Emperor Superior hosts Tekkies & Rekkies on North safari

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Superior's dive guide, Sonia Goggel, shares the joys of yet another happy trip ...


A brimming photo album is on our Facebook page here. Our thanks to Frederico Pereiram, Sara and Carlos for these simply fabulous photos.


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With our dive deck densely occupied by oxygen and helium tanks, twin sets and bail-outs, we moved up north for some technical diving. Cat and Chris from Tekstreme, in charge of technical diving and courses, had six disciples with them. I was the lucky guide of the very VIP number of five recreational divers. Luckier even, they were all excellent divers. Looking very promising, we headed up to Um Gamar Island for our first tek and rec diving.

The tek group consisted of British, Swiss and Dutch divers; my recreational group of five was a mini UN, again: Spanish, Portuguese, British and Australian. We were all one tank bubblers except for Ricky, the Australian, who had just finished his rebreather course with Cat.

Going slowly, we explored the soft coral and glassfish pinnacle of Um Gamar and enjoyed the anthias swimming in the current, and some really large free-swimming morays.

After a great Gubal Barge night dive, we did Bluff Point as an early morning dive. As opposed to the last trip, when the first glassfish cave was a bit empty, this trip was full with a very large school of tiny glassfish. The second crack was still full with glassfish and had the same school of about forty lionfish hovering about on the inside and outside, a truly stunning sight! We visited our yellow-mouth moray friends again, and found beautiful Flabellina rubrolineata and Risbecia pulchella nudibranchs.  There were also clouds of fusiliers streaming along the reef, coloring everything a vibrant blue.

The tekkies had a lot of studying and planning to do while the “rekies” were diving, sleeping and reading, actually having a real holiday ;-)

Two dives on the Rosalie Moller were next on the wish list. Strong wind made it all a bit rough, so we had to tie a few lines on the wreck to stabilize the boat and make diving easier. The bow, covered in glassfish and cardinals was gorgeous, as was of course the aft mast, with all the huge soft corals, glassfish, silversides and cardinals, a magnificent sight! We also had our mouths and hands thoroughly cleaned by Cave cleaner shrimps.

After the Rosie we crossed the shipping channel and slept at Beacon Rock, to be ready to dive on Shark Reef and Yolanda early morning. We descended right into the large school of twin-spot snappers and stayed with them for quite a while before drifting gently along the magical wall of soft corals of Shark Reef, passed a large school of big-eye jacks, and on to Yolanda, where we had a wonderful time amongst clouds of anthias and more soft corals … another bliss dive at Shark and Yolanda Reefs!

Jackson was next, with us “rekies” doing the southwest point, while the tekkies went visiting the deep bits of the wreck of the Lara. We all enjoyed the magnificent reef and wreck, with hardly any current, so lucky!

The deep Thomas Canyon was next for the tekkies, while we drifted gently along the superb reef, with its glorious soft corals and fans, and its tons of fish, truly a perfect dive!

It was back to Ras Mohamed’s Ras Zaatar after that. We enjoyed the impressive topography of chimneys, shallow caverns filled with glassfish and deep overhangs, everything covered in soft corals and fish… always such a beautiful dive!

As the tekkies had not dived Shark Reef and Yolanda yet, we went back again, but the “rekkies” jumped in at Anemone City this time, and had again the absolutely best dive of the week … a gentle drift along Anemone City with tons of anthias, three-spot dascyllus and lovely anemonefish, then shallow onto Shark Reef, were we sat amongst the twin-spot snappers for ages, so close… batfish, big-eye jacks and yellow-dotted trevallies also swam by. To finish the dive we crossed the saddle to Yolanda in the shallows, finding a crocodilefish, a napoleon and a huge free-swimming moray, and ended up on the South-Eastern side of Yolanda, where we hovered in the dense anthias layer, reaching all the way from the surface to eight meters …  heavenly!

We hope Tekkies and “Rekkies” had a great time diving with us, deep and shallow, wrecks and reefs. It was great to meet you and to share the marvels of the Red Sea with you! We hope you will come visit us again soon! Thank you so much for choosing Emperor Superior and Tekstreme for your Red Sea diving holiday and technical courses!

A great thank you also goes to our superb Captain Ahmed Omran and his hardworking Crew! Thank you for taking us there and back safely and for carrying all those extra tanks ;-)

Wishing you a safe journey home and happy bubbles, always!

Sea hugs,






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