Emperor Divers' staff 'extreme snorkel' for Sharks Trust

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Extreme snorkel for Sharks Trust

Mel Hicks is an avid snorkeller and has been known to cruise the Red Sea waters off Hurghada covering long distances. It was this that led to her decision to undertake an 'extreme 5km ocean snorkel swim' to raise monies for The Shark Trust.

"My curiosity with sharks started as a child when I read a few pages of 'Jaws'. When I started diving I saw for myself how malign they are and what their true nature is really like," explains Mel.

Although more people are beginning to realize that sharks do not deserve the reputation they have been given in the past because they are not cute and cuddly, it is often more difficult to raise awareness and money for them. As they are at the top of the food chain in the oceans they are particularly vulnerable as they do not reproduce quickly like those nearer the bottom of the food chain. This is bad news for sharks as they cannot recover quickly when large numbers are killed due to fishing, by-catch or finning.

Mel will be joined by Cat Braun, Tekstreme Manager, and Judit Bordos, Instructor, in her quest on 16 July. The trio will snorkel-swim from North Fanadir back to Emperor Diver's Hurghada dive centre at the Hilton Hurghada Plaza.

If you would like to support them, email Mel at info.hurghada@emperordivers.com or click on this link to her Just Giving page.

"Team Emperor Hurghada is really pleased to be supporting these three crazy ladies with their charity swim and wish them all the best with the event," says Dive Centre Manager, Shaun Lambert.

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