Meet more of our Maldives team, Nuria and Yaqui 'world class service'

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Continuing our Meet the Maldives Team, here's a warm welcome to Nuria Bufort Costa and Yaqui Mennes Pine. Find out a bit more about them and what turned their dream into reality.

"We are Nuria and Yaqui. With so much diving, we decided it was time for a change of scenery and started a new adventure in one of our favourite warm water destinations, the Maldives."

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Nobody says it better than those who have been there and done it. "world class service'. Direct from Feefo …

"The entire staff made our stay aboard the Emperor Serenity top notch! Every minute of every day was a pleasure. They went far above and beyond their duties. Shareef, Abusy, Haleem, Dhonbe, Chef John, Abdul, Raheem, Chattu and Madu were excellent as well as were our dive guides, Yaqui, Nuria, Tuna and Muaz! The dhoni crew, Saeedh, Nasir and Ameen were very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this trip to everyone! Thank you for your world class service!"


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