Komodo National Park and dive sites are OPEN!

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If you have seen posts on the web saying Komodo dive sites are closed, they’re wrong!

You can still dive this amazing place with Emperor Raja Laut. It’s only Komodo Island that’s closed so you can still see dragons at nearby Rinca and dive all the Komodo sites with us.

And the good news for divers is that because of the new regulations, fewer boats mean fewer divers so an even more enjoyable experience with more marine life.

Indonesia is a wonderful place to visit for a mix of holiday memories. And there’s more to it than the diving.

You can sightsee, you can drink in the vista, you can relax on a fantastic liveaboard, you can walk, you can climb, you can see the wildlife and you can snorkel, swim and smile.

It’s not only about diving, although it’s pretty special in these parts of the world. Both Emperor Raja Laut and Emperor Harmoni make excellent ‘non-diver cruise’ holidays.

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