Now is the time ... to dive Komodo National Park

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Komodo National Park

7 & 9 night trips
July to September

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World renowned for the excellent quality and variety of diving, water temperatures here change between the north and south of the Park and provide varied encounters. In the north we have the black sands of the Sangeang Volcano with its critters and bubble flows and the reefs around Gili Banta.

The south provides cooler temperatures with manta action and nutrient rich reefs with ocean flow from the Indian Ocean. The central section provides reefs and small islands teeming with life fed by the currents running between the islands of Komodo and Rinca.

Add to this the chance to see the famous Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat, beautiful beaches, look-outs to climb and you have a paradise both below and above the water.

1 - 8 August                      Emperor Raja Laut           £2227 / €2590
2 - 9 September                Emperor Raja Laut           £2003 /

There's a shark about!

Watch this video of a Reef Shark at Castle Rock, Komodo.


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