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Learning to dive: “Even as someone new to diving, I felt part of the family”

There will be a variety of emotions going through the mind of anyone who is starting out on their diving journey.

For some, those first few moments but can be a challenge, even a test of one’s mental strength.

But the rewards? Well, they come very quickly into your diving life and will stay with you forever.

That’s why we were delighted to help out our friends from Diverse Travel when they told us their new employee Beth wanted to find out more about the amazing underwater world.

She joined us at our wonderful Wadi Sabarah dive centre – which really is not a bad place to start out! – and our great guides gave her the perfect introduction to diving.

It’s fair to share she’s now hooked!

“I had made some incredible memories, overcome challenges, and enjoyed things I never dreamt that I’d get to experience,” Beth said.

“I also returned home a newly qualified PADI Open Water Diver! I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Egypt in a heartbeat. The welcome I received and the whole experience were incredible.

“My advice to anyone who’s nervous about learning to scuba dive or has just started their journey, would be to absolutely withhold judgment until you’ve jumped into open water. There is an entirely different world down there and it’s full of beautiful, breathtaking things. If you’re given the chance to experience it, seize it with both hands.

“I think one of the best parts of scuba diving is how welcoming and friendly everyone is; even as someone new to diving, I felt part of the family.”

It wasn’t just the diving that stuck with Beth either. She was very taken with Wadi Sabarah as well.

“Wadi Sabarah is not for those who seek late nights and loud music. This resort is a peaceful haven, far away from the hustle and bustle of cities and crowds. For me, it was the perfect environment to relax and focus on my learn to dive course.

“Emperor’s dive centre is conveniently located overlooking the beach at Wadi Sabarah, with an equipment and dive shop onsite. The staff were super friendly and incredibly welcoming, all trying their utmost to remember everyone’s names in the dive group.

Wadi Sabarah dive centre

One of the best parts of my experience was the camaraderie at the family-style dinners and how everyone was on a first-name basis. We had divers, dive centre employees, other hotel guests, and even the hotel manager at our table. The team at Wadi Sabarah truly know how to make you feel welcome.”

Beth’s now well set on her diving journey – why don’t you join us at one of our great dive centres and become part of the family, too?

Find out more about Beth’s amazing time at Wadi Sabarah, her process of – and tips from – learning to dive and the amazing experiences she so quickly got to have including going face-to-face with friendly turtles. Read her full blog on the Diverse Travel website.

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