Holidaying with Non-Divers? We have the answer...

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Oceans Red Sea trips

With our sister company, Oceans Red Sea, we offer a range of options for non-divers, including children, with all-inclusive boat excursions in popular Red Sea resorts.

Choose from full or part day trips with family and friends. Snorkel, swim or simply relax on a comfortable boat with a welcoming, professional crew.

Our trips leave at reasonable times so there's no rush in the morning! Our guides are amongst the best in the Red Sea, taking you to amazing sites and sharing useful tips on snorkelling and marine life facts.

The Mini B Experience

The Oceans Dolphin Spotting excursion in El Gouna or snorkeling alongside a turtle in Marsa Alam are both 'must do' experiences.

Fancy the chance to breathe for longer underwater? Then try the Mini B Experience - safe, lightweight and so much fun.

» Find out more about the boat trips and what's included here.

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