Maldives shark

July is ‘Shark Month’ and we’re ready to celebrate these beautiful beasts

Whether you think they are frightening or fantastic, they are definitely fascinating.

The shark – in all its forms – has grabbed man’s imagination for many, many years. From Hawaii’s mythology to Hollywood’s movies, there have been cultural references to these masters of the ocean for centuries.

So, to coincide with the start of the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week and to run alongside National Geographic’s SharkFest, we are going to begin a series of features looking the beautiful beasts and wonderful experiences you can have when diving with them.

Later in the month we will also see the Shark Trust’s ‘Great Shark Snapshot’ which asks for buddy pairs, dive centres, clubs and boats to record as many shark, ray and skate sightings around the world as possible.

It means July really is the month of the shark – and we’re happy to help celebrate!

If you want to know more about nurse sharks, oceanics, wobbegongs and the like, joins us over the next few weeks and we’ll bring you some great stories, pictures and experiences.

And we have some great itineraries available to get you up close to these incredible creatures. Be in it whaleshark in the Maldives, hammerheads in the Red Sea or wobbegong in Raja Ampat – your amazing shark experience is just a booking away…

In the meantime, why not enjoy this video of our crew and guests using their unique method for attracting whaleshark.

Happy shark month everyone!

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