Derek Oldham, 81 years old, shares his Red Sea memoirs

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Derek Oldham from Melton Divers, seasoned diver of 81 years of age, relives his diving memories...

Foreword from Derek (pic below on the lighthouse at Big Brother):

"The year is 1986 and following the launch of our Vauxhall Dealership I find myself aboard Wind Spirit on a promotional trip. Introduced to diving; attempt to satisfy the disciplines; fail dismally; successful entrants enjoy a dive to the depths while I look on.

A few years later, having dismissed diving as not for me and getting qualified as a light aircraft pilot instead, I am persuaded by my Service Manager and dear friend, Mick Knight (now in Australia), to join Melton Divers. I meet Janice Humm who amazingly within thirty minutes has me 'swimming underwater'.

Now I am enthusiastic and after more pool practice join her for my first dive at Stoney Cove. The date is 7 May 2005. Over the next six years I enjoy the friendly help one gets from divers from all walks of life: Melton Divers, Emperor Divers, with a special word of absolute thanks to Donna Bowen, a young lady who took this old guy to the depths on many occasions with skill and disipline that would be difficult to improve upon.

Over the next few months I will endeavour to recount in real time the memories of those years, impossible without the dedication of the Emperor Divers staff. I will take my detailed log as the basic guide but you must excuse me if I have mistaken names, although looking back it appears that Donna and Janice with Terry had insisted on detail! I will refer to my self as DJ for simplicity."

So watch this space; next episode: Thistlegorm, Dive 32/33, the date 30 July 2007.

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Continuing the memoirs of Derek Oldham. Derek recently turned a grand age and has now hung up his fins but asked if he could relive his love of diving through some poignant memories... Read More

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