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Raja Ampat is a summer sensation

Indonesia is vast!

Consisting of more than 17,000 islands it is the world’s largest archipelago nation with a total land area of approximately 1,904,000 square kilometres (which is only a bit less than France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom combined) and a water territory covering around 6,159,000 square kilometres.

It is the 14th largest country in the world and has a population of exceeding 270 million people.

This is a large, diverse, fascinating and truly beautiful country.

Which is why it is almost impossible to give each area the same label. Each region will provide a variety of cultures, wildlife and ecosystems.

Therefore, to say there is a right and wrong time to come diving here is, well, wrong.

For example, the European summer months are often tagged as a ‘low season’ for diving but there are incredible experiences to be had and somewhere like Raja Ampat will always offer its unique display.

In fact some would say Raja Ampat, often considered the crown jewel of Indonesian diving, is perhaps best visited during the European summer.

Amelie Bourgeois, until recently the cruise director on Emperor Harmoni but now heading our commercial team, loves it and feels the season has much to offer.

“The water is clearer, which offers a new sight of our favourite dive sites. And, on the top of that, as only a few boats are around you will have more chances to enjoy the dive site all for yourself.

Indonesia reef


“As the wind pattern is different than during the high season, that offers the possibility to explore a bit more. Sometimes we can go further to the north which is not so accessible during the high season because of the waves. This is largely unexplored so offers many places to discover, even for people who have been in Raja Ampat multiple times.

“From a marine life point of view, it can be fascinating. For example, towards the end of summer the anchovies start to appear and cover reefs with bait balls which then attracts predators.

“It’s amazing!”

Indonesia during the European summer is not just about the expansive coral reefs or the abundant marine life, but also the added comfort of the tropical climate, the natural beauty, and the accessibility to a wider range of sites and locations. It’s a great time to come and join us.

Emperor Harmoni


Come and join us on the wonderful Emperor Harmoni and explore Raja Ampat this summer. There are still some places left with amazing offers available. Or if you are looking to plan further ahead then look for 2025 and get your place booked now!

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