Emperor Superior dances with hammerheads and mantas!

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Superior does the ‘Simply the Best’ itinerary - Brothers, Daedalus & Elphinstone from Hurghada - a few times a year and every time we get to go, we love it!!

Gota Abu Ramada East is always a good way to start a trip. Also called the Aquarium, rightly so, it is a shallow, stunning hard coral garden, covered in schooling fish, truly a treat.

The Salem Express was next, and after a night dive on Middle Reef we left for the Brothers. A bit of a rough ride but the magnificent diving compensated handsomely for it!

We started out at the Big Brother and being the only boat was a good omen for what was to come. Grey reef sharks and mating dogtooth tuna were plentiful on all the dives. The cherry on the cake was a gorgeous hammerhead cruising along by the Numidia.

On the Little Brother grey reef sharks were also well represented on all dives. In the Southeast we enjoyed free-swimming morays, Napoleons, the resident, tightly packed, school of crescent-tail bigeyes, and the less tightly packed but numerous schooling bannerfish, such a lovely sight. The Northwest point had two hammerheads in store for us, as well as a very large thresher shark coming back several times and bottlenose dolphins passing by. We stayed at the point all dive, ascending gradually along it and basking in the schools of orange anthias on the shallow ridge, which were riding the current by making rotational waves. Diving simply rocks!

Having heard all about the profuse hammerhead sightings at Daedalus during the past weeks, our expectations were running high as we departed in its direction. We were not to be disappointed :-) On the first dive we had them all around us, curiously checking us out, coming straight at as, eyeing us closely, absolutely awesome! We also had a manta at the safety stop, circling us for what seemed like ages. On the second dive, the hammerheads were at siesta time but we detected a very large manta in the blue and soon after a smaller one dropped by for a visit. Such graceful creatures! On the third dive the stronger current boosted the fish action; many large dogtooth tuna and great barracuda, schooling big-eye jacks, giant jacks, many surgeonfish and black snappers. A hammerhead again came straight at us, moving very slowly, so we could take ample time to enjoy its beauty. What a fantastic performance!

Elphinstone’s North plateau had the perfect current, moderately sweeping over it from the North-west, bringing in tons of fusiliers, surgeonfish and black snappers, while blanketing the reef with a three metre high and very dense layer of anthias, above which rose an equally thick and high layer of silversides and juvenile fusiliers … when we thought it could simply not get any better than this, two grey reef sharks and a hammerhead swam along the plateau, while another hammerhead crossed right over it amongst us, on both dives. Add fifty metres visibility to this recipe and bright sunlight reflecting on the myriads of little fish and dense soft corals of all colours all over and you just have to feel completely blessed to be able to dive here. Elphinstone is just one more very good reason to be back :-)

We enjoyed the wonderful company of our enthusiastic divers as much as the superlative diving! To all our dear Red Sea and Superior friends who return to visit us year after year, thank you ever so much for your loyalty and friendship. It is a true pleasure to meet here on Superior again and again.  We look forward to your yearly visits, they are one of the main reasons for my return. There were two of the three Musketeers from England, a Musketeeress, and there were long-time friends from Portugal and Spain, also many times Superior returners. Diving the Red Sea is perfect, but diving it with you is just so much better. A great thank you also to our new Fish and Superior Friends this week. We hope you will also visit us often.

Our Captain, Ahmed Omran, had to do some serious travelling this week, luckily with gracious weather, flat calm when we needed it most. It is always a great privilege to work with you and your outstanding Crew. Thank you ever so very much for your professionalism and your great kindness. Superior is Home because of you all!

Wishing you a safe return home and safe bubbles, always!

Visit as soon again
Sea hugs

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