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Dive with us and look forward to great value diving on a seriously super choice of liveaboards.

Make the most of our local knowledge with our experienced international guides. Relax as we get you to the best dive site at the best time on our spacious purpose-built hotel-style boats. Just as perfect for snorkellers and non-divers.

All-inclusive liveaboard pricing with no hidden extras thanks to our transparent pricing policy:

√ Taxes
√ Marine Park fees
√ Fuel supplements
√ Nitrox
√ Transfers
√ Wine with dinner

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Save up to 30% with our liveaboard offers

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Red Sea - SAVE UP TO 20%

19/12 - 26/12 | Emperor Echo | South & St Johns | SAVE €150 / £133
Now €799 / £711

02/01 - 09/01 | Emperor Elite | Reefs & Wrecks | SAVE €200 / £178
Now €799 / £711

30/01 - 06/02 | Emperor Echo | South & St Johns | SAVE €150 / £143
Now €849 / £746

20/02 - 27/02 | Emperor Echo | South & St Johns | SAVE €150 / £143
Now €849 / £746

27/03 - 03/04 | Emperor Elite | Brothers, Safaga & Elphinstone | SAVE €120 / £107
Now €949 / £844

09/04 - 16/04 | Emperor Asmaa | Daedalus, Fury & Elphinstone | SAVE €150 / £134
Now €899 / £800


Maldives - SAVE UP TO 25%

08/09 - 15/09 | Emperor Explorer | Best of Maldives | SAVE €480 / £516
Now €1499/ £1245

29/09 - 06/10 | Emperor Atoll | Best of Maldives | SAVE €100 / £89
Now €1199/ £1067

06/10 - 13/10 | Emperor Virgo | Best of Maldives | SAVE €280 / £249
Now €1299/ £1156

20/11 - 27/11 | Emperor Explorer | Best of Maldives | SAVE €150 / £133
Now €1999/ £1779

14/12 - 21/12 | Emperor Leo | Best of Maldives | SAVE €200 / £178
Now €1549/ £1379

12/01 - 19/01 | Emperor Explorer | Best of Maldives | SAVE €200 / £177
Now €1949/ £1735


Indonesia - SAVE UP TO 30%

18/09 - 25/09 | Emperor Raja Laut | Komodo National Park | SAVE €791 / £704
Now €1799 / £1601

14/12 - 21/12 | Emperor Raja Laut | Raja Ampat North & Central | SAVE €605 / £538
Now €2195 / £1954

08/01 - 15/01 | Emperor Raja Laut | Raja Ampat North & Central | SAVE €150 / £133
Now €2650 / £2359

26/02 - 06/03 | Emperor Raja Laut | Raja Ampat North & Central | SAVE €300 / £267
Now €3300 / £2937

19/07 - 26/07 | Emperor Harmoni | Komodo National Park | SAVE €295 / £262
Now €2575 / £2292

27/07 - 03/08 | Emperor Harmoni | Komodo National Park | SAVE €295 / £262
Now €2575 / £2292

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Raja Laut visual tour


Join Cruise Director, Flo, as he takes us on a tour of our liveaboard schooner, Emperor Raja Laut, and celebrates the recent Indonesia Independence Day.

From decks to galley to lounge to cabins; all ready for her next guests to step aboard and make the best memories. As one Facebook friend said, "Right, that's it. Sign me up!"

» Ready when you are! Discover more on this wonderful liveaboard here


Continuing our series following Emperor Harmoni's story, we move to Sulawesi Tenggara (southeast Sulawesi) where Pak Haji Wahab sources Sulawesi Ironwood, named for its incredible density and strength, which creates a resistance to rot and, every boat owner's nightmare, termites.


Emperor Harmoni


Here on a remote beach two hours' drive through jungle and nickel mines from the nearest domestic airport in Kendari, Pak Haji Wahab sets to work using skills and traditions passed down verbally from generation to generation for hundreds of years to build the 48m hull that is the foundation for Emperor Harmoni.

Once the hull is complete and chalked, the decks are laid and the frame for the superstructure and cabins are built from the same Sulawesi Ironwood, lending even further strength to this magnificent vessel.

Recycled teak for a good cause! Dor the interior and exterior walls, the Emperor team sourced 50 year old teak wood from derelict houses in Sulawesi Tenggara, helping the owners to build a modern insulated home whilst allowing Emperor Harmoni to be built using recycled teak. Teak is famous for aging well into a handsome grey, as well as for its strength and durability.

Our next instalment will see how she moves 800 nautical miles to Bali ready for her fit out. No mean feat building these super liveaboards but so very worth it.

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0618 komodo rl 2.jpg


5 days / 4 nights | July to September

Join us on our new itinerary as we showcase some of the highlights of Komodo including the chance to see the famous Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat. Then there are the beautiful beaches, lookouts to climb, a range of water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling and some easy diving to experience paradise both below and above the water.

This allows for 1 or 2 dives a day for qualified divers whilst non-divers have the chance to experience an ‘Introductory Dive’. Our experienced guides will select the best spots to dive, snorkel and swim in each location and to suit local conditions, marine life opportunities and your skill.

Prices are per person, sharing a twin/double cabin: €1449 / £1289 / $1625

Non-diver discount: €250 / £220 / $280

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A former soldier in the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve, Jamie Hull was fulfilling a lifelong ambition of becoming a pilot in 2007 when, on a routine solo flight, his engine caught fire. Jamie sustained 60 per cent third-degree burns to his body, tissue scarring and internal injuries. He was given a five per cent chance of survival. Undergoing over 60 operations, he was able to pull through but, for Jamie, life as he knew it was over: “I couldn’t see a life beyond injury, I couldn’t see that road ahead. Physically, I felt I was done for.” Read how diving, one of Jamie’s first loves, helped him to get life back on track …

Back in 1998, Jamie was a keen and ambitious scuba diver. Originally a full-time officer in the Thames Valley Police, he decided to embark on his IDC with leading Course Director of the day, Theresa Simpson, who quickly took him under her wing and mentored him to success. A then newly qualified PADI Open Water Instructor, Jamie couldn't resist the pull of the ocean and soon afterwards took the plunge to take a sabbatical from UK policing and return to the Red Sea to work directly for Emperor Divers. “I still remember those early years,” Jamie reflects, “great memories of the excitement of working in a busy dive industry in Hurghada, resounding with the same clarity as the magical visibility of the Red Sea itself!”

Jamie's life story, however, went on to take the guise of many twists and turns including a comprehensive service with the British Army as a higher committed Reservist working all over the world before being subjected to the ultimate physiological and psychological downfall that a human being could possibly sustain. In the summer of 2007, little did Jamie realise that an epic life-changing accident was on the horizon.

A catastrophic injury, sustained during his training to be a pilot, left him with 60% third-degree burns to his body, severe tissue scarring and internal injuries; Jamie was given only a 5% chance of survival. Undergoing over 60 operations, he was able to pull through only by the skin of his teeth but, for Jamie, life as he knew it was over, “I couldn’t see a life beyond injury, I couldn’t see that road ahead. Physically, I felt I was done for.”

Ultimately however, Jamie never gave up and after many years of pain and discomfort, he went on to further project himself in a range of challenging events and endeavours, always going a little further to achieve his goals and in doing so, helping to support others.

“Following on from the ethos of my former Regiment 21 SAS, I always try to continue to live by those values and, in particular, the 'individual pursuit of excellence'.  By way of example, I've continually followed my passion for scuba diving as a vehicle for benefitting my own recovery and rehabilitation from the burns injury. Over many years, I've worked very hard with the diving and recently certified as a PADI Course Director. It's such an amazing sport, which has helped me enormously on the long road to a stronger recovery. One of my goals now is to continue working with others to enable them to fulfil their career ambitions within the dive industry.” 

Excitedly going back to his roots with Emperor Divers, Jamie recently delivered a diving expedition for several UK veterans, training them on a range of PADI courses and using the Blue Brothers’ Emperor Divers dive centre in the stunning marina at El Gouna. 

“Having previously used the efficient and reliable services of UK-based Diverse Travel, I was very impressed with the whole organisation of my recent dive trip to the Red Sea with Emperor Divers. In all sincerity, for anyone looking to organise any kind of dive trip around the world, the booking and administration of Diverse Travel always delivers as smoothly as a well-balanced regulator at 40 metres!”

“The expedition I ran was indeed a great success, supported by the enthusiastic and diligent staff at Emperor Divers’ marina shop including a highly competent captain and crew of the Emperor Pegasus dive boat. As a Course Director, I genuinely recommend the top service Emperor provides for divers of all levels. What's more, as for the diving in the Red Sea, I can still see the magic down there; with all the beauty, clarity and warmth there ever was!”

By Jamie Hull – PADI CD #109809





Emperor Divers


We are having a bit of a tidy up of our Facebook pages.

Facebook Emperor Divers will now be our main official page where we will share content not only from the Red Sea, but from Emperor Maldives and Emperor Indonesia too.

Our diving centres and luxury liveaboards in the Maldives, our sailing schooners in Indonesia and, of course, our original diving centres and fabulous boats in Egypt.

It's your main way to keep in contact with us and we promise to be there for you giving you up to date information, answering your questions and sharing a smile along the way.



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Up to 28% off! Serious savings to be enjoyed for everyone!

Save up to €515 / £455 - 7 nights in Indonesia

Save up to €480 / £429 - 7 nights in the Maldives

Save up to €300 / £270 - 7 nights in the Red Sea

Happy, happy diving!



Watch as Emperor Raja Laut sails right in front of Sangeang Volcano with its Hot Rocks dive sites (we'll be bringing you the underwater video soon).


Sangeang video


» Discover Indonesia, Emperor Raja Laut and Emperor Harmoni here

1 good reason to book with Emperor Indonesia

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Our pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE. The price you see is the price you pay!

When you’re shopping around, make sure you check the small print for any extras to be paid on board your liveaboard such as Park and Port fees, fuel surcharges and taxes. These fees can range from €150 - €250 per person.

Remember, with us it’s all included so no nasty surprises for you.

You're welcome!





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