Emperor Harmoni's story continues ... she arrives in Bali where she is now taking shape

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Harmini Build 1.jpeg


The 800 km tow from Kendari to Serangan in Bali was uneventful with John and his team eager to get started on the internal fit-out.  As you can see from the pictures she is making good progress. Fitting the twin engines, something that is unusual here in Indonesia, went well. Our diary log of photos shows Romain and his team preparing the hull for that final touch of class  that Emperor Harmoni will become known for.

Here’s an interesting point we’d like to share about the sourcing of the wood being used to fit-out Harmoni. Rightly, the Indonesian government has placed restrictions on deforestation especially for Iron Wood, and Teak, so it became clear we’d face a shortage trying to complete the build. Luckily the idea of recycling was put to us by our local contacts in Kendari who suggested they had a win-win solution. They knew of some old derelict wooden houses that we could buy from the village allowing them to build new usable properties. A deal was struck and we dismantled two derelict houses creating about 20 cubic metres of Teak in the process, which will be used for walls and decking giving a beautiful golden glow. All parties happy with their individual win and a great way to recycle such a strong and solid wood type that is already aged.

More to come as we progress with the build.


Harmoni Build 2.jpeg



Harmoni Arrival in Bali 2.jpeg


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