Meet our new Emperor Harmoni cruise directors

Emperor Divers have appointed new cruise directors to take care of our guests on board our beautiful Indonesian liveaboard Emperor Harmoni.

We are very pleased to introduce Guillaume and Amelie – a couple of who have diving in their souls and a passion for sharing the wonders of Indonesia with their visitors.

We asked them to tell us a bit about themselves and what they love about Emperor Harmoni.


Welcome to Emperor Divers. Can you let us know a bit about your backgrounds and how you got into diving?

Hello, I am Guillaume, I am 40 years old and French. I was born and grew up in Djibouti and, with such a playground for a kid, I have always been connected to the ocean. My father was a diver, fisherman and I blew my first bubbles with him, may be at 5 or 6 years old, and never stopped since.

I grew up reading Jules Vernes, Rudyard Kipling or Jack London’s novels, dreaming about forgotten islands, exotic seas and adventures. With such a background, I could not embrace a career behind a desk!

The sea offered me freedom to explore the world, and I had to decide between becoming a boat captain or a dive instructor. Life has chosen for me and I will never regret it.

Thanks to this career, I have been working in a dozen of countries, dived in different oceans, discovered natural wonders and just lived a life that many are dreaming of. I am always happy to jump in the water every day or spend hours looking at the landscapes surrounding me!

Hi guys! I am Amelie, also French, but a little bit younger than Guillaume!

I was born in the south-west of France and spent my childhood exploring, climbing everywhere and swimming in lakes and rivers always looking for hidden treasures underwater.

My grandparents had a farm, but also a guesthouse, and I grew up helping them during my holidays – my first steps in hospitality/tourism!

Emperor Harmoni

Avid to discover the world, I have been travelling a lot and discovered scuba diving in 2011 in Mayotte – a French island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar – and fell in love with this new underwater world. I started to work in marine industry in Australia and then decided to dedicate my career 100 per cent to scuba diving/tourism industry.

Joining as cruise directors with Guillaume on Harmoni is a real pleasure and I am so excited for all new adventures coming!


What is the best moment you have had diving?

Because we have spent so much time underwater, there are countless good memories. If we had to choose some of them as the best moments, dolphins or manta rays would be involved somehow! We have had numerous encounters with them, and some were almost mystical.

Guillaume: I will always remember my first dive ever in Melissa’s Garden in Raja Ampat. There is no other place like that in the world and we never saw such an incredible and healthy coral garden before, especially with its stunning colours and inhabitants.

Amelie: One of my best memories is when I was doing my OWD. I was lucky enough to see a Mola-Mola in Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida on December 31st – usually there is no chance to see them at this time of the year as the water is way too warm – and on the last dive of my Open Water training! What a gift to end up a year.


What is it about Harmoni that you love and makes her so special?

Harmoni is the result of years of liveaboard operating and boat building by her owners. As professionals, we are impressed by the care for detail that make a huge difference for the daily operation and make the crew’s work easier and more efficient.

For our guests, we are sure they enjoy the boat first as she is a beauty. There’s so much space and comfort and they can have the feeling that they have the boat for themselves! The crew is amazing, highly skilled and fun as well – they are a really essential part of the whole experience.

Our mission as cruise directors is first to make sure that everyone is having a good and safe experience onboard and underwater. But the diving is not all!

As we love Indonesia, its landscape and its cultures, we love to share that with our guests. Let’s enjoy and explore in and out of the water, have some sunset on paradisiac beaches or viewpoints, hike to waterfalls or in deep jungles, meet local people….

The sight of thousands of fruit bats flying at sunset, with a cold drink in hand and after a good day of diving is something special!

Oh, and we don’t like the crowds so always search for our private piece of paradise.

Indonesia is reputed for the diving quality, but we want to offer to our guests a full experience and that all of them leave with the feeling that they just spent days in a bubble, out of this world and their daily life.

We already know that some of our guests will come back soon, this is Harmoni effect!


You say Indonesia is renowned for the quality of its diving. What makes it so special to you?

Indonesia is a huge diver and adventurer playground. You don’t have enough of a lifetime to explore all the corners of the country so we have to focus only on small portions of it. But those tiny bits are big enough to be explored for months without getting bored.

We have so much diversity here, in terms of underwater life of course, but in the dive sites topography or experience as well. We dive on the slopes of active volcanoes, in channels or seamounts swept by powerful currents, in calm bays or offshore reefs…

We can expect to spot basically anything during any of our itineraries, from the tiniest pigmy seahorse to whale sharks or hammerheads! We see some species during the dives that we have never seen before and still have to use the fish ID books to put a name on them!

Our itineraries between Bali and Komodo give us the opportunity to explore both uncharted territories and one of the most famous dive areas in the world.

The Raja Ampat itineraries are bringing us to some of the best reefs a diver can dream about and we are still discovering new, world-class dive sites month after month. The amount and variety of fish swimming around us is just unbelievable, and the land adventures are quite spectacular as well.

This is our Garden of Eden!

During the transition months, when we move the boat between Komodo and Western Papua, we have the opportunity to explore some seldom-dived areas such as Alor, The Forgotten Islands or the Banda Sea…

There is always something happening and we are always excited about the next dive, the next trip, the next destination! And, most important, we are impatient to share all of that with new guests!

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