When small is beautiful! Emperor Atoll review from Regaldive guest.

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The Emperor Atoll is a fine boat - we knew what to expect as we'd been on it last year. It's small and basic, but the food is lovely and the crew are great, which suits us fine.

Twelve divers means that there's less faff kitting up and fewer divers in the water. We get the impression that over the last few years operators have been moving towards bigger/more luxurious boats. To be honest, that's not what we're really looking for.

The small, basic end of things is good for us - and who actually needs a Jacuzzi after four hours in the water? We dived with Arif, who we'd also dived with last year, and he's one of my favourite dive guides - really nice and slow. Overall good diving with a couple of excellent manta encounters. 

So, overall, very satisfied! We'll probably be looking for something for Easter next year, so will be in touch shortly about that..."


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