Itinerary Highlights

  • Centre of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is the most biodiverse place on earth.
  • Sunset Dive for the Mandarin fish in Banda Neira.
  • Chance to see hammerheads, manta and other pelagic action combined with colourful pristine reefs.
  • Copious fish life, immense colours and mysterious critters, truly something for everyone.
  • Visit the original Spice Islands.

The Ambon to Sorong cruise is special because it takes in two magnificent regions in the one cruise. Beginning in Ambon we head first to the Banda Islands (original Spice Islands) before rounding the east coast of Seram and rejoining the south and central sections of Raja Ampat. The Banda Islands will offer the opportunity for some pelagic action, hopefully hammerheads too, before diving arguably one of the best dive locations worldwide, South Raja Ampat.

This cruise will take in the Banda Islands plus the Southern and Central sections of Raja Ampat.

  • Banda Islands: Pohon Miring, Batu Kapal, Batu Kapal Pinnacle, Banda Neira Jetty and Lava Flow
  • Banda Land Visits: On this cruise we visit Banda Neira to see the nutmeg plantation, historic forts and small Maritime Museum. A half day excursion
  • Raja Ampat Central Section: Gam, Penemu, Arborek, Cape Kri Area
  • Raja Ampat Southern Section: Daram, Wayilbatan, Fiabacet, Pelee

Explore the map below for dive sites and descriptions.

*Please be aware the dive sites and areas mentioned in our itineraries are not guaranteed. They are subject to change based on weather conditions and are at the discretion of our cruise director/captain. This is to ensure we provide the best sightings and activities possible during your dive experience while also prioritising your safety.

Dive Sites

Click dive site markers for detailed descriptions.

Dive sites & areas that we may visit are subject to weather conditions.

Banda Islands
Cape Kri Area
Dampier Strait
Ambon Port

Also Important

Check Dive & Depart Sorong / Ambon

Once onboard there will be a safety briefing, crew introduction, complete and check dive paperwork, cabin allocation and boat orientation. The first dive is a check dive.

Return to Ambon / Sorong

On the last diving day, 2 dives are available in the morning whilst observing the rule of no diving within 24 hours of reaching altitude. We return to port at approximately 1pm and moor here overnight. Evening-time pack up diving equipment and settle any outstanding bills ready to depart for the airport or hotel the following morning.

Itinerary Experience

Advanced, 50 dives
This itinerary is not for beginners with many dives below 18m and currents can vary from medium to extremely strong. We recommend that you have 50 logged dives and require that you are a Deep Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent to join this trip. Divers may find many dives challenging and may be asked by the Cruise Director to skip dives that are not suitable for their diving experience. Diving is from zodiacs to give precise entry and exit points.

Learn to Dive Guarantee

Love it or your money back! When having a go at something new it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable with the idea. The Emperor team is so certain that you’ll love learning to dive with us that, at the end of the first day of tuition if you decide not to proceed, we’ll give you your money back.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions (PDF).