30 Years in 30 Weeks

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Emperor Divers has its 30th anniversary this year so, as part of the celebrations, we will take you through our history chronologically with #30yearsin30weeks.

Starting today, at the very beginning, every Tuesday for the next 30 weeks we will move a year forward in time and take you through the amazing history of your favourite dive company.

A lot of Sakaras have been drunk in the past three decades so there are a few hazy memories. Forgive us if we make any mistakes by a year or so. It’s a bit of fun and should be mostly correct, but it’s not scripture!

So to 1992 - the year Emperor Divers was founded.

Jim & Terry

Terry and Theresa Simpson were introduced to Jim Yanny and Andy Telford at the UK Dive Show in the Olympia, and the partnership was formed.

The initial tanks, compressors and equipment were bought immediately after at Mike’s Dive Store in London and sent by container to Egypt.

It arrived late in 1992, and the founders moved with it to Egypt, in preparation to set up what would be the very first Emperor Divers centre in Hurghada. 

As we go progress through our history please share your pictures and memories of the special times you have had with us. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or you can email us on pred@emperordivers.com. We would love to hear from you.

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» 1993
» 1994


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