Emperor Harmoni, the build continues Ancient traditions and extreme recycling to improve local lives

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Continuing our series following Emperor Harmoni's story, we move to Sulawesi Tenggara (southeast Sulawesi) where Pak Haji Wahab sources Sulawesi Ironwood, named for its incredible density and strength, which creates a resistance to rot and, every boat owner's nightmare, termites.


Emperor Harmoni


Here on a remote beach two hours' drive through jungle and nickel mines from the nearest domestic airport in Kendari, Pak Haji Wahab sets to work using skills and traditions passed down verbally from generation to generation for hundreds of years to build the 48m hull that is the foundation for Emperor Harmoni.

Once the hull is complete and chalked, the decks are laid and the frame for the superstructure and cabins are built from the same Sulawesi Ironwood, lending even further strength to this magnificent vessel.

Recycled teak for a good cause! Dor the interior and exterior walls, the Emperor team sourced 50 year old teak wood from derelict houses in Sulawesi Tenggara, helping the owners to build a modern insulated home whilst allowing Emperor Harmoni to be built using recycled teak. Teak is famous for aging well into a handsome grey, as well as for its strength and durability.

Our next instalment will see how she moves 800 nautical miles to Bali ready for her fit out. No mean feat building these super liveaboards but so very worth it.

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