"Swimming with dolphins-amazing & conservation conscious!"

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Reviewed on TripAdvisor. August 30, 2012
By V1xy, UK

"We did the dolphin day trip and it was amazing. We got to swim above the dolphin pod (with their calf) and watch them jumping out of the water.

Dolphins_snorkeller free copyright mr Jon Thorne.JPGThe guides were brilliant, and gave us a wonderful experience, as well as being taken to a reef to see more underwater life. I would highly recommend Emperor Divers as they are so conscious of the well being of the dolphins and the reefs and are very knowledgable about all the wildlife. I was so disappointed to see huge boats with crowds of tourists on them screaming and shouting at the sight of dolphins and watching the boats chase the dolphins just for the tourists to get their 'fix'.

Emperor Divers use a small boat and are always putting the dolphins first, not chasing them but anticipating their movements so they swim past the boat...or you in the water if you are lucky enough! Please choose this company and not one of the big boats, you might not get a bar on the boat but it's about the wildlife and being respectful to our planet and these guys are great! Thank you everyone at Emperor Divers for such a wonderful trip!"

Join the Oceans Red Sea team in El Gouna on the Dolphin Trip.

(Photo: Jon Thorne)

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