From Nuweiba to Marsa Alam

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By Tarkan Sever and Kathrin Heussner

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It has been well over a year since we started working for Emperor Divers Nuweiba. It was December 2010, fresh out of the IDC with Steve Prior in Sharm el Sheikh, when we got the job offer to work for Emperor Divers Nuweiba as Instructor and Staff Instructor.

AsLionfish with Baitfish 3.jpg the idea of working in Egypt had not even crossed our minds, we could only imagine back then how fortunate we were to join Chris Le Plongeon’s team. Very quickly we realized how special the Nuweiba dive sites are.

First of all, it‘s all easy shore diving and you usually have the whole dive site to yourselves! All at a relaxed Nuweiba pace. But the main reason we fell in love with this place is the diversity of marine life found condensed on these reefs. It‘s not unusual to find a grey moray eel with its tail twisted around an undulated moray eel, resting on a porcupine puffer next to a stone fish, which is just being cleaned by various types of shrimps.

During the different seasons our favourite dive sites change according to the special appearances found on each of them. But the house reef Abou Lou Lou is always number one. Having dived it hundreds of times it still brings new surprises. We have been lucky to see various types of frogfish and ghost pipefish as well as shrimps, nudibranchs, sea horses, turtles, mimic octopus just to name a few. During a fish ID dive we easily spot 50-80 different species of fish. What a paradise! A heaven for photographers, repeat guests and beginners alike. The diving in Nuweiba is definitely unique and we have memories of countless special moments!

Reef Outer 1.jpgNow a new opportunity awaits us as we head further south where we will be working for Emperor Divers Marsa Alam, joining Luke Atkinson’s team. We are so enjoying exploring the dive sites and marine life in this region, especially with the opening of the new dive centre where the possibilities seem endless.

We would like to take the opportunity to say, Thank You! to all of you who dived with us in Nuweiba. It was a great pleasure to meet you.

And now we look forward to meeting you on your diving holiday in Marsa Alam. Don’t wait too long!

Kathrin and Tarkan

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