Return to the Planet of the Sharks!

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Report from Emperor Elite by dive guides/astronauts Ana and Sergio

October 23rd 2015. 22 intrepid and brave astronauts, coming from the most remote places of the galaxy, joined in the greatest adventure of the century aboard the spatial cruiser, Elite, departed from Port Ghalib to explore the wonders of the Planet of the Sharks…    

Pilar and Hawksbil  turtle by Sergio.JPG

On the way our Mother Ship stopped at Ras Torombi asteroid to check the skills of the astronauts and materials for the mission. After successful tests nobody can stop this intrepid group in their adventure.   

Day 2 in the mission: We wake up at Little Brother with the space conditions completely quiet. Aboard our shuttles. the zodiacs, we head North to visit the cleaning station and the inhabitants of the planet welcome us with a shark’s festival. A group of grey reef sharks swim around and a thresher shark passes by to say hello, not bad for the first foray. For the second dive we visit the beautiful Gorgonians’ forest in the east side of the Little Brother and to finish the dive we had a special guest; an oceanic white tip shark AKA Longimanus who showed up to pose for our cosmic photographers! To finish the day in Little Brother we needed to move the spatial cruiser to the north due the cosmic wind. We jumped into the depths from Elite and explore again the cleaning station and the west face of the reef where some of us spotted a shy hammerhead in the distance. To say goodbye to Little Brother we had a last minute surprise. When we were about to jump into the shuttles, an oceanic white tip shark just came to say goodbye our astronauts. Time to move to Big Brother!

Day 3 in the mission: In our visit to Big Brother we paid a visit to the two space cruisers which rest in peace in the Big Brother’s asteroids belt: Numidia and Aida. The dwellers of this galaxy, the fusiliers, the barracudas, the surgeon fishes, the rainbow runners and all kind of creatures you can imagine are always willing to show up and pose for our cosmic photographers. Of course, we didn’t forget to explore the south plateau of Big Brother and our exploring foray couldn’t be more successful. We saw a couple of Thresher sharks, which stay with us for a while circling over the sacred hill of the Big Brother plateau! Lamentably our air reserves started being low and we needed to go back to Elite to refill our astronaut equipments.

Oceanic white tip shark by David Barrio.jpg

Days 4 & 5 in the mission: Daedalus is the biggest region of the planet of the sharks and we spent two days exploring thoroughly. This is the region of the hammerheads and they don’t keep us waiting long to show up. In the first exploring mission we enjoyed the company of a big family (at least 20) of these friendly beings. Five more missions here to see the giant coral, Nemo City, where these tiny and nice inhabitants always smile when the astronauts come around and the south plateau, which has also many things to offer to the explorers and where we made the last exploring mission in Daedalus.

Last day in the mission: To finish our adventure we head to Elphinstone asteroid. Is not easy diving in this region of the planet of the sharks but always worth it. For the first foray we head north, the cosmic current pushes us close. We speed back to Elite and on the way we can see tons of anthias and fusiliers, a bait ball of sardines and many different species of the galaxy. The second foray is over the south plateau of the asteroid where we spotted a turtle feeding on the galactic corals and to finish our visit, a curious group of oceanic white tip sharks come to us to check who we are. The mission is about to finish and on the way back to our headquarter Elite stopped at Marsa Shouna. A quiet galactic oasis where we can enjoy the hospitality of some huge dark spotted rays over 2m long in the seagrass field and explore the reef of the fishes where millions of different species lives in peace!

A perfect end for the biggest space adventure ever told.

We want to say thank you so much to our intrepid astronauts from different planets all over the galaxy. Italy, USA, Denmark, UK, Germany and a big group from the planet Ultima Frontera, which belongs to the galaxy Spain. It was wonderful have you on board of Elite this stellar week and visit with you the planet of the sharks.

Huge thanks to our fantastic commander Mahmoud. Taking us during long nights to the remote places of the solar system and mooring the spatial cruiser Elite always in the best spots. Thanks Capi! Thanks also to our magnificent and hard-working Crew: safe, professional, efficient and always smiling. Thank you guys, this would be impossible without you. Special thanks to Adel and David Barrio for contributing with their fantastic photos to our Facebook page.

Take care. Safe trip back home. We hope see you soon again. Hugs from the depths of the Red Sea!

Sergio & Ana

See more photos from the trip here.

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