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We have opened our first Maldives resort dive centre at Reveries Diving Village where guests can combine superb channel diving on one of the few remaining locally inhabited island whilst experiencing true Maldivian living.

Perfectly located on the west coast of the locally inhabited island of Gan, in Laamu Atoll, Reveries Diving Village is proud to be the first boutique-style guest-house with full resort-style facilities at affordable prices.

Diving from Laamu's untouched and remote location rarely disappoints with its rich diversity of life.

Exclusive for Emperor's returning guests

5 days' diving €430 / £378

Our diving centre is located right on Reveries' private 'bikini' beach front with access to a shallow, sandy lagoon suitable for beginner divers and divers wanting to refresh their skills. For the more experienced, there's the magical Maldives adrenalin-charged current diving, great channels and drifts, sharks, mantas and masses of other big stuff.

For more info and images, visit the new resort here.

Book your diving online or chat to our incredibly friendly and helpful team for advice on how to book your Reveries Diving holiday at reservations@emperordivers.com


Sharks of the Red Sea

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Sharks of the Red Sea


Recently on Emperor Echo there were some pretty special encounters, showing why the Red Sea is just outperforming itself right now - and that takes some doing!

Thanks to guest, Dora, for these great images.

Where was this, we hear you cry? It was the Red Sea Sharks itinerary, which is flexible in location so we go where the recent shark action has been. All these images were from The Brothers.

Ready to join us? Or discover more at our Facebook page.


Liveaboard lovelies and lovely offers too!

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Red Sea

06/09 - 13/09 | Emperor Asmaa | Famous Five | Was €999 / £869
Now €899 / £782

24/11 - 01/12 | Emperor Superior | Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone | Was €1149 / £1000
Now €999 / £869

07/12 - 14/12 | Emperor Superior | Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone | Was €999 / £869
Now €849 / £739

17/01 - 24/01 | Emperor Asmaa | South & St John's | Was €799 / £695
Now €749 / £652


18/08 - 25/08 | Emperor Voyager | Best of Maldives | Was €1499 / £1217
Now €1199 / £1043

02/09 - 09/09 | Emperor Serenity | Manta Madness | Was €1879 / £1635
Now €1599 / £1391

16/09 - 23/09 | Emperor Atoll | Best of Maldives | Was €1879 / £1635
Now €1249 / £1087

13/10 - 20/10 | Emperor Leo | Best of Maldives | Was €1699 / £1478
Now €1599 / £1391

24/11 - 01/12 | Emperor Voyager | Best of Maldives | Was €1749 / £1522
Now €1599 / £1391

09/12 - 16/12 | Emperor Atoll | Best of Maldives | Was €1499 / £1217
Now €1249 / £1087

23/12 - 30/12 | Emperor Virgo | Best of Maldives | Was €2049 / £1783
Now €1849 / £1609

20/01 - 27/01 | Emperor Virgo | Sharktastic | Was €1799 / £1565
Now €1649 / £1435


12/01 - 21/01 | Emperor Raja Laut | Raja Ampat | Was €2484 / £2161
Now €2269 / £1974

16/07 - 23/07 | Emperor Raja Laut | Komodo National Park | Was €2590 / £2253
Now €2299 / £2000

09/08 - 16/08 | Emperor Raja Laut | Komodo National Park | Was €2590 / £2253
Now €2299 / £2000

25/08 - 01/09 | Emperor Raja Laut | Komodo National Park | Was €2590 / £2253
Now €2299 / £2000

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Hot Summer Offers

Wondering whether to stay or go? If you're enjoying this heatwave then the temptation to find cooling waters with refreshing sea breezes could be very tempting indeed.

How about these two 'last minute but I need to go' offers?

Red Sea
18 - 25 August
Emperor Echo
Red Sea Sharks itinerary
£695/ €799

19 - 26 August
Emperor Serenity
Best of Maldives itinerary
£1435 / €1649

Speak to our Reservations Team today and get on your way!


Maldives Manta Madness 'gone mad'

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Manta Madness Maldives


The mantas are as good as 'sold out' for 2018 - well at least on our 'Manta Madness' itinerary on Emperor Serenity!

Just two dates left:

19 - 26 August
£1435 / €1649

02 - 09 September
£1391 / €1599

If you can't make those dates then book ahead to 2019 and enjoy looking forward to a very special holiday!

Discover all the delightful dates here that promise you a holiday of a lifetime! Or have a chat with our equally delightful Reservations Team. You can email too!




Emperor Raja
                                    Laut, Indonesia


Oh yes! She is spruced up and ready to go. We promised you more photos of Emperor Raja Laut and here they are. Plus six jolly good reasons to come and see the charismatic beauty of the boat and the divine diving right below you!

How to get here? Getting to Indonesia is no longer just a dream, although you may need to pinch yourself when you arrive! We will help you every step of the way.

It's much more of a reality than you think and here are six reasons why:

  1. We take the stress out of 'getting there'. We'll help you arrange your domestic flights with our local agents.
  2. 6:1 guest to guide ratio; 12 guests and 2 dive guides.
  3. Seasonal itineraries to ensure you dive the best regions at the right time.
  4. Secure your place by booking early with Emperor's low deposit, just €100 / £80 / $120.
  5. Claim your discounts and benefits from Emperor's 'Friends of Emperor' loyalty scheme.
  6. She's not just a liveaboard! Widen your horizons and explore the picture-postcard scenery with our land-based excursions.

Want to find out more? Email our incredibly friendly and helpful team at reservations@emperordivers.com or visit our Emperor Raja Laut in all her glory here.

Emperor Raja Laut Offer!

7 - 14 August 2018
Komodo National Park
£1852 / €2129


Emperor Echo's amazing DOLPHINS video

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Dolphins in
                                  the Red Sea video


We Love Dolphins!

It's not just us, listen to our guests from Emperor Echo who share with you why it was an 'experience that will never be forgotten' on this great video by guide Roberto D'Ugo Pardi.

» Discover Emperor Echo and her Red Sea itineraries here

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You know you've got things right when guests send you this...
"Thank you to our wonderful Divemaster, Donny, and to Florence, Sophie and the crew for a wonder week aboard the Raja Laut this past week. The diving was challenging, exciting and beautiful. Thanks to Flo and Sophie, who provided guidance and knowledge to give us the confidence to dive those currents. The entire crew was wonderful and the food was awesome! I will highly recommend The Raja Laut. 

PS. I may have left my iPhone 5 at the charging station.  
PPS. Florence rushed over to give me my iPhone. I never expected that! Thank you so much! What a great customer experience."
Lianne and Randy Broadworth 

Fab video from Emperor Virgo in the Maldives

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Thanks to Andreas Schumacher for this super video taken from Emperor Virgo on his Maldives 'Sharktastic' trip recently.


1217 Virgo & dhoni (Medium).jpg

Watch the video here

Andreas sent us this little report too;

"Starting at North Malé and then South Malé before going further south down to Vaavu and Meemu. We cruised west to South Ari, Nord Ari and back to Malé.

We had some good shark action on almost every dive, greys reef sharks, nurse sharks, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks and a whale shark out in the blue. Schools of jacks, batfish, barracudas, eagle rays and some turtles but also lots of small stuff like ghost-pipe fish, nudibranchs, a leaf fish and of course plenty of anemones with their clownfish and its cleaner shrimps.

The week on Emperor Virgo was such fun! Great dive guides and crew! Excellent company.”

» Discover more about Emperor Virgo here

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Veronique Geerts, Marsa Alam
"I would like to say that this company is more than professional. My instructor is very good, I really trust him and look where I am now...I really didn't expect that I could do this. In the beginning I was afraid, but my first teacher taught me the right way...After the first day, I was happy that we have found your diving centre.
Second day, also the instructor very professional. At my first dive the sea was hard and I wanted to give up but he made me feel safety with him and so we started our dives. It was amazing, wow. I am very happy."

Sjoerd van Tuijl, Marsa Alam
"We came back to this dive center for the fifth time...I think that says enough! Great service! Great people!"

Jason Marley, Marsa Alam
"We had a fantastic week diving with Emperor in Marsa Alam. The staff were friendly and attentive and the diving was great. The crew on the boats were also great, incredibly helpful and the food was amazing. A great bunch of people and a fun week's diving. Can't wait to return."

Kohly Kohlmeyer, Marsa Alam
"Wir waren rundum zufrieden. Ich werde euch weiterempfehlen."

Yvette Li Hanney
"Emperor Divers 5 Star! Have been diving with Emperor Divers for over 20 years, wouldn't choose another company. Service, safety, dive masters and of course the dive sites all 5 star."