Calling all Nuweiba fans - we have a replacement

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If you loved diving Nuweiba, take some advice from this past guest who found a great alternative at Emperor Marsa Alam
“Emperor, Does what it says on the the Tin”
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United Kingdom
Having dived exclusively in Egypt for the past 12/13 years...we thought we'd found our ideal dive destination in Nuweiba...visiting every year for the past 10/11 years, the house reef was our second home. When Emperor Divers pulled out last year we set out to find another second home. 
Emperor Divers in Marsa Alam didn't disappoint, they have a fantastic group of dive guides, mostly Egyptian, who as well as speaking fluent English are also multi lingual. You want to see Tacki switch between German and English mid conversation.
Our diving experience was second to none, every dive was different, and although we didn't do all the dive sites in the area, the ones we did do were in fantastic condition, pristine coral and all the usual Red Sea life.

dive guide and guests cy.jpg

The dive maps are a work of art in themselves and the briefs were clear and concise, we could either dive by ourselves or go with a guide, as we'd never dived this area before, we opted for the latter. 
During briefing they tell you that your dive will be approximately 1 hr (depending on air consumption), we did over 1 hr dives nearly every time, there was no rush to get back on board the boat, if air allowed you could just potter about under the boat until you felt like going back. There was no hassle from the crew to get you back on board and take your kit off. The boat didn't leave until all were back on board and everybody was accounted for, Kit Stowed safely away. 

Turtle by Dive Guide Noeleen_sm.jpg

The house reef (unlimited diving) was different every time we dived it. We have called this our 'Turtle' holiday as on nearly every dive we saw Turtles. 
A great big thank you to Luke, Tacki, Mosti, Boudi, Dino and all the back-room crew at Emperor Divers, we think we've found our second home and can't wait to go back.
Thanks Emperor, you MADE our holiday.

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