Why low season in the Maldives is one of THE best times to travel!

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Dive the Maldives!

As you know, the travel industry splits the year into high and low season and prices accordingly. However, we divers might benefit from these seasonal prices if the diving on offer is good during the so called low season. The Maldives is one such place and the sightings our guests have experienced during 2015 confirm that diving between May to November, normally a time when flights and liveaboards are a bit cheaper, is, in fact one of the best times to travel.

Here's why...

It's the South West monsoon and water temperatures are around 28-29°C. The wind is from the South West and the current from the West (last stop Africa) making the best place to dive both Ari Atoll and North Male Atoll. Did someone say MANTAS? The reason it's a good time to see manta (and the odd whale shark) is the clean oceanic water that comes in from the west with the current.

This means the visibility on Ari Atoll is best at this time of year. The water temp is a tad lower, which results in sharks coming up a bit shallower. The pinnacles of Ari Atoll are also great at this time and, along with mantas (East Ari and Eastern side of Male Atolls), whale sharks (South Ari) we think May to November is a time you may wish to consider that dream trip but pay less for it as the airlines tend to be cheaper.

Dive the Maldives!

And the weather? Well it can be a bit more overcast so therefore fewer 'normal' tourists, which means less crowded dive sites and this year many a tan was created when relaxing between dives!

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