Introducing the 'Dive down South', 3-Dive Day Trip, from Marsa Alam

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It's like diving in the OLD days – but it's NEW and Untouched!

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Come and experience three dives on our new ‘Dive down South’ 3-Dive Day Trip from Marsa Alam. This is where your diving takes a trip back in time and the clock rewinds to those wonderful days of when Marsa Alam was the most virgin diving destination in the Red Sea.

Luke Atkinson, Emperor Marsa Alam Area Manager, explains more:

"This year we put one of our own boats, Empress Isa, in Marsa Alam marina (not to be confused with Port Ghalib marina where we have had a fleet for nearly 10 years) as we were getting frustrated with the quality of daily charter boats available for trips such as Sha'ab Samadai (Dolphin House).

We realised that all the boats leaving Marsa Alam were either going to Sha'ab Marsa Alam, Sha'ab Samadai or on an offshore safari, meaning the local marsas (bays) have remained untouched for boat diving. We just had to find a way for Emperor guests, who were some of the first to ever boat dive the region, to be able to day dive these sites for the first time, taking advantage of the deeper moorings to explore parts of the reef that shore divers will never see.

Think immaculate corals, abundant fish life and nobody else except your own dive group - exactly what Marsa diving grew up on. The ‘Dive down South’ 3-Dive Day Trip takes in three different dives visiting at least two different marsas and is great for Marsa Alam old-timers and newcomers alike."

Be amongst the first to boat dive these areas! The day trip costs only 20 Euros extra, which includes your return transfer to Marsa Alam marina and three dives in at least two different pristine locations.

For more information, email or simply book in resort.


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