Itinerary Highlights

  • Fuvahmulah Atoll: Tiger sharks, oceanic manta and thresher sharks. Oceanic Island with incredible visibility.
  • Huvadhoo Atoll: Whale sharks at night, silver tips, grey reef sharks and many, many more.
  • Addu Atoll: WWII wreck HMS British Loyalty, majestic manta cleaning stations and tiger sharks.
  • Laamu Atoll: Beautiful fish filled channels with great shark encounters. Only on the Male to Addu trips.
  • Thaa Atoll: Grey reef & white tip reef sharks plus the chance of Whale sharks at night
  • Meemu Atoll: Enchanting channels with pelagic action, sharks, Eagle rays and beautiful soft coral. Manta cleaning station
  • Vaavu Atoll: A sunset/night dive at Alimatha, Vaavu atoll is a must to have a memorable experience with the resident nurse shark
  • South Male Atoll: Grey reef sharks and eagle rays at the famous Kandooma thila, a highlight on any trip

If you’re looking for your next diving adventure, why not make it one surrounded by sharks on our 14-night cruise from Male to Addu in the Maldives?

December to March is the time to join us as this is when the current in the channels – or Kandus – is largely incoming from the east. There are fewer boats and we visit atolls that have very few resorts and lots of uninhabited islands.

During the 14-night trip, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the best diving sites in the Maldives shark species, including hammerheads, tiger sharks, and whale sharks, as well as manta rays, eagle rays, and other large pelagic fish.

The outer walls and corners of the channels in Vaavu and Meemu have the bonus of beautiful overhangs draping in the blues, yellows and pinks of the majestic soft coral. Hammerheads can be found in Thaa as well as whale sharks who visit our boat at night attracted by the krill, which, in turn, are attracted by the lights.

When the currents are running well, the channel dives here are outstanding. Abundant with schooling snappers, trevally, barracuda, white tips and greys, grouper, Napoleon wrasse, turtles, eagle rays and more.

Laamu is an oval-shaped atoll which has some of the top dive sites in the world such as Fushi Kandu & Maabaidhoo Kandu while Huvadhu, one of the deepest lagoons in the Maldives, allows you to explore the not-to-be-missed Vilingilli Kandu.

Moving on we spend the next week away from the madding crowds and on the lookout for the Indian Ocean’s larger residents; tiger sharks, silver tips, grey reef sharks, whale sharks and many, many more.

The kandus of Koodoo, Nilandhoo and Mareehaa are some of the best on the planet while in Fuvahmulah you can expect to meet tiger, silky, silver tip and thresher sharks on the south plateaux.

Right in the deep south, Addu Atoll hosts the WWII wreck, HMS British Loyalty, as well as popular majestic manta cleaning station Maa Kandu along with a more relaxing dive at Demon Corner to either start or end the trip.

Please note: At Emperor, we believe in providing as authentic an experience with nature as possible. We do not believe it is appropriate to chum/bait for, nor feed, sharks and therefore will not dive or promote the experience known as “Tiger Zoo” in Fuvahmulah Atoll. We dive Fuvahmulah and regularly encounter Tiger Sharks there, as well as at other spots on our itineraries, and we believe these offer a far more natural experience.

*Please be aware the dive sites and areas mentioned in our itineraries are not guaranteed. They are subject to change based on weather conditions and are at the discretion of our cruise director/captain. This is to ensure we provide the best sightings and activities possible during your dive experience while also prioritising your safety.

Dive Sites

Click dive site markers for detailed descriptions.

Dive sites & areas that we may visit are subject to weather conditions.

South Male Atoll
Vaavu Atoll
Addu Atoll
Meemu Atoll
Thaa Atoll
Huvadhoo Atoll
Fuvahmulah Atoll
Laamu Atoll
Male Airport
Gan Airport

Also Important

Check Dive & Depart Port

Once onboard there will be a safety briefing, crew introduction, completion and checking of dive paperwork, cabin allocation and boat orientation. Our boats moor in port on arrival day departing early next morning. The first dive is a check dive near port.

Return to Port, transfer to airport and flight

On the last diving day, 1 dive is available in the morning whilst observing the rule of no diving within 18 hours of reaching altitude. We return to port at approximately 1pm and moor here overnight. There is the option of an afternoon land-visit to stretch your legs and escape the boat whilst in port. Evening-time pack up diving equipment, settle any outstanding bills ready to depart for the airport early the following morning.

Domestic flights

Domestic flights can be booked directly with Maldivian Aero ( or +960 3335544) or by using local agents Transerve Maldives ([email protected]). Alternatively, if you would like us to book your internal flights please
contact us on [email protected]
and we will do everything we can to help. We strongly advise leaving an extra day at each end of your liveaboard trip to provide plenty of time for connecting flights.

Itinerary Experience

Advanced, 100 dives
This itinerary is not for beginners with all dives below 18m and currents that can be unpredictable and strong. We recommend that you have 100 logged dives and require that you are a Deep Diver/Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent to join this trip. Divers may find many dives challenging and may be asked by the Cruise Director to skip dives that are not suitable for their diving experience. Diving is from a dhoni to give precise entry and exit points.

To find out more about current strengths and how they are affected by the moon’s phases click here.


Learn to Dive Guarantee

Love it or your money back! When having a go at something new it’s essential that you feel confident and comfortable with the idea. The Emperor team is so certain that you’ll love learning to dive with us that, at the end of the first day of tuition if you decide not to proceed, we’ll give you your money back.

Please read our full Terms & Conditions (PDF).