Watch YouTube video on Elite to 'really deep south'

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Join Diving Team Finland on their liveaboard holiday on Emperor Elite (pic below) as they go south to the Sudan border!

Elite harbour DD 2010 55 sm.jpgAs the team explains, "This 8-minutes teaser includes marvellous views from reefs of Elba, Abu Fendera, St. Johns, Fury Shoals, Elphinstone, and so on. Have a look at silky shark, crocodile fish, scorpionfish, octopus, 'popcorn crab', nudibranch and even underwater treasures (captain's bell!)."

Our thanks to Kai Kaasalainen for this superb video. Watch it here.

Check out the next Elite sailings and book your adventure today!

You can also read a first hand report from Sonia Goggel, the much-respected dive guide who was on the trip above, about a fascinating 10-day trip to 'the deep south'. Read it here.

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