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Sharm dive centre aerial view sm.jpgWe don't often post our guest feedback on our News page, but Mike and Helen Drew were so effusive and praising of our Sharm team that we really wanted to share it...over to Mike...

"If you are looking for the best in Red Sea Diving, I suggest you go check out Emperor Divers.

My wife and I have had 3x great holidays with them over in Sharm and have subsequently booked a fourth trip comprising day boat diving in Hurghada. I've logged 100+ dives although my wife prefers to sunbath/snorkel...fortunately, Emperor Drivers cater for your every need and all grades of diver ability.

It's their attention to detail that sets them apart from other dive organisations. From that initial Internet contact, your request is efficiently dealt with, personalised, and the whole booking process could not be simpler.

When on holiday, your hotel pick-up via courtesy bus is always on time. Their "meet and greet" is a pleasure to be a part of and their Dive Club facilities are of a high standard. Once on-board, Captain, Crew and Dive Leader(s) always make you feel very welcome and the whole day is a relaxed affair which runs like clockwork. However, please don't think "relaxed" means carefree...! Their role calls and dive logs show true professionalism and safety is never taken for granted.

Ooooh...I nearly forgot, the diving is absolutely magic and groups are small and abilities well matched. 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x dives a day, you choose...
Then, as the sun sets, you can laze back with a beer, nurse a little sunburn, and reminisce, "Yes, that was a great days' diving".

So, to all the boys and girls at Emperor Divers, 10 out of 10 for all your hard work in making Red Sea diving such a fabulous experience. It's a pleasure to go diving with you."

Mike & Helen Drew, Kidderminster, England


Want to find out more about Sharm team and diving? Click here.


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El Gouna
Report by Mat Cotton, Dive Centre Manager

1011 dive for debris el gounal.jpgLuckily, the reefs that we focused on to clean had very little rubbish and trash to be collected! This means that after the few weeks of debris dives, we still had not collected much litter - rather a result we felt. This prompted the staff to undertake their own clean up of their local jetty area near the dive centre, which was in need of a clean-up!

Hopefully guests diving with us enjoyed their debris dives as well as being able to help the local environment here in El Gouna.

We also had a school group recently who did a reef survey and found the local corals to be very healthy. Emperor also arranged for HEPCA to come and give a talk during this time about the affect of tourism on the local environment and what we are doing to counter this.

Among the more obscure items we collected over the few weeks were:
A large car tyre
Fuel canisters
Various masks and snorkels which, if in working condition, were donated to local staff.


Marsa Alam
Report by Luke Atkinson, Dive Centre Manager with special thanks to Ian Clarke for this amusing photo of 'glove on head'. Possible contender for the Turner Prize?

1011 dive for debris ma dive withglove on head DAD Ian Clarke (1).JPG71 people took part in our cleanup dives over four separate 'Debris Days'. Over 70 kg of rubbish overall was collected as well as 355 Euros raised for Project AWARE.

Some comments from our guests...

Mick Scott, "Well done guys, keep up the good work."
Big Blue Marble, "Great effort, it's good to see this sort of cleanup. Lets hope others follow."
Phil Mills, "I fully support debris dives. Well done."

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1011 annelie pomp.jpgJoin Annelie Pompe, one of the world's best freedivers and instructors, on November 25th and become more efficient with the air in your cylinder, hold your breath longer and dive deeper on one breath. Annelie will teach you the secrets to succeed with breath-holding, becoming more confident in the water and how to use less gas while scuba diving.

Onboard Emperor Elite, you will learn basic freediving skills, breathing techniques and safety while freediving.  These skills will help both sport and technical divers to minimize their air consumption and increase their safety margins.

Each morning there will be the opportunity to practice skills while diving with dolphins (if nature permits) and to get close to the fantastic marine life of the Red Sea, all on one breath of air. 

During the second half of the day, you may choose to dive with scuba gear, and hopefully use less gas during your dive than normal, or choose to freedive.  Scuba divers are most welcome to only dive with scuba gear throughout the trip.  Annelie will be available to teach a full AIDA freediver course to those who are interested.

The first trip with Annelie will depart from Hurghada on November 25th and head towards the northern Red Sea onboard the high class Emperor Superior. 

This trip is open to UK divers. Simply book with Scuba Travel Scandinavia and arrange flights to Hurghada to meet the group at Emperor Hurghada. The rest is all taken care of!

The price is just 899 Euros (ex flights) with the AIDA course costing 260 Euros.

For more information contact: info@scubatravel.se or read more on: www.scubatravel.se or email us on info.reservations@emperordivers.com


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Derek dallies down diving's memory lane...

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Derek Oldham shares his escapades, and no, we didn't pay him! 

0211 superior-small.jpg

Yes we were on the way to Little Brothers; the gentle throb of Superior's diesel motors had subsided and DJ could not resist the temptation of an inspection of the motor during the short trip. The attendant proudly showed off his pride where copper and brass sparkled in keeping with the rest of this magnificent boat. We had anchored and Little Brothers lay some 500 metres away loaded with all the invitations and anticipation that tomorrow could bring. Buffet supper and the inspection of the equipment AND the wrist computer converted to Nitrox!

Joining the others on the deck now that night had closed was the perfect opportunity to lie on the spotless deck, gaze at the stars and give DJ and Bob the chance to reflect. There was no doubt that, although the main purpose was to dive the "package" that Emperor was providing, what we got was, without exception, a lifetime experience. DJ wondered if Emperor as a company knew REALLY how good they were, possibly swept along in their endeavours to succeed, did THEY realise the contribution THEY were making to provide people with unforgettable events. Did THEY realise that excellent food, absolute attention to safety, cleanliness and total commitment of the crew contributed to this in ADDITION to the adventures of diving? Both DJ and Bob agreed and expressed their deep-seated satisfaction.

So dive 61. DJ had had long fruitful discussions with Bob Terry and Janice with an introduction to Nick. Conditions were rough and it was hoped that DJ could break the 45 minute "barrier" re kitting up - and now very 'professionally' suited up (that overcame his nerves!) he managed to get into the pitching RIB. Heading for the reef to slightly calmer conditions, the other more experienced divers had braved the rougher more distant conditions.

1011 elphinstone01.jpg

A quick check on the mask, air on (!) one two three and peace! That experience never ceased to amaze DJ. Yes, by now weight was OK, mask clear, regular SLOW breathing; OH we are getting there! Nick, my Buddy, signals OK and turns pointing to the Blue. My first hammerhead shark! AH! Reef sharks also! I had done my homework, yes Sphyrna lewini and Triaenodon obesus. Many cornet fish and very large parrot fish descending now to just 25 metres. With visibility now clear and the mask clear (!) very slowly the magnificent colours registered. We really are in 'black and white' on shore compared with this colour emphasised by the shadows, which are constantly moving in the currents. Blue spotted stingrays, Taeniura lymma disturbed burst into a sandy shower and flee from the bubbles of the divers, whilst the anemone fish guard their chosen plant with an aggressive attitude far beyond their capability.
Forty five minutes and the dive is coming to its end. This Nitrox IS better or is it that DJ is calmer? We meet the others and, knowing that although we left on the RIB, it was really a drift dive. The shape of Superior is above us. The spare cylinder and flag is comforting! Slowly we ascend, remember now it's five metres and a quite lengthy safety stop. Bob, Janice, Terry and Nick - all OK signals all around and it's 47 minutes (!) Oh the expertise of this old guy. Up we go, fins off, up the ladder and into those helping hands of the crew.

Lunch awaits; the second dive awaits. Little Brothers is living up to its expectations. Next month we visit Big Brothers, visit the lighthouse and reflect on the week so far and the fact that these memoirs will culminate in time for Christmas and for an 'old hand' diver to have enjoyed re-living some of a relatively youthful past! Thank you!

Last month, all our dive centres and, more importantly, our guests, took part in the cleaning up of our reefs and Red Sea. Here, Nuweiba and Sharm share their findings... 

Emperor Nuweiba - Dive Against Debris

Report by Kathrin Heussner


Thumbnail image for 1011 nuweiba dive for debris divers uw.JPG"Nuweiba, being a small and individual dive centre with small diving groups, we are delighted at how much our guests care for our reefs. Nearly all of our certified divers last month took part in at least one trash dive! 

With so many dedicated divers we managed to do more than 10 clean up dives, covering all our dive sites from Ras el Shetan and Magana to Pipeline and Outside Hilton/ Sinkers, our house reef Abou Lou Lou all the way to Mazeriq.
Altogether we collected more than 150 kilos of rubbish. Unsurprisingly the majority of our rubbish bags were filled with plastic debris: bottles, wrappers, lids, bags, which could easily become a hazard especially for our beloved big turtles looking for food.
A tyre and a fish trap are amongst the larger objects removed. Everybody agreed that cleaning up the reef can be fun, especially in Mazeriq where we noticed that we could easily have equipped a whole person: shoes and shorts, mask and snorkel, shisha, headphones and batteries, teapot with spoon, fork and knife, even a newspaper, canned juice and food.... bearing in mind we are in the desert!
The weirdest things found in the sea this month are probably "frozen and cleaned squid tubes" and a goldfish bowl.
Every Friday we offered a third dive for 5 euros for all divers collecting rubbish on at least one dive, which were donated to Project Aware.
We would like to say a massive 'Thank you!' to all our guests who helped us collect rubbish on their dives and we will do our share and continue our clean up dives in the future in order to preserve their health and beauty."
If you would like to read more about our Dive Against Debris activities, have a look at: http://www.projectaware.org/diver/emperordivers-nuweiba.


Emperor Sharm El Sheikh - Dive Against Debris

Report by Kirsty Stenhouse


As part of Project Aware's Global Campaign, 'Dive Against Debris', guests at Emperor Divers in Sharm have been doing their part to pick up as much waste in the local area during the month of September. 1011 sharm dive for debris group.JPG


Clean up dives have been carried out every Friday afternoon at a range of different dives sites off the coast with the amount of rubbish collected from each site ranging from a couple of kilos to over fifteen kilos in one dive!


Man made waste in our water is a serious threat to all marine life across the planet and it has been estimated that over a million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals die every year as a result of this debris.


The Red Sea is widely regarded as having some of the world's most diverse and beautiful coral reefs, with over 700 different individual species of corals and thousands of fish species. Plastic debris, in particular, is particularly harmful to coral reefs as well as animals such as turtles, sharks and sea birds.


Over the last month divers at Emperor Sharm have collected more than 60 kilos of man made waste, including several metres of fishing line, plastic bags, glass bottles and pieces of rope and clothing.


A number of interesting items have been found, notably an entire rug, a large metal cable, a giant plastic screw and part of a metal staircase!


A big thank you to everyone who got involved; watch this space for more clean up dives to come!


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NEC Dive Show Special Offers

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0911 dive show logo.jpg

They're back and we know you love them.

Our Dive Show Specials at the NEC, Birmingham, on 22/23 October this year include:

  • Buy one get one half price on day diving
  • Buy one get one half price on selected dive courses
  • Take a luxury liveaboard on Elite or Superior - Reefs & Wrecks or Classic just 600 Euro pp
  • How about South & St Johns - just 700 Euro pp
  • Or Simply the Best - just 799 Euro pp

Book yourself a treat when you visit us at Stand 821


BOOK ONLINE - ONLY from 1 - 25 October*

This year, you can book our Specials online from 1 October until 25 October (*except for El Gouna and Marsa Alam, which can only be booked online or at the Dive Show on 22/23 October).

Click here for the full details and how to book.


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