Happy New Year and Elite's 'end of season'

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Report by dive guides, Julian and Alaitz
Thanks to Nick and Karl for the photos - see them all on our Facebook page here
0115 shark elite new year.jpg
Here we are in our last trip of the year and last trip of this season 2014 before
our lovely Elite goes into dry dock for general maintenance. With a mixture of nationalities on board from Polish, Belgians, Canadians, Spanish, Malay, Dutch, Ukranian and British, we departed from Port Ghalib for our first dives before heading to Brother Islands. 
And couldn’t start better, a great day of diving around Torombi area, with amazing sights including a huge stonefish, plenty of scorpionfish, crocodilefish, pipefish and for few lucky ones - a dugong passing by next to the boat…whoop, whoop!
After this great warm-up we headed to Brothers to start with the Big One in our second day of the trip, where we spend one and a half days before moving to the Small One for another day and a half full of shark encounters, with plenty of Longimanus, having one next to the boat after every single dive, grey reef sharks, hammerheads and lucky close encounters with thresher sharks. But if we have to describe a ‘king’ of this area we should say are the cornetfish, covering the whole extension of this island’s walls and totally used to the divers, usually getting up close to hide next to us while waiting to surprise its prey.
Already in our fifth day we woke up at Salem Express, where we had a relaxed morning dive along this 100m ferry lying at 30m over the starboard side. We completed the day at Panorama Reef with a huge and funny stonefish (had all the area below his mouth full of green algae) and Gota Abu Ramada to end the day with one of the greatest encounters of this week. Our twin boat, Superior which came to sleep next to us and share this special New Year’s Eve, celebrated by everybody at the Superior sundeck with music and nonstop dance and a night dive at midnight for the ones who handle this last hours of 2014 without alcohol. Two Spanish Dancers joined our underwater celebrations, followed with more music and dancing at Elite’s sundeck.
We leave behind a year full of great experiences and new friends and looking forward to welcoming you back or getting to know you in the next one. Happy 2015 for everybody! 
Congratulations to Karl for fully achieving the requirements for his Deep Speciality and to Nick from Canada who, in his second trip in a row, logged his 100 dives on board. 
Creature of the Year – DIVER – This cryptic creature usually gathers in groups of two or more specimens with a big difference between individuals, colours displayed, behavior. Usually harmless and respectful with the rest of underwater life and, if not, can quickly be re-educated, there is really little we know about them when they aren’t visiting the underwater world and it’s believed their social and mating rituals occur mainly on land. This is a species to be treated with care and checked out properly before approaching as, whilst underwater, they have been seen to project powerful light beams in what appears to be a communication display. See photo…

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