What happens in Egypt, stays in Egypt?

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14th-21st May 2015
35 Dugong-swimming at marsa M 03.jpg
Fascinating report by dive guide, Anke Westerlaken on Emperor Asmaa. Read it and you'll be transported... 
Special thanks to Bart Adema for sharing his video. All shown pictures are clippings from his videos (more to follow). 
As summer is warming Egypt’s Red Sea, life is more abundant every week with beauty in both deep and shallow waters. From white tips in caverns, to turtles on the top of Radirs Reef. Dolphins sleeping around our safari boat and a zebra shark at 24 metres at Serenaka south. Or what about hunting Murray eels or a dugong feeding on see grass. As unbelievable as it sounds, this is the beautiful life of Egypt’s Red Sea visited by Emperors liveaboard, Asmaa.



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