Developing the Marsa Alam team - snorkel guides to dive guides

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By Bernie Mcateer & Team Marsa Alam

Here at Emperor Divers Marsa Alam we have been taking steps to develop from within and our latest program was PADI Snorkel guides training for our Oceans Red Sea boat trips.

Developing the Marsa Alam team

Our aim was to certify members of staff from many different areas of the business including office staff, boat crew and compressor staff. The added knowledge and experience throughout can only benefit the team here and allows more flexibility.

The training began with two days' Emergency First Responder training, covering basic first aid to CPR training. This is vital as the more staff we have trained for an emergency on land or in water the better prepared we are.

Then it was time to get wet, the training covered many areas from guiding, responding to and assisting a panicked snorkeller. Each candidate had to display a high standard of rescue skills and care. Then maybe their least favourite part of the course was some endurance swims. After three days of training the course culminated in putting their skills into practice on a Classic Oceans trip; along with their instructor they joined the trip to Marsa Mubarak. On the trip they got a chance to put their briefing skills to the test and then joined the guests guiding and helping. All performed brilliantly; it was a great day for all after a few pre-trip nerves about doing it for real. The guests were also very happy to have so many guides in the water pointing out turtles and helping them along.

Over the coming months each new guide will go on Oceans' trips to assist the main snorkel guide and build their knowledge and experience until they are also ready to lead the trip themselves.

Developing the Marsa Alam team

Developing our team in this way brings us closer together. Staff from all parts of the business who may have very little contact on a daily basis get together to help each other through the training. These bonds are long lasting and the understanding of how a role such as snorkel guide really works, plus the ability and the opportunity to progress within our team, makes this development invaluable.

But it doesn't stop here; Ahmed Froun who you may recognise from Empress Amy in the centre of the photo has been a snorkel guide for some time now. He is one of the main guides on Oceans trips and also assisted with some portions of the training. Ahmed has recently begun his PADI Divemaster course, is studying hard in his spare time and has begun assisting PADI instructors on some courses. Next time you visit us he might be guiding you...

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