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0311 facebook logo find us.jpgHere's why in a nutshell: Facebook doesn't send a post to everyone who has Liked a page unless you show your continued interest. You have to Like, Share or Comment if you want the Posts from your favourite Pages to continue in your newsfeed.
Basically, no interaction - then Facebook no longer sends posts to your newsfeed. So to make sure Emperor stays in your newsfeed please Like, Share or Comment on our posts fairly regularly.
As an alternative Facebook has just introduced a special newsfeed called 'Page feed' which can be found in the left hand column on your Facebook newsfeed page.

We hope this information is helpful and means you can keep receiving our news, offers, pictures and videos of the wonderfully warm Red Sea.

[And we apologise for the repetitive use of 'newsfeed' but wanted to make it as clear as possible :-) ]

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