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Amy Dixon - youngest diver at 10 years and four days?

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Introduction by Brent McFadden, PADI Course Director

"Back in 2003, as a PADI Course Director and owner of New Zealand Sea Adventures, Kaikoura, south of Christchurch and a PADI Gold Palm Instructor Development Centre, I had reservations about accepting children of this age onto an entry level course. That was until Amy and her dad walked in the door and asked to learn to dive. I accepted Amy and her dad onto the PADI Junior/Open Water Diver course but only after outlining the restrictions on a 10/11-year-old with a Junior Open Water qualification and the challenges that Amy would have to meet during and after training. Where Amy lacked in physical stature (eight-year-old size wetsuit) she made up in mental stamina and sheer determination."

Derek Oldham continues his memories of Red Sea diving

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This episode, Derek flies in and comes undone at Stoney Cove then heads for a superb islands safari on Superior

"India Charlie you are cleared to land two eight." DJ (that's me) was returning from a 'fly-in' in Alderney and had been faced with poor visibility throughout the Cessna flight. It was good to see Runway 28 at Leicester clear and whilst parking up an excited assistant approached and asked, "Do you Scuba dive too as we've received a call from Melton Divers that you are booked to go to Big and Little Brothers. We really didn't know what they meant!" After a brief explanation, they understood that they are islands in the Red Sea and generally the focal point of a week's Liveaboard Safari.



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