Itinerary Highlights

  • A manta and whale shark journey to iconic sites in North & South Ari Atolls.
  • Get your whale shark fix at Maamagili and fill your logbook with shark and manta sightings.
  • Maaya Thila night dive, lush corals and schooling fish at Reethi Thila and Kuda Rah.
  • Expect to see grey reef sharks, whale sharks, manta, beautiful pinnacles.
  • Dive sites will vary depending on diver experience levels, local conditions and where the best sightings have been.

On this route we take you on a manta and whale shark journey to the North & South Ari Atolls having crossed over from Male. Exact dive sites will vary depending on diver experience levels, local conditions and where the best sightings have been.

Pelagic Magic gets you face to face with the famous whale sharks of Ari Atoll. As this itinerary devotes more time here, you are certain to get your whaleshark fix at Maamagili. Iconic dive follows iconic dive as you sail from Male through North Ari and then onto South Ari. Then grab your snorkel and splash in to float only feet away from graceful whale sharks. Pelagics of all shapes and sizes await.

With 17 dives, as well as opportunities to snorkel with the whale sharks, this is an action packed week. The pelagic sightings start right from the beginning at Lankan manta point, this is a cleaning station with reliable manta sightings so just settle down and watch the manta swoop in. North Ari atoll offers BMK (Bathala Maga Kan thila), Maya Thila and Fish head are yet more iconic dive site where sharks are plentiful. Watch huge schools of fusiliers being hunted by Dog tooth tuna and Trevally whilst eagle rays and grey reef sharks cruise by. A night dive at Maya Thila is a chance to witness something incredibly unique; Marble sting rays, Morays and reef sharks are hunting with Giant Trevally alongside in what appears to be symbiotic behaviour.

*Please be aware the dive sites and areas mentioned in our itineraries are not guaranteed. They are subject to change based on weather conditions and are at the discretion of our cruise director/captain. This is to ensure we provide the best sightings and activities possible during your dive experience while also prioritising your safety.

As you reach South Ari keep a look out for the whalesharks near Maamagili, this is the best chance to find whale sharks at this time as they follow the seasonal currents. Manta rays chase plankton trails too and can be found on cleaning stations along the route. Between your pelagic encounters, the reef dives will not disappoint, discover the lush corals and schooling fish at the likes of 7th Heaven and Kuda Rah thila.

Dive Sites

Click dive site markers for detailed descriptions.

Dive sites & areas that we may visit are subject to weather conditions.

Ari Atoll
Rasdhoo Atoll
Male Airport

Also Important

Check Dive & Depart Male

Once onboard there will be a safety briefing, crew introduction, complete and check dive paperwork, cabin allocation and boat orientation. Our boats moor in port on arrival day departing early next morning. The first dive is a check dive near port. Following the first dive we depart from Male port and commence the Pelagic Magic itinerary.

Return to Male & Optional Land Visit

On the last diving day, 1 dive is available in the morning whilst observing the rule of no diving within 24 hours of reaching altitude. We return to port at approximately 1pm and moor here overnight. There is the option of an afternoon land-visit to stretch your legs and escape the boat whilst in port. Evening-time pack up diving equipment, settle any outstanding bills ready to depart for the airport at 7am the following morning.

Itinerary Experience

All experience levels including snorkellers and non-divers
This is a great itinerary for everyone regardless of your experience level. You don’t need a minimum number of dives to join this trip, but you should be comfortable diving in current as they can be unpredictable and strong. Many dives are below 18m therefore we recommend having advanced experience or taking your PADI Advanced Open Water course on board to maximise your enjoyment from the trip. Divers may find some dives challenging and may be asked by the Cruise Director to skip dives that are not suitable for their diving experience. Diving is from a dhoni to give precise entry and exit points.

To find out more about current strengths and how they are affected by the moon’s phases click here.

Learn to Dive Guarantee

Love it or your money back! When having a go at something new it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable with the idea. The Emperor team is so certain that you’ll love learning to dive with us that, at the end of the first day of tuition if you decide not to proceed, we’ll give you your money back.

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