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Thinking of our oceans during Plastic Free July

Every July, millions of people worldwide commit to reducing their plastic usage as part of the Plastic Free July initiative.

This global movement, founded in 2011 by the Plastic Free Foundation in Australia, aims to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and inspire individuals, communities, and businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

With each passing year, the campaign gains momentum, highlighting the pressing need to address our dependency on single-use plastics and its far-reaching impacts on the environment.

It is something we at Emperor Divers support where we can and fully endorse the principles of the project.

As divers and lovers of life underwater, it is vitally important to us to keep our seas as clean as possible.

When you hear that approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year, it really makes you think.

This plastic pollution is a significant threat to marine life and ecosystems. For example, sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and ingest them, which can cause internal blockages and starvation while debris can smother coral reefs, blocking sunlight and reducing oxygen levels, which are essential for coral health.

Jam jars

We know it’s not simple to become completely plastic free but we believe every little bit helps and small changes can make a difference.

That is why we have done things like remove all single-use plastic bottles from every liveaboard across our three destinations and only use refillable ones.

One of the other measures we have embraced is the removal of all plastic sachets for sauces and condiments. Everything from your jam to your ketchup is now served in reusable and recyclable pots.

These are small steps, and there is definitely more to be done, but we will continue to make improvements and adjustments to do our bit to become plastic free.

From its small start in Western Australia, Plastic Free July has grown and grown.

In 2020, an estimated 326 million participants from 177 countries took part, significantly reducing their plastic consumption.

By joining in and making changes we can hopefully keep getting the world’s waters cleaner, and more enjoyable to dive, for years to come.

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