Emperor Raja Laut sails Komodo - time to plan ahead

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Emperor Raja
                                  Laut in Komodo


The Komodo National Park is world renowned for the excellent quality and variety of diving.

Water temperatures change between the north and south of the Park and provide varied encounters. In the north we have the black sands of the Sangeang Volcano with its critters and bubble flows and the reefs around Gili Banta.

The south provides cooler temperatures with manta action and nutrient rich reefs with ocean flow from the Indian Ocean. The central section provides reefs and small islands teeming with life fed by the currents running between the islands of Komodo and Rinca.

Add to this the chance to see the famous Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat, beautiful beaches, look-outs to climb and you have a paradise both below and above the water.


And you can get started right here!


Emperor Serenity's new Spa

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1218 Serenity spa.jpg


We told you about the new Spa on Emperor Serenity in our last newsletter. Here's a beckoning picture to tempt you to book, dive and relax to your heart's content.

For the full chilled picture, speak to our Reservations team today!

Dive your way through Christmas and the New Year

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Dive the Red
                                  Sea & Maldives


Take the festivities with you and enjoy a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year diving the Red Sea or the Maldives! There's still time to book and what a delight to look forward to!

Red Sea

20 - 27 Dec    Emperor Asmaa    South & St. Johns    £711 / €799
21 - 28 Dec    Emperor Superior    Reefs & Wrecks    £871 / €979
27 Dec - 3 Jan    Emperor Asmaa    South & St. Johns    £844 / €949
28 Dec - 4 Jan    Emperor Superior    Reefs & Wrecks    £871 / €979


22 - 29 Dec    Emperor Voyager    Best of Maldives    £1690 / €1899
23 - 30 Dec    Emperor Atoll    Best of Maldives    £1601 / €1799
30 Dec - 6 Jan    Emperor Atoll    Best of Maldives    £1601 / €1799

And remember, we pride ourselves knowing that the price you see on our liveaboards is the price you pay. No hidden extras on board!

Book online here or email our Reservations Team on reservations@emperordivers.com

Liveaboard lovely offers from yours truly

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0418 1000x525 collage superior.jpg

Red Sea

20/12 - 27/12 | Emperor Asmaa | South & St John's | Was €999 / £889
Now €899 / £800

21/12 - 28/12 | Emperor Superior | Reefs & Wrecks | Was €1099 / £978
Now €999 / £889

04/01 - 11/01 | Emperor Superior | Reefs & Wrecks | Was €899 / £800
Now €779 / £693

10/01 - 17/01 | Emperor Asmaa | South & St John's | Was €899 / £800
Now €899 / £800

21/02 - 28/02 | Emperor Asmaa | Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone | Was €1049 / £934
Now €949 / £845

01/03 - 08/03 | Emperor Elite | Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone | Was €1069 / £952
Now €999 / £889



20/01 - 27/01 | Emperor Virgo| Sharktastic | Was €1799 / £1601
Now €1699/ £1512

20/01 - 27/01 | Emperor Atoll| Sharktastic | Was €1569 / £1397
Now €1469/ £1308

27/01 - 03/02 | Emperor Virgo| Sharktastic | Was €1799 / £1601
Now €1699/ £1512

02/02 - 09/02 | Emperor Leo| South Central | Was €2139 / £1904
Now €1939/ £1726



12/01 - 21/01 | Emperor Raja Laut | Raja Ampat | Was €3330 / £2964
Now €2890 / £2572

09/03 - 16/03 | Emperor Raja Laut | Banda Sea | Was €2590 / £2268
Now €2290 / £2005

18/03 - 25/03 | Emperor Raja Laut | Banda Sea | Was €2590 / £2268
Now €2290 / £2005

24/07 - 31/07 | Emperor Raja Laut | Komodo National Park | Was €2590 / £2268
Now €2240 / £1994

21/09 - 30/09 | Emperor Raja Laut | East Flores & Alor | Was €3330 / £2964
Now €2990 / £2661

» Click here for more offers: Red Sea | Maldives & Indonesia

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What about these lucky guests who were fortunate enough to spend time with the lovely Dyson at Marsa Mubarak with the Emperor Mars Alam team just last week! Thank you to Trevor & Aileen Pollard for the video.


Dyson video


And if Dyson wasn't enough - how about some shark action? It wasn't just Elphinstone getting in on the act. This is Shouni Soraya and a baby shark playing in the blue. Thank you to Sanne for the video.


Shark video



Emperor Divers Laamu is a Maldives diving delight

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Emperor Divers Laamu


Welcome to Emperor Maldives on Gan, Laamu Atoll, where our first Maldives resort dive centre is based at Reveries Diving Village.

Come and combine superb channel diving on one of the few remaining locally inhabited island whilst experiencing true Maldivian living. Reveries Diving Village is proud to be the first boutique-style guest-house with full resort-style facilities at affordable prices. Dive from this untouched and remote location and it rarely disappoints with its rich diversity of life.

Exclusive for Emperor's returning guests

5 days' diving €430 / £378

At a glance

  • Reveries Diving Village with full resort facilities on an inhabited local island - experience the real Maldives!
  • Own private 'bikini' beach in front of the hotel
  • Great channel and drift diving
  • Sharks, mantas and loads of big stuff
  • Ideal to combine the resort stay with a liveaboard trip (cruise & stay) in the south of the Maldives

"The real Maldives! After the diving, stroll the island and meet the friendly locals.
Experience the Maldivian way of life!" Chris

Book online or chat to our incredibly friendly and helpful team for advice on how to book your Reveries Diving holiday at reservations@emperordivers.com.

Not that you need any convincing but we thought you would enjoy this short, sweet and manta-wonderful video thanks to Gabriel and Maria from Emperor Serenity on the Best of Maldives trip just last week!

Manta, Maldives



Make Maldives Magical Memories in 2019

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When is the best time to dive the seven itineraries we offer for the Maldives - and why?
Read on and sprinkle a little sparkle in 2019.


Emperor Maldives


** By the way. Fed up with on board hidden charges?
Avoid them with Emperor.
The price you see on our website is the price you pay. **


Best of the Maldives
When? All year round
This is the Best of the Maldives and it delivers exactly that. This is where you dive the best and most famous dive sites of the Maldives in a week of wonderful liveaboard diving across Male and Ari atolls.

Deep South & Southern Sharks
When? February & March
These months are the best times to sail to the southerly Maldivian atolls and dive into the shark action in these out-of-the-way southern dive sites between Huvadhoo and Addu (Seenu) Atolls.

Hanifaru & North
When? July - October
This runs around the New Moon phase when tidal ranges give a greater flow of plankton into the world famous Hanifaru Bay, where the massive majestic mantas venture in for a feeding frenzy each year.

Pelagic Magic
When? April - July
Pelagic Magic gets you face to face with the famous whale sharks of Ari Atoll. As this itinerary devotes more time here, you are certain to get your whaleshark fix at Maamagili.

When? January - April
Channel dives of the eastern coast of the Maldives are the main order of the day. These Kandus attract grey reef sharks, dog tooth tuna and eagle rays as standard but look out into the blue and you never know what surprises await.

South Central Atolls
When? January - March
Looking for action? Speedy drift dives, mantas, sharks and diving several atolls? Our guides and crew make it their business to make sure you see mantas and sharks as well as potential magical creatures coming out from the depths of the blue.

Central Explorer
When? May - October
Escape the crowds of the northern atolls and hang out in some of the least developed atolls in the Maldives. Laamu, Thaa and Meemu have just 4 resorts between them and lots of uninhabited islands. What does this mean? Reduced competition for pristine dive sites (and there's lots to choose from) and less crowded.

Discover a lot more on our website here.
Or email our incredibly helpful Reservations Team.





We share your love of the seas and oceans and are always happy to support ocean conservation.

We've donated to the Sea Save Foundation fundraising auction so get your bids in knowing it goes to a good cause and you could be enjoying a seven night 'Best of the Maldives' dive trip for two aboard Emperor Serenity (complete with her brand new Spa).

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Red Sea sailings for Christmas and New Year

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Emperor Asmaa crew


Take the festivities with you and enjoy a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year diving the simply amazing Red Sea.

Choose from Reefs & Wrecks from Hurghada where you can look forward to making memories at Abu Nuhas, the Straits of Gubal, SS Thistlegorm, Ras Mohamed, the Straits of Tiran, Ulysses and more.

Or how about South & St Johns from Marsa Ghalib Port. Dive the St Johns Reef Systems and Fury Shoals.

Your present from us is that these are 21+ DIVES cruises so there's a good chance to enjoy 21 or more dives on a 7-day safari, but only if you want to.

And remember, we pride ourselves on letting you know that the price you see on our liveaboards is the price you pay. No hidden extras on board.

14 - 21 December    Emperor Superior    Reefs & Wrecks    £933.61 / €1049.00
20 - 27 December    Emperor Asmaa    South & St Johns    £755.61 / €849.00
21 - 28 December    Emperor Superior    Reefs & Wrecks    £915.81 / €1029.00
27 December - 3 January    Emperor Asmaa    South & St Johns    £889.11/ €999.00
28 December - 4 January    Emperor Superior    Reefs & Wrecks    £915.81 / €1029.00


Book online here or email our Reservations Team on reservations@emperordivers.com



Emperor Raja Laut


Emperor Raja Laut is a fabulous liveaboard sailing Indonesia. Welcoming just 12 guests, she recently hosted a group of pals who fell in love with her charismatic qualities. Not all were divers, some snorkelled and some just went horizontal. All were made to feel rather special and pampered with the crew and guides sharing their time, their knowledge, their diving tales and their flair for creating yummy food.

Read this write up from guest, John Murray, and a few photos from fellow guest, ABC cameraman, Ron Ekkel, who were part of the happy band.


"We arrived on Raja Laut on 22nd September where we were greeted by the cruise directors and the crew. All was ship-shape and the excitement was tangible.

Once all guests were settled on board we set sail from Labuan Bajo and cruised through the warmth of the evening for Gili Banta to the north west of Komodo.

The following day we were able to do some diving in Banta Bay and some great snorkelling for the non-divers in the group. That's the beauty of this area and Raja Laut, you can choose to dive or take it easy so ideal for a mix of friends.


Although outside the National Park of Komodo the island is pristine and some of the dive sites offer fantastic opportunities to see critters and bigger pelagics.

After leaving Gili Banta we set sail for Sangeang volcano, an active volcano promising some of the most stunning diving in the region. We headed to lighthouse reef and its fringing reef with stunning soft and hard corals; again ideal for snorkellers and divers. After Lighthouse we visited the estuary also known as black magic thanks to the black sand with patches of sea grass and short corals; fantastic for muck diving, sea horses, frog fish and rare nudibranch. The shallows also makes it welcoming for snorkelling.

We also had a chance to dive the famous dive site called Hot Rocks, a beautiful site with black sand and vibrant coloured black coral bushes, feather stars, sponges and whip corals. Famous for the fields of volcanic bubbles, as the name of the site suggests, Hot Rocks was created by volcanic action.

From here we entered Komodo National Park, visiting the sites around Gili Lawa Laut and Gili Darat and dived at Golden Bay where we had plenty of reef fish and beautiful corals.

Woman in KomodoKomodo dragon

We had the chance to dive one of the famous dive sites here, Shotgun. As the name suggests this is not for the faint hearted, better dived on a falling tide. The currents take you at speed from around 10 metres up to 4 metres through a small gulley spitting you out the other side where you can be greeted by manta rays swimming in the currents (and giving you a virtual 'thumbs up').

On to central Komodo, we snorkelled at Mawan and then dived and snorkelled at Takat Makassar. The current wasn't strong so it was a gentle drift and the snorkellers were lucky enough to see a manta thanks to the eagle eyes and 'insider' knowledge of the crew who knew where to find them. Disbelief gave way to total delight as friends scrambled for the water to be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On the 27th, we headed further south down the Komodo Channel to Padar, which sits in the middle of the channel between Komodo and Rinca where we dived at the Three Sisters, three submerged pinnacles covered in soft corals, sea fans and sponges of all variety and colour. Also always a good chance to see the coral cat shark sleeping under the table corals in between the pinnacles. We also snorkelled at Atillas beach before trekking our way up to the summit of Padar to watch the sunset over Komodo and the Komodo channel; a bit of a hike but more than worth it for the spell-binding tranquillity and 'pinch-me' moments.

The next day we headed north to Siaba Besar island where we had the pleasure of diving with six large green turtles and a giant marbled grouper.

Beach, Komodo

During the trip we had plenty of chances for land excursions where we had drinks on the beach enjoying the sunsets and ticked the 'Komodo Dragons' box (not whilst sitting on the beach!).

A fine and truly memorable holiday and one that each of the twelve friends would repeat in a heartbeat."



» Discover more here and dream the dream.