Ladies Day Indah Desiana

Ladies Day – Indah Desiana

In our weekly series of ‘Ladies Day’ features, we celebrate the incredible women working with us at Emperor Divers.

We want to share their stories and tell you more about them. Some may be familiar faces from our boats and dive centres, a familiar voice or name from our reservations team or perhaps someone from ‘behind the scenes’.

Whoever it is, they are all amazing and help make us the great organisation we are.

While last week we met someone who is very much ‘front of house’ as far as Emperor Divers customers are concerned (Sharm el Sheikh dive guide Elise Watling), this time we highlight a person whose work is largely unseen by the outside work.

Please say hello to Indah Desiana, personal assistant to Emperor Divers CEO Alex Bryant.


There’s something of a running joke among the Emperor Divers backroom team about our CEO Alex Bryant.

With liveaboards and dive centres to oversee in three vastly different geographical locations, meetings in various parts of the world, dive shows to attend etc etc – we’re never quite sure where Alex is going to be from one week to the next.

Making sure that Alex himself knows is Indah, his personal assistant.

Her organisational skills are vital in ensuring things run smoothly through her careful control of various administrative tasks and one role among these is sorting out travel arrangements for Alex.

It is fitting, therefore, that in a worldwide company and with a manager who spends a large chunk of his time on the move, Indah’s educational background has a strong cross-nation feel to it.

She explains: “I pursued my passion for understanding global affairs – especially how countries, despite their individual political agendas, collaborate to address societal challenges such as poverty and inequality – by earning a degree in International Relations.

“I’ve always been fascinated by industries that involve exploration and adventure, and the diving industry seems to have both. While I haven’t had direct experience in diving, I’m excited about the opportunity to learn more and contribute my skills and enthusiasm.

Indah Desiana

“That’s what I enjoy most about working closely with the CEO and the broader Emperor Divers team – the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and passionate group of individuals. This allows me to gain insights into strategic decision making and learn from their experience and expertise.”

It’s the collective element within Emperor that makes the company stand out for Indah.

Having been with us for just over a year, she feels that is helping her develop in her role and, fittingly for a ‘Ladies Day’ story, believes the encouragement for female employees is very strong.

She adds: “The team culture at Emperor Divers mixes professionalism and a passion for diving. There seems to be a strong sense of fellowship among team members, driven by a shared love for the ocean and a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to guests.

“The company promotes a culture of inclusivity and diversity, it’s an environment where women feel valued and respected.

“There is a chance for career advancement and recognition of achievements which makes Emperor an empowering environment for women.

“My future goals within Emperor Divers revolve around growth and contribution. I aspire to develop my skills and expertise in areas relevant to the diving industry where I can make a meaningful impact on the company’s success.”

That might be Indah’s aspiration, we think she’s already doing an amazing job anyway!

Follow our series of Ladies Day posts all the way through to PADI Women’s Dive Day 2024 on July 20 when we will have something special for our female divers.

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