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Emperor Divers introduces Freediving in Hamata

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Emperor Divers, Hamata, has introduce Freediving, also known as apnea diving, breath-hold diving or skin diving. Both a recreational and a competitive sport, the focus is being to dive to depths whilst holding a single breath. Recreational freediving is celebrated as a relaxing, liberating and unique experience.

free diving with spinner dolphins.jpg

Freediving, unlike scuba diving requires no equipment at all other than lungs and a few pieces for individual comfort such as a mask, fins, wetsuit, weight system, snorkel, buoys and lines that are lightweight.

The Red Sea offers year round tropical crystal clear warm waters, technicolour coral gardens and marvellous marine life combined with Hamata’s tranquil and peaceful sanctuary.

Emperor Hamata has the perfect conditions to try freediving for the first time, for beginners or the experienced freediver with excellent on-hand expertise from Emperor’s own Alessandro Pinna, who is an APNEA Academy Freediving Instructor with the ability to teach up to the equivalent of 3 star SSI or AIDA.

Emperor’s house reef has ideal conditions with onsite support, training dives with a freediving instructor, freediving from one a diving boat accessing the nearby Fury shoals and a range of freediving courses.

If freediving on the house reef is not enough to whet the appetite, then there are special trips to the 65 metre long wreck of the Hamada laying on its starboard side at 15 metres or Hamata’s dolphin house, Sha’ab Sataya, where huge pods of spinner dolphins are known to frequent.

Hamata offers considerably more protection from adverse weather than other Red Sea locations with a variety of nearby shore based sites within 10-15 minutes. Coral reefs here are pristine, untouched by tourism and teeming with life such as rays, turtles, dolphins, and so much more - all on your doorstep at the Zabargad Berenice Resort.

More information on the costs and courses is available here or email info@emperordivers.com

easyJet cheap December flights

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easyJet has some great cheap flights to the Red Sea around Christmas time - but they won't be cheap for long.

PLUS - book early with us for up to 170 Euro off our liveaboards and it makes it an even better deal (but you must book before 30 April to get these offers).



04 December - Superior – Reefs & Wrecks
679 Euro / 564 GBP

04 December - Elite – South & St Johns
739 Euro / 614 GBP

12 December - Superior – Classic Cruise
679 Euro / 564 GBP

12 December -  Elite – South & St Johns
739 Euro / 614 GBP

19 December - Superior – Reefs & Wrecks
679 Euro / 564 GBP

19 December -  Elite – South & St Johns
739 Euro / 614 GBP

26 December -  Elite – Just Brothers
799 Euro / 664 GBP

02 January 2015  -  Superior – Reefs & Wreck
639 Euro / 530 GBP

Click here to see our liveaboard diving deals

Click here for the easyJet winter flights website


Offers valid until 30 April 2014 and may be withdrawn without notice. Subject to availability.

Sonia Goggel returns to Emperor fold

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2014 Sonia Göggel 1 - Collage-page-001.jpg
We have some very, very happy news. Our friend and fabulous liveaboard dive guide, Sonia Goggel, is returning to the fold. Yes, Sonia has done with her wanderlust and returns to the Emperor Divers Liveaboard team in June! 
Read Sonia's heartfelt reasons why returning is 'the nearest thing to home'.

My Dear Fish and Soft Coral Friends
After a year and a half at Wakatobi Dive Resort in South East Sulawesi, I will be coming home to Emperor Divers liveaboards again as from the end of this June onwards. Working at the magnificent and exclusive Resort was a very rewarding experience and being part of such a unique conservation project was a great privilege.
Being Swiss and growing up in Colombia, answering the question of where I am from was always a tricky one. When I went back last September to accompany two safaris on Emperor Superior with dear friends, I felt, more than ever before where I belong to; Egypt, Emperor Divers, the Red Sea truly are home to me. Sometimes you have to leave and come back to really notice where your heart is.
Notwithstanding the incredible diversity offered by Indonesia, the Red Sea, as Cousteau himself already said, is a magical and stunning place! The lush soft corals and unique visibility, beautiful hard coral gardens, walls to die for, spectacular cavern systems, fantastic wrecks, great critters and awesome fish life, including not only a great variety of reef fish, but also many kinds of schooling fish, sharks, mantas and diving with dolphins, makes the Red Sea a diving destination that one can never tire of visiting again and again! Dive sites like Jackson and Thomas Reefs, Shark Reef and Yolanda, Ras Zatar, Anemone City, The Dunraven, The Thistlegorm, St Johns and Fury Shoal Reefs, and all the off shore islands just keep luring me back again and again. I once said, if I had just one dive I could do before I die, it would definitely be Jackson Reef's south west corner, and I still believe the same.
I also feel a huge commitment to my Emperor Divers' guests who, more than guests, have become very dear friends, who year after year come back to share our friendship and the wonderful Red Sea experience with us, diving from our exceptional Emperor Divers' liveaboards and being spoiled by our brilliant Crews.
Emperor Divers company and staff have believed in me ceaselessly over the many years I have lived in the Red Sea. I feel very honoured and am extremely grateful. More than a company one works for, they have become family to me.
Sonia in Wakatobi sm.jpg
Last but by no means least, Egypt with its extraordinary people and its incredible climate has felt like home ever since I arrived in August 1996 for a 
holiday and decided to change my life completely and stay. Two days of a Sinai diving jeep safari, sleeping in the desert and getting completely astonished by Ras Nasrani 
and Ras Um Sid, was all it took and it still feels the same; Home sweet Home. Over the years not only have I come to deeply respect the Egyptian people and 
their culture, old and new, but also have had the privilege of being adopted by an Egyptian family... it can't get more home than that!
Needless to say, I am completely thrilled to come back and do it all again for as long as I can carry my tank ;-)
Fat sea hugs
Sonia Goggel

After six years, Ryan Macey leaves team Sharm

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The diving industry can be a transient business with dive guides moving on at regular intervals. So it’s with both sadness that he leaves but pride that he was with us for so long that we bid a fond farewell to one of our guides who has been part of team for almost six years.


Sharm Instructor, Ryan Macey, joined Emperor Divers in August 2008 as a newly qualified PADI Instructor bounding with enthusiasm for teaching people how to dive. No matter what the ability of the student, he delivered top-class tuition and certified over 330 students. All passed with flying colours with many returning to further their education thanks to Ryan’s enthusiasm.

Not only was he a top class IDC Staff Instructor he was also a well-respected dive guide.  His maps were awesome and briefings very detailed. He dared to go that extra mile and dive those dives that take a leap of faith and you guessed it – every diver on his boat took that leap with him and loved every minute of. The most memorable of which being the White Tip dive in Tiran on his penultimate day. The current was a weird one but the delights seen had him waving like a madman in the water with excitement – even the guides on a day off got a huge happy vibe from him that day!

If you have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure to dive with him, no doubt you will agree that, no matter what he turns his hand to back in Old Blightey (England), he will do so with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm.

So from everyone at Emperor we wish you all the best of luck Ryan and hope one day to see your smiling enthusiasm once more in these wonderful Red Sea waters.


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NEW Monarch to Hurghada flights

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Exciting news!

0214 el gouna version 2 fb cover.jpg
New flights with Monarch mean you can now fly to Hurghada from 2 May from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester on Tuesdays and Fridays from £137.99.

From Hurghada Airport we take care of your diving in El Gouna, Marsa Alam or on a choice of liveaboards.

The Friday flights also mean you can enjoy our Free Ride Friday to Marsa AlamPlus, transfers to El Gouna are included in the price when you book a dive/hotel package with us.


Emperor Sharm shines for dive club

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Wow! This is a heartfelt TripAdvisor review of a dive club's recent holiday to Emperor Sharm El Sheikh! Well done Team Sharm!



Senior Reviewer

“chesterfield adventure centre would like to thank Emperor divers”

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 28, 2014 NEW

The most professional dive operator in the red sea, and by far the most professional dive centre in sharm el sheik.

A group of 19 of us turned up on day one 6 snorkelers and 13 divers from open water up to staff instructor not an easy group to accommodate but they did and they didn't disappoint.

We had a couple of courses to finish off on the first two days, any equipment we needed to finish these courses they had no problem providing and they took us to the best sites to achieve our aim.

Sharm boat leaving sm.jpgEverything we requested we got, including the boat Empress shorouk.We had Pete and Saad as our guides and Hollie as our snorkel guide who is also an instructor, Pete your dive briefs are legendary and your knowledge of the Latin names is just incredible especially the ( synanceia verrucosa) and the tunachuncks inatina, Saad your English gets better every year and your dive maps are just brilliant, your knowledge of the sites is incredible and your ability to spot the smallest of the planets creatures is just outstanding, Hollie your enthusiasm to get the snorkelers in the water was great nothing was too much trouble for you, you will be an asset to any employer i hope your dream comes true and emperor give you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

What can we say about Empress Shorouk Captain Nassa and his sons they never stop all day from helping divers to kit up to making sure there is plenty of drinks available throughout the day also the local knowledge of all the dive sites, when all the divers are in the water they are preparing food for lunch, keeping the boat clean in between dives, they even know which fins belong to which diver, it was my birthday whilst out in Egypt and they even made me a cake on board which was really amazing.

As i said at the start of my post we had 13 divers on board and most have dived the red sea before but not all had used emperor divers, but they all said that they had not experienced this level of professionalism before from other dive operators in Egypt.

If you're planning on going to Egypt in the near future and fancy learning to dive or you're already a qualified diver then look no further than Emperor divers. From customer service to safety , from backroom staff to boat crew this company is that far ahead its scarey.


If you would like to experience the same happy holiday, then discover more about Emperor Sharm and the Red Sea here.



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