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There’s no need to repeat how unprecedented the Covid 19 pandemic is. The effects are everywhere. We’d like to thank those guests who have been affected by the travel chaos for their understanding and patience and to our many friends who have sent their best wishes.
We will get through this. The Emperor family have all stepped up to ensure we’ll be there to provide you with some great diving in the future. We’re all uncertain about when “normal” will return but we all know it will. So, we understand there is no way anyone wants to pay a deposit for a holiday when they can’t be sure it’ll happen as planned.
Our solution is to let you hold spaces on our boats for FREE – no deposit, just an agreement to be fair with each other.
Contact us either at or via your favourite dive travel operator and we’ll hold any date from 01 July 2020 onwards – no deposit required. Once the travel bans are lifted and “normal“ service returns, we’ll ask you to pay our low deposit of EUR 200 / GBP 180 / USD 250 per person and then the final balance at the normal time. Should you decide you can’t travel as planned, then no harm done, we’ll just cancel your place and hope to be of service to you at some other time.
Because our lives have been “paused” by Covid 19, many 2020 bookings have re-booked for late 2020 and into 2021: we hope this offer helps you plan ahead and hold your place with no risk.
We're aware that travel restrictions imposed by governments to contain COVID 19 are making it difficult for our guests to plan their trips. We have therefore decided to temporarily amend our cancellation conditions. For all new bookings, the following applies with immediate effect:
If travel restrictions are implemented by your local, Egyptian, Maldivian or Indonesian governments due to COVID 19 (Corona virus) causing you to be unable to travel then the following will apply:
  1. Any new booking that is made for travel between 10 March and 30 April is affected you will be allowed to cancel and get a full refund.
  2. Any new booking that is made for travel between 01 May and 30 June is affected you will be allowed to cancel or be rebooked free of charge up to 14 days before arrival.

Komodo - So much more than great diving

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By Florent Delente

Around Komodo, Sangeang Volcano with its Hot Rocks dive site is a must see. As Emperor Raja Laut sails nearby you can admire this almost 2,000 metre-high smoking volcano. The village of Bonto is located in a stunning bay with the black sand area being one of the best spots for a world-class night dive. Many critters inhabit these rich waters; cuttlefish, octopus, bobtail squid, tiny frogfish as well as many different types of nudibranch and other invertebrates.

Sangeang Volcano

Harmini Build 1.jpeg


The 800 km tow from Kendari to Serangan in Bali was uneventful with John and his team eager to get started on the internal fit-out.  As you can see from the pictures she is making good progress. Fitting the twin engines, something that is unusual here in Indonesia, went well. Our diary log of photos shows Romain and his team preparing the hull for that final touch of class  that Emperor Harmoni will become known for.

Here’s an interesting point we’d like to share about the sourcing of the wood being used to fit-out Harmoni. Rightly, the Indonesian government has placed restrictions on deforestation especially for Iron Wood, and Teak, so it became clear we’d face a shortage trying to complete the build. Luckily the idea of recycling was put to us by our local contacts in Kendari who suggested they had a win-win solution. They knew of some old derelict wooden houses that we could buy from the village allowing them to build new usable properties. A deal was struck and we dismantled two derelict houses creating about 20 cubic metres of Teak in the process, which will be used for walls and decking giving a beautiful golden glow. All parties happy with their individual win and a great way to recycle such a strong and solid wood type that is already aged.

More to come as we progress with the build.


Harmoni Build 2.jpeg



Harmoni Arrival in Bali 2.jpeg


Harmoni build person.jpg



Liveaboard offers

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Red Sea - SAVE UP TO 25%

17/01 - 24/01 | Emperor Elite | Get Wrecked | SAVE €270 / £232
Now €799 / £687

23/01 - 30/01 | Emperor Echo | South & St Johns | SAVE €200 / £172
Now €749 / £644


Maldives - SAVE UP TO 15%

01/02 - 08/02| Emperor Leo | South Central | SAVE €350 / £300
Now €1895 / £1629

02/02 - 09/02 | Emperor Virgo | South Central | SAVE €400 / £345
Now €1795 / £1544


Indonesia - SAVE UP TO 10%

26/01 - 02/02| Emperor Raja Laut| Raja Ampat | SAVE €300 / £258
Now €2640 / £2270


» Click here for more offers: Red Sea | Maldives | Indonesia

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Dive Shows Galore! We're all over the place

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Paris Dive Show
10-13 January 2020
Who's there? Fabien, JT

InterDive Frankfurt
15 - 19 January 2020
Halle 11.1 Stand E25
Who's there? Chris, Alex

BOOT Düsseldorf
18-26 January 2020
Halle 12, Stand F35 (shared with Sun+Fun)
Who's there? Alex, Clare, Chris, Nino


Would you like more information?



Black Friday Offers to brighten your day!

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Offers open TODAY
28 November and close Monday 2 December


Red Sea

Match cheap flights to Hurghada with a Red Sea Liveaboard

Go South with EMPEROR ECHO
16 - 23 January 2020
Was €949 / £820 / $1045
Now €749 / £645 / $825
SAVE €200 / £175 / $220

Head North with EMPEROR ELITE
17 - 24 January 2020
Was €1069 / £920 / $1176
Now €849 / £730 / $935
SAVE €220 / £190 / $240

Top Tip: Flight Match Option
January is the cheapest time of the year for flights and dive sites are at their quietest. Take advantage of one of these two sailings and get yourself some winter diving and sun. Daytime air temperature is in the mid-twenties; water temperature is still around 22 degrees and there's a good chance we will have many of the dive sites all to ourselves.



Last minute pre-Christmas Break

The Best of Maldives with EMPEROR LEO
14 - 21 December 2019
Was €1799 / £1560 / $1979
Now €1499 / £1290 / $1649
SAVE €300 / £270 / $330

Top Tip: Flight Match Option
Oman Air has a flight sale on right now. We've seen Oman Air become a fierce competitor for scheduled flights to the Maldives. Or take a look at the ever popular Turkish Airlines for excellent regional departures all over Europe and the UK.



Nothing but the best in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat North & Central with EMPEROR RAJA LAUT
21 - 28 April 2020 (7 nts)
Was €2940 / £2529 / $3235
Now €2490 / £2140 / $2740
SAVE €450 / £390 / $495

Top Tip: Flight Match Option
Use Jakarta from the US or Europe.
Arrive in Jakarta for a connecting flight to Sorong with Garuda Indonesia. Stay a night in Sorong at the Swiss-Belhotel before joining Emperor Raja Laut.
Or consider adding a land-based resort + dive stay. Try Sorong with Meridian Adventure Dive Resort or fly from Sorong to Manado to North Sulawesi for a stay in Lembeh (Bitung) for critters galore.


Bucket List and Dragons in Komodo & Maumere, Indonesia

Komodo & Maumere with EMPEROR RAJA LAUT
21 - 30 September 2020 (9 nts)
Was €3330 / £2865 / $3665
Now €2830 / £2435 / $3110
SAVE €500 / £430 / $555

Top Tip: Flight Match Option
Use Jakarta or Bali from the US and Europe.
Arrive in Jakarta or Bali for a connecting flight to Labuan Bajo with Garuda Indonesia. Stay a night in Labuan Bajo at La Prima Hotel before joining Emperor Raja Laut.
Or how about adding a land-based resort and stay in Maumere a little longer then fly back via Jakarta or take a trip across to Bali and a stay in Ubud before returning home from there.


  • Offers open 28th November and close Monday 2 December
  • Subject to availability


Call our Reservations Team and book today.

Phone: (+20) 122 234 0995
UK callers: 0203 695 097
Send us a message or Live Chat at



Focus on Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Emperor Raja Ampat Island _ GoingEpicPlaces (Medium).jpg


7 & 9 night trips
- December to May -

Now is the time to plan your lifetime dive trip to Indonesia's Raja Ampat. World renowned for being the epicentre of marine biodiversity, it would be possible to dive for weeks and weeks without seeing the same sites twice.

Our 9 night cruises take in sites in the Northern, Central and Southern Sections of the National Park. Whereas the 7 night cruises visit the Northern and Central Sections.

» Discover so much more here



Komodo Island will be remaining open to everyone

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0918 Komodo dragon beach people (Medium).jpg


Here's some good news from Indonesia! Komodo Island will be remaining open to everyone. Indonesian authorities are working with all the parties involved to make sure the most sustainable practices are observed.

Tourism  has increased over the past few years but regular surveys have shown this hasn’t had a detrimental effect on those living on Komodo Island nor the Komodo dragons.

Emperor Indonesia welcomes this development and continues to be a leading player in helping to protect the environment and support the local population where possible.

Discover more about diving Komodo here



komodo2 Giancarlo Monti.jpg

Well ignore them because they're wrong!

You can still dive this amazing place with Emperor Raja Laut and get to see Komodo dragons without paying any extra. It's only Komodo Island that this refers to; you can still see dragons at nearby Rinca and dive all the Komodo sites with us.

Indonesia is a wonderful place to visit and there's more to it than the diving. You can sightsee, drink in the vista, relax on a fantastic liveaboard, walk, climb, see the wildlife and snorkel, swim and smile.

» Discover Indonesia, Emperor Raja Laut and Emperor Harmoni here



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