NEW Red Sea route. North & Easy and perfect for non-divers too!

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New Red Sea itinerary: North & Easy


North & Easy
(from Hurghada | May to September)
Sha'ab El Erg - Ras Mohamed - Straits of Tiran - Dunraven - SS Thistlegorm - Straits of Gubal

Discount for non-divers: €150 per person.

Designed to showcase some of the highlights of the Northern Red Sea at a relaxed pace whether diving or snorkelling, it's ideal for both divers and non-divers. It's also the best time of year for dolphin spotting and the world class fish schooling event at Ras Mohamed.

We spend more time moored at each location and less time travelling from dive site to dive site; perfectly designed for the divers who like to take things easy, the photo enthusiasts looking for more dive time to capture that perfect photo opportunity or for non-divers looking to soak up the scenery, both below and above the water.

» Lots more information here

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