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Why you should go back-to-back in the Maldives

“I wish I’d booked a second week!”

It is not something many people do – but it is certainly something we hear a lot in the Maldives.

There are many benefits to adding a second liveaboard itinerary to your holiday when visiting a country made up of nearly 1,200 islands.

However, the idea of doing back-to-back trips often doesn’t occur to our guests until it is too late.

A second week obviously offers the chance to explore more of this amazing part of the world and get longer in its majestic waters.


But having arrived, settled into life on the boat and just got back into the swing of the diving, our guests sometimes find the week is nearly over and they are still in the mood for more.

“We get that a lot in the last couple of days of a trip,” says Emperor Divers Maldives General Manager Bernie McAteer.

“It is especially common with those who haven’t dived that much or who haven’t dived for a while.

“With a week-long trip they sometimes find they are just getting back into it. They are more confident and more comfortable on a second week and find they enjoy it even more.

“Even doing the same itinerary again has huge advantages. It’s not always the easiest diving in the Maldives but by the time you do the second trip you know what you’re doing, what the conditions are, what the challenges are and the enjoyment is then the greater for it.


“The same is true for those who like their photography. Sometimes they will find that shots could have been set up differently or they took the wrong lens. When you go at it second time around they have the benefit of hindsight to get much more out of the dive.

“With those who have booked a longer stay in the Maldives but only one week on a liveaboard, as their trip is coming to an end, we often get asked if there is any availability for second trip. Obviously there often isn’t.”

There can also be other benefits other than just enhancing the diving experience. Occasionally there is the chance of an upgrade – availability permitting – for those going on a second trip while anyone who hasn’t dived with us before will become a Friend of Emperor and get 5% off the second week.

If you would like more information then why not speak personally to one of our reservations team who will help you pick the perfect itineraries and put together the ideal trip for you.


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