"I have never found a team like the one you have here in the Maldives."

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Carlos Fernández Arco
Recent guest to Emperor Divers Laamu, Reveries Diving Village

I was supposed to be travelling for business to Australia but the schedule was broken and, once in Singapore, I had to re-schedule my trip (still heading to Sri Lanka, Philippines and Morocco) and took the chance to visit my suppliers in the Maldives.

In Himmafushi I realised that this was too good to just do the business visits and continue my trip (especially for a diver like me), so I decided to stay some days relaxing and diving, the thing I like the most in this life.

I did one dive in the other island which was really disappointing. Then I arrived at Emperor Divers Laamu, Gan, Reveries Diving Village and all changed.

I have dived in many places (had license since 1994) and believe me that I have never found a team like the one you have here in the Maldives. Both Adam and Sandeep are incredible people who really understand, not just about diving which they are very good at, but also the holistic concept of business and hosting guests. Believe me that it’s not something easy to find what you have here.

As an expat for 20 years and owner of businesses in several places around the world, I know the value of having good workers on which you can rely and which can help you earn money and sleep well. And the duet of Adam-Sandeep are those of that kind. Each one with his own character, embraces, teaches you, leads you and even sells you additional items! I was still an old style diver with just Regular Air and I was convinced in 10 seconds by Adam of the need to improve. He did it in a very sensible but luring way; good selling skills!

I never found such a good approach to diving like Adam’s. Serious, professional, kind and I would even call it with proper etiquette. His briefings are like master classes!

Sandeep is incredible how he provides the cool and relaxing atmosphere and gives you huge confidence to play well but within the rules and tasks. He’s charismatic and makes people keep a strong memory of the stay at the centre.

Thanks for the great experience and looking forward to meeting you again.

Carlos Fernández Arco


PS: Photos and new manta sightings!

Carlos 1 (Medium).jpgImmerse yourself in these fabulous photos by Adam Andrews, Baase Leader at Emperor Divers Laamu.

And what's more, the Manta Trust contacted us on seeing them and told us, "You spotted two beautiful mantas who are relatively new to our database. The first manta (left) is the same you saw on May 29th at Fushi Kandu. This male is featured in our partnership with the Carl F. Bucherer watch company so doesn't yet have a name. This is our first record of him anywhere besides Fushi Kandu! 


Carlos 2 (Medium).jpgThe second manta (right) is Faana, a female who has only been encountered a few times. These two mantas were actually both encountered for the first time on the same day (May 22nd, 2017) but during two different dives at Fushi Kandu. She's only been photographed six times, the last being in October at Hithadhoo Corner. 

Nicole's reference to Carl F Bucherer: Each manta in the partnership is engraved on a different watch. This manta hasn't been named yet and the person who buys the specific watch will be given the opportunity to name the manta.

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Welcome to Emperor Divers Laamu



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