :-)

We enjoyed the wonderful company of our enthusiastic divers as much as the superlative diving! To all our dear Red Sea and Superior friends who return to visit us year after year, thank you ever so much for your loyalty and friendship. It is a true pleasure to meet here on Superior again and again.  We look forward to your yearly visits, they are one of the main reasons for my return. There were two of the three Musketeers from England, a Musketeeress, and there were long-time friends from Portugal and Spain, also many times Superior returners. Diving the Red Sea is perfect, but diving it with you is just so much better. A great thank you also to our new Fish and Superior Friends this week. We hope you will also visit us often.

Our Captain, Ahmed Omran, had to do some serious travelling this week, luckily with gracious weather, flat calm when we needed it most. It is always a great privilege to work with you and your outstanding Crew. Thank you ever so very much for your professionalism and your great kindness. Superior is Home because of you all!

Wishing you a safe return home and safe bubbles, always!

Visit as soon again
Sea hugs

Discover more about these lovely liveaboard trips on Superior, Elite or Asmaa here.

Sharm Savins

Fabujous value, super centre, serious savings!


When you come and dive Emperor Sharm in August, you pay just €36.15 / £30 per day*.

This applies to diving booked between 01 – 31 August inclusive.

*The above offer rate includes the fuel surcharge of €5 per day. Price is usually €60 / £54 per day.

Note: Can't be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

See more about diving Sharm here or email



Join us for the Best of the Maldives!

Emperor Voyager3.jpg












Just like its title, this is where you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a week of wonderful liveaboard diving across Male and Ari atolls.

The iconic sites of North Male, South Male and Ari Atoll await with channels, drifts and pinnacles the chance of meeting mantas, whale sharks and marine life of many varieties. Flexibility is the word so that no matter what time of the year, this underwater world is there for the exploring.

This itinerary gives a marine mix of big fish such as shark and manta as well as reefs, reef fish, morays and abundant macro life. One of the best known dive sites is Maaya Thila; this pinnacle is approximately 30m in diameter and falls away to reveal sharks and fish a plenty.

A night dive from sheltered moorings here is a must and the trip also aims to find whale sharks and the chance to snorkel with them.

The first trip is on 10 – 17 January, 2015, and costs just £988 including shared cabin, 7 nights/6 days diving, 3 meals a day, afternoon snacks, 1 BBQ dinner on uninhabited island, unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee, 17 dives (inc 1 night dive), guide, tanks, weights, free Nitrox, return airport transfers, Male city tour (on request), separate diving dhoni and excluding flights.

Click here for lots of information and photos.


Slow down and watch Tom's Superior video

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0714 superior video tom gyssen.jpg

Here's a treat. Bradley de Leeuw's video taken on Emperor Superior earlier this year. Great footage, good music and a red-carpet cast of Red Sea celebrities

Watch it here now.

And if you'd like more on Emperor Superior and her winning ways, click here.

Spinner Dolphins.JPG

For the full photo album, click here to Facebook.

A ten day long windy spell has finally given way to what is normally our typical summer weather: flat calm seas ;-)

For our Famous 5 trip this week we had again a mini United Nations Committee on board, including South Africans, British, Spanish, Germans, Australians and Thai.

Captain Mahmoud decided to sail to the Brothers first in an attempt to avoid the rough weather, which was still besieging the north but seemed to have left the south behind.  Very wise decision, as we had perfect weather on the Brothers and later on in the north!

The wreck of the Salem Express was on our way and she welcomed us with great visibility and a blanket of fusiliers. Andy and Wanwisa even spotted a sea moth hovering about on the side of the ship, what an unusual and rare surprise! They usually dwell on sandy bottoms and are not common at all … excellent find.

Luxury diving on the Little Brother was next, as we were the only boat and the currents very mild all day. We enjoyed the gorgeous gorgonian fan garden in all its splendor, with large Napoleon wrasse swimming by. A huge school of densely packed crescent-tail big-eyes, and an equally large but less dense group of schooling bannerfish, as well as schooling cornetfish,  were profusely admired, while the dazzling soft coral growth, smothered in lovely orange anthias, displaying the most purple of eyes and eye-liners, provided a magnificent back-drop.

The Northwestern Point of the Little Brother had two grey reef sharks in store for us, as well as many large dogtooth tuna. Some very elegant yellowfin tuna were chasing each other along the reef, not a very common sighting as they only really come close to the reef at mating time.

The real winner, though, was the Numidia. Not only is she striking, covered in soft corals, she also worked her ever powerful magic by producing three mating grey reef sharks chasing one another back and forth, as well as a handsome,large hammerhead making several passes across the wreck in its majestic winding way. Finally, around the corner, a thresher shark was getting cleaned by the reef, just a few metres under us, while schools of dogtooth tuna of all sizes patrolled the reef chasing each other, obviously mating … awesome! The west wall, as usual, was magnificent, with its gorgeous overhangs populated by different species of fans, spilling out over the wall, which is carpeted in lush soft corals in all shades of pink, purple and orange.

Superior at Big Brother in calm seas.JPG

Shark Reef and Yolanda always impress, even when the current comes across from Yolanda. Especially this time of year, diving here is memorable, as dense schools of red snapper, unicorns, batfish, trevally and blackfin barracuda hover about around both reefs. An eagle ray flew by us and we spotted a large feathertail stingray resting on the sand. The advantage of having a reverse current was that we could get all around Yolanda, ending up in the shallows, completely draped by anthias, soldierfish and soft corals.

The visibility on the Dunraven went for miles, and the density of the glassfish at mid-ship was overwhelming. The soft corals are doing very well everywhere, being ever so lush at the glassfish area and at the bow of the Dunraven.

Cooler water than normal for the last years has definitely boosted soft corals growth everywhere in the Red Sea! Get those thicker suits out, as we still have 26-27 degrees up north in mid-July.

The Thistlegorm showed itself in its best visibility during the morning dive and was visited by schooling Superheroes on a special under-cover mission … the fish were most impressed! Andy and Wanwisa also spotted a few very yummy looking Tambja affinis nudibranchs in the Thistlegorm holds.

We were all sad when the aft mast of the Rosalie Moller fell some time ago, ending up lying at an angle over the side of the wreck, but actually it turned out to be a good thing as the whole mast is now smothered in massive purple and pink soft corals, glassfish, cardinalfish and silversides. One could spend the whole dive simply exploring this magnificent mast. Four grey morays, Flabellina rubrolineata nudibranchs, crested velvetfish, lionfish, fridman’s and yellowback dottybacks, many blennies, banded boxer shrimps and a whole school of cave cleaner shrimps, amongst many other fascinating creatures, also call it home.

The Carnatic was everybody’s favourite, so very scenic, overgrown with soft corals and densely populated by glassfish with the beautiful light shafts penetrating the decking ribs creating such a cathedral-like atmosphere.

The Ornate Ghost pipefish at Um Gammar Island has moved on but we had wonderful dives by day and night as we spotted large Spanish dancers, banded snake eels, stonefish, huge morays and were fascinated again by that beautiful glassfish pinnacle, home to a whole school of lionfish.

A huge thank you goes to our superb guests who made diving the Famous 5 such an enthusiastic and beautiful experience. Thank you so much for sharing our dear Red Sea with us! A great thank you also to our dear Captain Mahmoud and his splendid and hard-working Crew, who took such good care of us, taking as there and back again safely and always with broad smiles.

Dear Fish and Soft Coral Friends, have a safe journey home and hopefully see you soon again!

Fat sea hugs


12 - 19 August 2014
Emperor Asmaa is a custom-built motor yacht designed with the diver in mind and comfortably accommodating 20 people in 10 twin-berth cabins, all ensuite and with two towels per guest. The cabins and salon are centrally air-conditioned and there is a large dive deck and sun deck.

Emperor Asmaa 0613 med res.jpg

Sailing to the southernmost reefs, this cruise departs Hamata Port so you don't waste anytime travelling to and from Port Ghalib.
You'll start with a very short sail to a nearby site that's perfect for that first check dive. You then spend a week diving, diving, diving.
Fury Shoals dive sites are dived at the beginning and end of the trip with the St Johns in the middle. 
Group Discount:
9 pay full price - 1 free
18 pay full price - 2 free
More information on Asmaa here or, even better, book here today!


A short taster of diving and staying in El Gouna. Shot for Emperor by BBC cameraman, Mark Sharman, this footage brings you closer to the Red Sea and all that El Gouna has to offer.

Diving, day boats, kitting up, fab food, clear blue water, colourful reefs, dolphins and relaxing in resort. And if you're not diving, this shows you a range of things to do above the water.

Dive El Gouna

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