Diving at Daedalus

The perfect divers’ itinerary – it’s Simply The Best

Simply The Best? Well, it’s called that for a reason.

Those who have experienced our southern Red Sea trip will know exactly why we chose that name.

Stick ‘Marsa Alam diving’ into any search engine or pick up any guidebook and you will probably see the same top three must-sees – Elphinstone, The Brothers and Daedalus Reef.

The Brothers gives you the most spectacular wall diving and marine life to take the breath away (or more likely increase your air consumption), Daedalus all remote and blessed with wonderful hard corals in pristine condition and Elphinstone with its 80-metre drop-offs and diverse range of species.

It really is the divers’ perfect itinerary as it provides a good test of skills as well as amazing views.

Tracy Atkinson, our Red Sea Destination Experience Manager, explains what makes it so special.

“There really is so much to make this trip stand out,” she says.

“The main reason it is so special is The Brothers and Daedalus cannot be reach on daily dives so the liveaboard experience is essential. It is about 10 hours sailing to get out to The Brothers.

Lighthouse at Brothers

“They are so remote that at times you don’t see land for hours. The Brothers are stuck in the middle of nowhere between Egypt and Saudi – such remote waters that you can’t see either coast.

“When you’re there you have shipwrecks, beautiful soft coral, thresher sharks, some resident hammerheads, a feeding station, oceanic whitetips…. The marine life really is exceptional and it’s not uncommon to dive with five different species around you.

“Daedalus has more hard coral formations which are impressively huge, while you can also see schooling hammerheads, there are silkies, oceanics, an anemone city and because it is a marine park it means the conditions are absolutely pristine.

“The Daedalus Reef itself is massive and touches the surface, while there’s just a small sandbank above water on which there’s a traditional lighthouse. When you climb up the lighthouse the view is incredible and there is the chance to take some iconic pictures.


“After that we move on to Elphinstone which is the perfect finish.

“Elphinstone can actually be done as a daily dive but because you’re there on a liveaboard it means you can dive early and experience it before those coming out for the day can reach it.

“Elphinstone is the most colourful of all three reefs, smothered in soft corals and buzzing with anthias. It is also a really good test of your diving skills with the deep drop-offs and drift diving. It’s why it always ranks among the top dive sites in the world.

“It’s hard for me to pick a favourite out of the three. I like both Elphinstone and Little Brother for the reason that, even if there are no sharks, there is always an amazing amount of life on the reef, soft corals in shades of pink and purple and great hard coral formations. And Little Brother has an awesome gorgonian fan garden. There’s always something to look at.

“The combination of the three sites and all they possess is why Simply The Best offers so much. Once you’ve experienced it you know you’ve been on a really special trip.”

With the Red Sea in peak season and incredible form at the moment, it really is the perfect time to visit.

Why not check out our latest offers for Simply The Best or contact our reservations team who can give you personal advice and assistance to book your trip.


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