Indonesia Itineraries

Please see below the main itineraries we operate

Komodo National Park Gili Lawa, Tatawa, Makassar Reef, Wainilu, Batu Bolong, Padar, Nusa Kode, Manta Alley. (Available Jul - Sep)
Komodo & North Flores Gili Lawa, Tatawa, Makassar Reef, Wainilu, Batu Bolong, Padar, Nusa Kode, Manta Alley, Pomana Kecil Island, Raja Island, Pulau Besar. (Available Sep)
Lombok, Sumbawa & Komodo Moyo, Saleh Bay, Satonda, Sangeang Volcano, Gili Banta, Batu Moncho, Gili Lawa, Wainilu, Siaba Besar, Batu Bolong. (Available Jun & Jul)
Best of Raja Ampat Gam, Wayag, Kawe, Aljui Bay, Uranie, Penemu, Pelee, Cape Kri/Dampier Strait, Batanta, Daram, Wayilbatan, Fiabacet. (Available all year)
Raja Ampat & Triton Bay Balbulol, Fiabacet, Wayilbatan, Pisang archipelago, Momon, Aiduma area. (Available Apr)
Raja Ampat & Banda Islands Banda Islands, Gam, Penemu, Arborek, Cape Kri/Dampier Strait, Daram, Wayilbatan, Fiabacet, Pelee. (Available Oct/Nov)
Banda Islands Ambon, Banda Islands, Nil Desperandum, Manuk Island. (Available Oct)
Alor & Banda Sea Alor, Wetar, Gunung Api, Damar, Nil Desperandum, Manuk, Banda Islands. (Available Sep/Oct)

We require that you are certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water / Deep Diver or equivalent and recommend that have a minimum of 30 logged dives to join a Raja Ampat itinerary and require 50 logged dives for Komodo, Banda Sea, Alor and Flores itineraries.

For many of the dives the recommended depth is below 18m therefore PADI Advanced or Deep Diver training is required. Unpredictable and extremely strong currents are to be expected in certain areas; in Raja Ampat the regions of Cape Kri, Gam and Kawe, Komodo the regions of Gili Lawa, Tatawa, Batu Bolong and Gili Banta, Banda Sea, Flores and the Alor regions or on the atoll at Nil Desperandum. Inexperienced divers may find some dives challenging and may be asked by the Cruise Director to skip dives that are not suitable for their diving experience.

The maximum depth for diving with Emperor Indonesia is 40 metres with an equally qualified buddy and you should complete each dive with your buddy or following your guide. Your maximum diving depth will be dependent on your level of training and experience. It is your responsibility to check what depths your insurance policy covers before arrival. Decompression diving, solo diving and technical diving is strictly prohibited.

If you are not Nitrox qualified, it is possible to complete the PADI Nitrox course whilst on your trip. Click here for the price list.

We are happy to help you with any questions about experience levels, suitability of dive sites and courses, contact [email protected].

Skills Review

Many agencies recommend a Skills Review if it has been longer than six months since your last dive. Emperor Indonesia advises divers to follow the agency recommendation for safety reasons. The Skills Review should be completed prior to your arrival in resort and signed by an instructor in your diving logbook. Evidence of the date of your last dive should be shown in your log book to avoid problems on check-in. Every diver, regardless of their qualification or experience will be required to participate in a check-dive, normally the first dive and prior to commencing normal diving activities. This dive allows you to orientate yourself in your diving environment and acquaint yourself with your equipment. In the interests of safety, Emperor Indonesia reserves the right to restrict diving activities if the instructor has any concerns regarding diver safety.

When looking for dives with larger marine life we are reliant on the current as this is when we get the most ‘action dives’. Currents can vary from really gentle to extremely strong. Many dive sites are transformed by medium-plus currents giving us lots of encounters with sharks, trevallies and schooling reef fish.

The ‘action’ is found at the point when the current is rushing against the reef. Divers who need to get to this point may need to descend quickly (sometimes a negative descent) and use leg work to fin against the current. Therefore, a good level of fitness is needed to enjoy the best action.

The moon phase and seasonal changes have a big impact on current strength and visibility.

Visibility is changeable and can range between 10 – 40m+ depending on conditions, current and the season.

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