After six years, Ryan Macey leaves team Sharm

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The diving industry can be a transient business with dive guides moving on at regular intervals. So it’s with both sadness that he leaves but pride that he was with us for so long that we bid a fond farewell to one of our guides who has been part of team for almost six years.


Sharm Instructor, Ryan Macey, joined Emperor Divers in August 2008 as a newly qualified PADI Instructor bounding with enthusiasm for teaching people how to dive. No matter what the ability of the student, he delivered top-class tuition and certified over 330 students. All passed with flying colours with many returning to further their education thanks to Ryan’s enthusiasm.

Not only was he a top class IDC Staff Instructor he was also a well-respected dive guide.  His maps were awesome and briefings very detailed. He dared to go that extra mile and dive those dives that take a leap of faith and you guessed it – every diver on his boat took that leap with him and loved every minute of. The most memorable of which being the White Tip dive in Tiran on his penultimate day. The current was a weird one but the delights seen had him waving like a madman in the water with excitement – even the guides on a day off got a huge happy vibe from him that day!

If you have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure to dive with him, no doubt you will agree that, no matter what he turns his hand to back in Old Blightey (England), he will do so with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm.

So from everyone at Emperor we wish you all the best of luck Ryan and hope one day to see your smiling enthusiasm once more in these wonderful Red Sea waters.


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