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Marsa Alam - Crowne Plaza Special Offer

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01/11/2014 – 25/12/2014

0511 crowne plaza sahara oasis MA.jpg

7 nights in a twin/double room on half board basis including 3 days diving* and return airport transfers from €405 / £324.

With an enviable waterfront location, the Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands caters to all tastes with a range of restaurants, private beaches and vibrant décor.

Situated in the heart of Port Ghalib and close to the Marina and Emperor's dive centre, this is a great choice for both diving and relaxation.

Discover more here!



*1 day unlimited unguided house reef diving + 2 days’ boat diving

Transfers are to/from Marsa Alam airport

Valid during above travel dates, on half board basis and standard garden view only

A compulsory Christmas Eve Gala Dinner (24/12/2014) will be charged at €55 / £44 will be added.

Please email reservations@emperordivers.com for single and triple room rates or for additional diving services.


Emperor Divers Maldives - come and join us

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Did you know? The Maldives is one of the most appealing dive destinations in the world with its relaxed atmosphere, year-round warm water and sightings of great pelagics. Its rich marine life teems around the coral reefs where you will find schools of fish, sharks, mantas and rays with regular appearances by playful dolphins.

Maldives mantas 3.png

Thanks to its 26 atolls, the diving is diverse with channel dives attracting marine life from the deep to fast drift diving. Whale sharks and grey reef sharks are common sights or see the manta rays coming in to be cleaned!
Now add to that the happy choice of routes and it makes perfect sense to make the Maldives a 'must dive' destination in 2015 (or earlier!)

Choose Emperor Atoll or Emperor Voyager for super liveaboard diving or, if you prefer a resort, the small and welcoming Casa Mia Resort is just for you.

Report by Sonia Goggel
Thank you to Svein, Jonas, and Dave and Caz for these wonderful photos.

See all the photos on our Facebook page, click here

Thistlegorm_Bow, diver & fish by Jonas.JPG

One of the big bonuses of working as a dive guide is not only diving lots, but also meeting longtime friends again and making new ones.  Seeing Matt, Sean and the two Steves again after two years was wonderful. Also meeting their kids and seeing Steve all grown up was equally fantastic, especially as I also learnt to dive with my Dad, and know how awesome it is to share the magic of the underwater world with family. With them came a large group of friends, all from Britain. Also on board Superior were two Swedes, two Russians, a famous Polish videographer and my friend Svein from Norway, who will stay with us for three weeks.

To dive as many wrecks as we could manage was our honorable quest, and lucky we were, as we had glorious weather to do so, at least for the first half of the trip. As Martyn kept telling me, “It is all about PMA, Positive Mental Attitude,” and there was lots of that all week, all around, on Superior.

We ticked off the weather dependent wrecks early in the week, taking advantage of flat seas. After a great visibility check dive on Poseidon Reef, Carnatic was our first heavy metal immersion. For “Spanner” Sam, Poseidon Reef was his first dive with more than half a metre visibility, and his eyes were as large as dinner plates. He found it “almost unreal” … oops, guess Matt will have a hard time dragging him back into a quarry dry suit dive ;-) He is a definite Red Sea convert now.

Chrisoula was next and then we moored onto the Giannis D directly, as the weather was so flat, and enjoyed both wrecks almost on our own, which was a great bonus. The engine room of the Giannis D is again filled with glassfish of all sizes and copper sweepers, and the light was ever so beautiful mid-morning. We even had a pod of bottlenose dolphins playing around the boat after breakfast, so, of course, we played with them.

Ulysses was next, inhabited by gorgeous purple Flabellina nudis and covered in soft corals and territorial sergeant majors, always a stunning dive, and highly weather dependent. After a critter rich night dive at the Barge, the always glorious Rosalie Moller was next. The Rosalie is simply magnificent: Amazing atmosphere, schools of crescent-tail big eyes, glassfish and cardinalfish all over, torpedo rays, many shrimps, peppered morays, schools of jacks. Of course, that aft mast is simply perfect, with its very long and lush purple soft corals, schooling cleaner shrimps, and covered in glassfish, cardinalfish and silversides … you could spend the whole dive just there. My teeth are now much cleaner after a thorough oral hygiene by a horde of those aft mast cleaner shrimps.

A very smooth crossing of the shipping channel took us to the Sinai side, where we all enjoyed diving on the Dunraven. Very clear visibility and a swift drift took almost everybody back to the Superior, no zodiac taxis needed. Ras Mohamed in the morning had just the right current going around Shark Reef and Yolanda to open up the lush and perfect soft corals and activate the orange clouds of anthias … simply one of my all-time huge favorites!  The venerable Lady Thistlegorm was next, and nobody would have less than four dives on her, so four dives we did, mostly with good visibility and not too much current, there is always so much to discover. Neil even found his one pound Sterling note from 1978 and … the blue treasure box was luckily found by Matt … what a relief!

As currents and waves were running high, we skipped the Kingston and went straight for a lovely reef dive at Siyul Kebir, followed by Shaabruhr Um Gamar, where we found two very impressive stonefish having a tete-a-tete, one purple and one covered with algae.  After a quick and beautiful drift along Little Giftun’s east side, we spent the rest of the day on wrecks again, the El Mina and the glassfish-filled fishing boat nearby, making all wreck lovers happy.

Dear Wreck, Fish and “Flowers” Friends, it was a blast to share the Red Sea and the Superior hospitality with you! We hope you had at least as much fun as we did, and hopefully even more ;-)

Thank you, again, to Svein, Jonas, and Dave and Caz, for contributing photos to our Facebook page.

Shoukran gezilan to our dear Captain Ahmed Omran and to his superb Superior Crew for making all these wreck dives possible and for bringing us back again safely. It is simply magic working with you!

Hope to see you all again SOON! Take care and happy bubbles! Remember to keep getting up at 5.30 am … because it seems to work so well … Brieeeeeeeeefing time!

Fat sea hugs

"Spectacular South Red Sea –
big animals in Marsa and the virgin reefs of Hamata"

Ocean Theatre 2

Luke Atkinson"Focusing on my almost-six years' experience of working and diving in the South Red Sea, this talk will look at both the land based and daily diving perspective. Great graphics will lead the way, with lots of photos of the kinds of big animals you can encounter in my hometown of Marsa Alam, and of the amazing reefs and wrecks of our newest centre down in the deep South of Hamata.

There will be some short videos, anecdotes and a lot of information on how to get here, when to come and where to stay in order to get the best Red Sea hotel based holiday possible. I hope plenty of Emperor guests will show up, with or without rotten fruit and witty heckles, to reminisce about great encounters, learn more about the next trip with us, or simply to take the mickey!

In case that's not enough incentive, there will also be Emperor freebies including all the pictures from the presentation so you can use them to tempt dive buddies to holiday with you – or just to pretty up your PC screensaver.

There's also a digital voucher for a FREE DIVE on your next trip - and you can share it with your Facebook friends.

Oh, and I fully intend to run over the half hour because blue o two are on straight after and you'd rather listen to me, right?"

A small selection of Luke's photos...

Photo by LukePhoto by LukePhoto by LukePhoto by LukePhoto by Luke


Taki and Tracy

by Tracy Leverett, Marsa Alam
“Taki, from Marsa Alam, and I, Saad from Sharm El Sheikh and Paul and Tiger from El Gouna gathered in El Gouna for our training course and spent an enjoyable three days with the IDDA staff.
We spent the first day in the classroom looking at the theory and learning that the only prerequisite to diving was a doctor’s clearance, after that the only assessment is how to get our guests diving! We looked at how to cater for people with disabilities and medical considerations from diabetics to the visually impaired to quadriplegics.
In the pool we learnt how to assess people, get them comfortably in the water, how to manage and maintain contact with the divers and generally adapting our existing teaching skills to cater for individual needs.
Our two teaching assistants were both in wheelchairs; one an amputee and the other paralysed from the waist down, so we learnt a broad range of realistic and practical techniques. We used Abu Tigue Marina to learn how to manoeuvre and 10676163_684862498265171_4093504306400779608_n.jpgnavigate all types of obstacles – bridges, steps, kerbs, pavements and even the beach, all of which opened our eyes as to how much needs to be thought through outside of the diving itself.
Our last day we spent out on the dive boat for two dives; the first was a training exercise dealing with a diver’s first time in the water (try dives, open water dives), learning holds, control and ascent and descent techniques, which we had previously practiced in the pool. The second dive was buddying up with one of the teaching assistants as a qualified diver, and being their buddy both in and out of the water.
The practical applications were very enjoyable and at times intense; we had a lot of fun working as teams. Many obstacles were encountered during the three days but with the ID
DA professional staffs’ guidance and experience we solved them quickly. As IDDA instructors we are now able to audit our dive centres to make them more disabled-friendly and implement the changes needed to accomplish this. We can conduct 'Try Dives' for therapy and offer continuing education for certified divers to rescue through to dive masters with the IDDA programme.
Our thanks to our instructors who were fun and yet so very professional. We look forward to welcoming our first disabled divers and sharing our skills – and fun!”



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