What's one of the most popular dives in Sharm?

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Answer: The Thistlegorm!

0912 thistlegorm01.jpgMany have dived it and many more have it on their 'wreck wish list'. But what's the history of this iconic Red Sea wreck that lures divers to Sharm to have the joy of diving on her?

MV Thistlegorm is a 126m British Merchant Navy ship, which was sunk while carrying war supplies to the desert campaign during the Second World War. She has become famous as a time capsule of that era and is known as one of the best wreck dives in the world.

Join the Sharm team and spend time getting to know the wreck. After a thorough and informative briefing, you'll tour the ship visiting the massive anti-aircraft guns on the stern, posing for photos next to the propellers, gliding over upturned tanks and ammunition shells and visiting the bow section to see the huge locomotives and anchor.

A second dive takes you to explore the cavernous cargo holds still packed with Triumph motorbikes, jeeps, Bedford trucks, Lee Enfield rifles and aeroplane wings to name but a few of the historical treasures that will transport you back to another era.

Depth: 30m
Minimum qualification: PADI AOW or equivalent

Email reservations@emperordivers.com or book online today


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