Eat, sleep, dive repeat. Liveaboard diving at its best

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Why choose a liveaboard? Let's IMAGINE right now!

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If you've tried liveaboard diving, chances are you know what makes it so special. If not, take a minute to sit back and imagine the following:

  • Imagine boarding a 100ft plus boat knowing you're about to join a small diving community and you won't set foot on land for a whole week.
  • Imagine knowing you'll complete between 18 and 24 dives, in multiple locations, over 6 days.
  • Imagine being in places so remote there are no emails, no standard phone signal, just you and nature.
  • Imagine virgin reefs and incredible wildlife that can only be seen by liveaboard divers.
  • Imagine diving a place that has got better and better year on year recently, including hammerhead schools of 30+.
  • Imagine waking up every day in a brand new place; the best dive sites in the Red Sea brought to your doorstep as if by magic.
  • Imagine the pure bliss of the Dive-Eat-Sleep-Repeat cycle.
  • Imagine a boat with 4 deck levels, air conditioned throughout, with sundecks, ensuite cabins, lounges, dive decks and large zodiac tenders to give you the ultimate diving and relaxing experience.
  • Imagine knowing that all dives, accommodation, food and soft drinks are included as part of your trip.
  • Imagine knowing you'll only set up your equipment once and that your tank will be refilled in between dives ready for the next one.
  • Imagine having an ice cold beer or cocktail at sunset after completing 3 or 4 dives every day, knowing that tomorrow you do it all again.

So there you go, your reasons for choosing liveaboard diving!

Why choose an Emperor liveaboard?

If you've ever dived with us, you'll know we set the standard for service and safety in the Red Sea. When you stay on a boat for a week you'll want to know that all is ship-shape and that you're in the best hands. Our liveaboards are fully licensed and insured to international standards as well as providing the service and professionalism you come to expect from our friendly team.

All our liveaboards:

  • are ensuite, even in standard cabins
  • guarantee same-sex cabin share
  • offer free Nitrox
  • serve free red wine at dinner
  • have international and USB charging points, hairdryers and 3 towels plus a bathrobe to help with your luggage allowance
  • provide 2 experienced guides per trip
  • help you with a customised booking process, with low deposit scheme, secured payments and diver friendly terms & conditions

    Discover so much more here.


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