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7 nights in Sharm + 5 days diving just £273

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Sharm dive centre aerial view sm.jpgBook and stay before 31 August 2011 in the Bay View Hotel, Sharm and you can enjoy the following savings:

7 nights Bed & Breakfast + 5 days diving + airport transfers
310 Euros (approx 272.80 GBP) 
SAVING 105 Euros (Approx 92.40 GBP)
7 nights Bed & Breakfast  + Open Water Course + airport transfers
375 Euros (approx 330.00 GBP)
SAVING 140 Euros (Approx 123.20 GBP)
Valid until 31/08/11
Emperor Divers' dive centre is right on site and so convenient!

Email central.reservations@emperordivers.com today!

NOTE: Rates are per person based on two people sharing a twin room. Dive package includes two dives per day, tanks, weights, weight belts and guide. Does not include equipment rental when daily diving, materials or certification fee. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers from Emperor and is subject to availability.

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Derek Oldham's Red Sea memoirs - SS Thistlegorm

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Continuing the memoirs of Derek Oldham. Derek recently turned a grand age and has now hung up his fins but asked if he could relive his love of diving through some poignant memories...

30/7/07     Dive 32     SS THISTLEGORM


King Snefro rocked gently in the swell as a very nervy Derek sat waiting his turn reflecting on the last time he was in this same position - suited up and feeling very sick as the boat rocked violently in the heavy swell the year previously with only some 14 dives to his "credit" he wondered then if he could ever join the professionals to dive Thistlegorm. He recalled the depth of despair then when Donna said, "Really Derek it's so rough and now you're not well to say the least, we can't risk it." Now with a few more dives and a lot of study he felt more confident. The brief was over the experts had asked all the questions, all had chosen their buddies and the brief ended with the welcome words, "Derek you're with me." Terry and Janice were going to film.

Derek Oldham from Melton Divers, seasoned diver of 81 years of age, relives his diving memories...

Foreword from Derek (pic below on the lighthouse at Big Brother):

"The year is 1986 and following the launch of our Vauxhall Dealership I find myself aboard Wind Spirit on a promotional trip. Introduced to diving; attempt to satisfy the disciplines; fail dismally; successful entrants enjoy a dive to the depths while I look on.

A few years later, having dismissed diving as not for me and getting qualified as a light aircraft pilot instead, I am persuaded by my Service Manager and dear friend, Mick Knight (now in Australia), to join Melton Divers. I meet Janice Humm who amazingly within thirty minutes has me 'swimming underwater'.

Now I am enthusiastic and after more pool practice join her for my first dive at Stoney Cove. The date is 7 May 2005. Over the next six years I enjoy the friendly help one gets from divers from all walks of life: Melton Divers, Emperor Divers, with a special word of absolute thanks to Donna Bowen, a young lady who took this old guy to the depths on many occasions with skill and disipline that would be difficult to improve upon.

Over the next few months I will endeavour to recount in real time the memories of those years, impossible without the dedication of the Emperor Divers staff. I will take my detailed log as the basic guide but you must excuse me if I have mistaken names, although looking back it appears that Donna and Janice with Terry had insisted on detail! I will refer to my self as DJ for simplicity."

So watch this space; next episode: Thistlegorm, Dive 32/33, the date 30 July 2007.

Searching for the Dugong

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Author: Anton de Vries
Photographer: Agnes Nyhof

In May my girlfriend Agnes and I took the PADI Dugong Appreciation Distinctive Speciality Course at Emperor Divers in Port Ghalib. In the morning we had the theoretical part of the course in which we learned a lot about the dugong species; about how best to search for it, about how to approach it when you find it and about the data gathering of dugong sightings by Emperor Divers. It was a nice informal session and you could tell our instructor Luke really enjoyed showing the presentation.

After the theory-session we had two dives at Marsa Mubarak in which we put what we learned into practice. We searched on the surface with the speedboat for the Dugong but we were not able to find it at first. During the two dives we saw a lot of turtles on which we practiced approaching big marine life in a sensitive way. It was really great to be able to get so close to a turtle without scaring it away!

Turtle    Turtle

0511 crowne plaza sahara oasis MA.jpgWhen you book to stay before the end of July in the Marina Lodge at Marsa Alam you will get a FREE upgrade to the Crowne Plaza!

The hotel is just a short distance from the shops, bars and restaurants of Port Ghalib Corniche & Khan. Emperor Divers sorts your transfers so you can enjoy some seamless diving.

Email info.reservations@emperordivers.com for more information.


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0611 egyptair logo.jpgEgyptAir has announced that they have increased their luggage allowance on all international flights for economy passengers to two pieces of baggage x 23kg each.

This is great news for divers as often airlines charge more for extra pieces.

EgyptAir flys to most Red Sea resorts via Cairo but with direct flights to Sharm el Sheikh from the UK and Italy.
Visit their website here and book your flight today!

Dolphins of the Red Sea

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By Mat Cotton, Manager, Emperor El Gouna

Dolphin House

Regular guests of Emperor Divers have more than likely encountered one or more of these fantastic creatures, riding the bow wave of your dive boat, or the really lucky have had the opportunity to spend some time in the water alongside them diving or snorkelling.

Dolphins are a common sight in all areas of the Red Sea, from Taba down to Sudan, but how much do you really know about these intelligent animals?



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