Project Aware 'Dive Against Debris' a great success

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Last month, all our dive centres and, more importantly, our guests, took part in the cleaning up of our reefs and Red Sea. Here, Nuweiba and Sharm share their findings... 

Emperor Nuweiba - Dive Against Debris

Report by Kathrin Heussner


Thumbnail image for 1011 nuweiba dive for debris divers uw.JPG"Nuweiba, being a small and individual dive centre with small diving groups, we are delighted at how much our guests care for our reefs. Nearly all of our certified divers last month took part in at least one trash dive! 

With so many dedicated divers we managed to do more than 10 clean up dives, covering all our dive sites from Ras el Shetan and Magana to Pipeline and Outside Hilton/ Sinkers, our house reef Abou Lou Lou all the way to Mazeriq.
Altogether we collected more than 150 kilos of rubbish. Unsurprisingly the majority of our rubbish bags were filled with plastic debris: bottles, wrappers, lids, bags, which could easily become a hazard especially for our beloved big turtles looking for food.
A tyre and a fish trap are amongst the larger objects removed. Everybody agreed that cleaning up the reef can be fun, especially in Mazeriq where we noticed that we could easily have equipped a whole person: shoes and shorts, mask and snorkel, shisha, headphones and batteries, teapot with spoon, fork and knife, even a newspaper, canned juice and food.... bearing in mind we are in the desert!
The weirdest things found in the sea this month are probably "frozen and cleaned squid tubes" and a goldfish bowl.
Every Friday we offered a third dive for 5 euros for all divers collecting rubbish on at least one dive, which were donated to Project Aware.
We would like to say a massive 'Thank you!' to all our guests who helped us collect rubbish on their dives and we will do our share and continue our clean up dives in the future in order to preserve their health and beauty."
If you would like to read more about our Dive Against Debris activities, have a look at:


Emperor Sharm El Sheikh - Dive Against Debris

Report by Kirsty Stenhouse


As part of Project Aware's Global Campaign, 'Dive Against Debris', guests at Emperor Divers in Sharm have been doing their part to pick up as much waste in the local area during the month of September. 1011 sharm dive for debris group.JPG


Clean up dives have been carried out every Friday afternoon at a range of different dives sites off the coast with the amount of rubbish collected from each site ranging from a couple of kilos to over fifteen kilos in one dive!


Man made waste in our water is a serious threat to all marine life across the planet and it has been estimated that over a million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year as a result of this debris.


The Red Sea is widely regarded as having some of the world's most diverse and beautiful coral reefs, with over 700 different individual species of corals and thousands of fish species. Plastic debris, in particular, is particularly harmful to coral reefs as well as animals such as turtles, sharks and sea birds.


Over the last month divers at Emperor Sharm have collected more than 60 kilos of man made waste, including several metres of fishing line, plastic bags, glass bottles and pieces of rope and clothing.


A number of interesting items have been found, notably an entire rug, a large metal cable, a giant plastic screw and part of a metal staircase!


A big thank you to everyone who got involved; watch this space for more clean up dives to come!


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