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Dolphin delights at Marsa Alam, Elphinstone

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Enjoy this beautiful video of dolphins by the boat, Isa, with the Marsa Alam team on the way to Elphinstone recently.

Guests also saw a hammerhead and grey reef shark and divers taking a third dive of the day had Dyson the dugong swim past them on Farsha Sahab. It was dive guide, Boody's, really lucky day - and our guests were rather happy too!

There are many ways to get to Elphinstone with us; either privately guided, on a course such as Drift Speciality or even AOW dives.

Email us and join us soon.


Dolphin video


» Watch those dolphins right here

Emperor Atoll's Mola Mola video

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0116 mola mola 3 from Atoll.jpg

We have more on the sighting of Mola Mola from Emperor Atoll!
A short video showing the 'celebrity guest' in action. Happy diving guests aboard our amazingly good value liveaboard were amazed and delighted to have shared such an experience.
Emperor Atoll is a fabulous 'divers' boat as she takes no more than 12 guests on board and has two guides to assist with divers. And, like all Emperor boats, she offers free Nitrox.

Emperor Atoll guests see Mola Mola in the Maldives

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Emperor Atoll guests were thrilled to see an unusual sight in the Maldives...Mola Mola! And all from this amazingly good value liveaboard!

0116 mola mola from Atoll.jpg     0116 mola mola 3 from Atoll.jpg    0116 mola mola 2 from Atoll.jpg

Whale sharks, mantas and teeming marine life is sort of expected on Emperor Atoll trips but to see Mola Mola was the icing on the cake for happy Atoll guests.

"She's a great boat. Not too big and with a fab crew and you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy the Maldives and all it has to offer - not least the diving," beamed one happy guest.

Discover more on our Maldives diving here - and it could be you marvelling at the gifts of the Indian Ocean.



Bid for a magical Maldives liveaboard

Fancy a Maldives liveaboard holiday?

Bid for it! We share your love of the seas and oceans and are always happy to support ocean conservation.

Along with Diverse Travel, we've donated to the Sea Save Foundation fundraising auction. Get your bids in knowing it goes to a good cause and you could be enjoying a seven night 'Best of the Maldives' dive trip aboard brand new MV Emperor Serenity.

» Bid here today!

What happens in Egypt, stays in Egypt?

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14th-21st May 2015
35 Dugong-swimming at marsa M 03.jpg
Fascinating report by dive guide, Anke Westerlaken on Emperor Asmaa. Read it and you'll be transported... 
Special thanks to Bart Adema for sharing his video. All shown pictures are clippings from his videos (more to follow). 
As summer is warming Egypt’s Red Sea, life is more abundant every week with beauty in both deep and shallow waters. From white tips in caverns, to turtles on the top of Radirs Reef. Dolphins sleeping around our safari boat and a zebra shark at 24 metres at Serenaka south. Or what about hunting Murray eels or a dugong feeding on see grass. As unbelievable as it sounds, this is the beautiful life of Egypt’s Red Sea visited by Emperors liveaboard, Asmaa.



Supporting Project AWARE

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We were happy to support PADI's Project AWARE at the NEC Dive Show and here we are in the latest issue of Sport Diver!

Theresa Simpson, Director of Emperor Divers, is seen here giving the fabulous prize of a diving holiday to the Maldives with Emperor Maldives to surprised but delighted winner, Bethan Paice. 

Sport Diver Article Project Aware-jpg.jpg


If you'd like to dive the Maldives, then follow this link and enjoy a good old browse!

Dolphins delight Red Sea divers

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0214 dolphins viedo.jpg

Ready for some warming WOW factor?

Watch this skin-tingly video of a large pod of playful dolphins in our remarkable Red Sea.

And you get Mr David Bowie's music adding to the experience.

Lucky, lucky, lucky. Enjoy!

Click here now, sit back and smile.

Douglas & the Dugong: the making of a Cover Story

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Read Luke's truly moving article on the positive affect Dyson the Dugong had on top American marine journalist, Douglas D Seifert, and how Luke, Douglas and their top contacts are hoping to bring change to protect this magical creature.

Douglas & Dugong; the Making of a Cover Story
by Luke Atkinson, Marsa Alam Dive Centre Manager

It all started with a Bintang. Gary Ball, the previous manager of Emperor Divers Marsa Alam had been talking to a photojournalist over a glass of the local beer in Lembeh Cottages, Indonesia, who had been struggling to photograph dugongs in the wild. Gary knew of my own particular struggles with the local specimens of Marsa Alam, and also the fact that I had managed to learn enough about the whereabouts and habits of one individual that I had created a PADI Speciality all about him. He put us in touch. 5,000 emails and one revolution later, it was on – Douglas D Seifert, veteran American columnist from Dive magazine was coming over, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor. August 30, 2012
By V1xy, UK

"We did the dolphin day trip and it was amazing. We got to swim above the dolphin pod (with their calf) and watch them jumping out of the water.

Dolphins_snorkeller free copyright mr Jon Thorne.JPGThe guides were brilliant, and gave us a wonderful experience, as well as being taken to a reef to see more underwater life. I would highly recommend Emperor Divers as they are so conscious of the well being of the dolphins and the reefs and are very knowledgable about all the wildlife. I was so disappointed to see huge boats with crowds of tourists on them screaming and shouting at the sight of dolphins and watching the boats chase the dolphins just for the tourists to get their 'fix'.

Emperor Divers use a small boat and are always putting the dolphins first, not chasing them but anticipating their movements so they swim past the boat...or you in the water if you are lucky enough! Please choose this company and not one of the big boats, you might not get a bar on the boat but it's about the wildlife and being respectful to our planet and these guys are great! Thank you everyone at Emperor Divers for such a wonderful trip!"

Join the Oceans Red Sea team in El Gouna on the Dolphin Trip.

(Photo: Jon Thorne)

Emperor supports HEPCA Earth Day

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0412 hepca earth day.jpgIn support of HEPCA Earth Day and Beach Clean up on Sunday 22 April, each of our dive centres will be organising its own clean up for guests who want to take part.

Details of how you can get involved will be provided by your dive centre locally - so do ask and help to make a difference.



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